George Duning
/ John Parker, Richard Shores, Stu Phillips, etc.
Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 244
Date: 1969
Time: 1:55:22
Tracks: 45
2-CD set of music from 1969 motorcycle TV drama with Michael Parks makes world premiere!

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  • 2-CD set of music from 1969 motorcycle TV drama with Michael Parks makes world premiere! Anchored by George Duning's rich, outdoor scoring including his memorable theme, several noted composers join in with terrific music for various episodes. Stu Phillips, Elliot Kaplan, John Parker, Richard Shores & Philip Springer amongst others offer tuneful scoring both melodic, dramatic. Ideas center around Americana idiom but cover all manner and style of music, from folk to orchestral. Happily all of the scores included here were archived by Warner Bros. in crisp, 1/2" three-channel stereo sound. Composers conduct their respective episode scores. Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remains!
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    Disc One: Music Composed and Conducted by George Duning
    01. Main Title (0:54)
    "The Runner"
    02. Bronson Rides (2:36)
    03. He's an Orphan (5:13)
    04. Where's Johnny (4:07)
    05. Bronson Leaves (1:27)
    06. Bumpers (0:17)
    "The Old Motorcycle Fiasco"
    07. Alex's Bike (2:31)
    08. Nora Mad (0:56)
    09. Busy Boys (2:39)
    10. Alex Follows (4:18)
    11. Final Fall (2:42)
    "Amid Splinters of the Thunderbolt"
    12. Wayfarer Bronson (3:49)
    13. Whiskey at Night (4:12)
    14. Bucky's Guilt (2:48)
    15. Mary Delivers (2:06)
    "All the World and God"
    16. Stiff Neck (2:35)
    17. Mrs. Lacey (3:22)
    18. Doc Is Dead (3:43)
    19. Lambert (3:25)
    20. Goodbye for Awhile (1:44)
    "Your Love Is Like a Demolition Derby in My Heart"
    21. Bronson Rock (1:21)
    22. To the Derby (1:17)
    23. Leona and Bronson (2:17)
    24. Prisoner Billy (4:22)
    "That Undiscovered Country"
    25. Amish Farm (2:56)
    26. Worried Parents (2:48)
    27. Jan's Invitation (3:18)
    28. Sad Jan (3:11)
    29. End Title (version 1) (0:51)
    CD 1 Time: 78:02

    Disc Two: Long Lonesome Composers
    01. Main Title (alternate ending) George Duning (0:55)
    "A Famine Where Abundance Lies" John Parker
    02. Neck Deep (4:45)
    "Old Tigers Never Die - They Just Run Away" John Parker
    03. Highway Triangle (4:52)
    "Where Will the Trumpets Be?" Elliot Kaplan
    04. Wild Horses (4:47)
    "Two Percent of Nothing" Stu Phillips
    05. Free Water (6:12)
    "A Long Trip to Yesterday" John Parker
    06. Tate Don't Shuck (5:45)
    "Against a Blank Cold Wall" Dean Elliott
    07. The Snake (4:57)
    "'Sibyl" Richard Shores
    08. Moonlight Meeting (8:42)
    "The Gleam of the Eagle Mind" Stu Phillips
    09. Lady of Sweet Sorrows (5:48)
    "Lucky Day" Richard Shores
    10. Eve and Len (4:13)
    "Mating Dance for Tender Grass" John Parker
    11. Bronson Under Siege (4:24)
    12. Manure-Spreader's - Gavotte Source (3:48)
    "The Mountain" Tom McIntosh)
    13. Breaking the Ice (6:56)
    "The Ninety-Nine Mile Circle" Richard Shores
    14. Nice Circle (4:49)
    "What's an Ark Without Centaurs?" Philip Springer
    15. Montage (5:28)
    16. End Title (version 2) George Duning (0:52)
    Disc Two Total Time: 77:20

  • Tech Talk From The Producer…

    My 15-plus years working on the Film Score Monthly label took me to many fascinating corners of the film music world. Albums for any record label with a regular release schedule aren’t in production one at a time, but rather overlap with each other. For nearly a decade, FSM enjoyed a productive licensing relationship with Warner Bros. and Rhino Entertainment Company for the historical M-G-M, RKO and pre-1949 Warner Bros. libraries. It gave me an opportunity to delve deep into the catalog to find interesting, lesser-known scores—which is how I encountered Then Came Bronson. We included the Duning pilot and two Gil Mellé scores on our Omnibus collection of M-G-M TV music, but because of the way the entirety of the music for that series was archived, I had all of the other scores on a hard drive.

    These are not the flashiest scores, and the composers—while known to fans—did not go on to prominent feature careers. But the music carries a certain mood, due to the unique ambition of the series, which I can only characterize as “existential humanist Americana” (or those three words in any order). Here you had a modern-day Hollywood TV show descending on rural America, written, produced and scored within television conventions—but aspiring for something more meaningful than escapism or catching the bad guy. And this unfolded during a particularly tumultuous time in American history when movies and music were experiencing dramatic changes. Art cannot help but reflect the Zeitgeist, and 1969–70 was an era of upheaval in world events and cultural mores.

    It’s hard to say how much time the Bronson composers had to dwell on their creative approach—I asked Stu Phillips about his two episode scores, and he could barely remember having written them. Such is life for a film and television composer, especially the latter. Nevertheless, these scores convey an indescribable mood, a contemplation and nostalgia— for me, evoking a unique moment in history that transpired before I was even born. They provide a window into a different time and place, and a mirror that reflects, oddly enough, the earlier time in our life when we looked out that window for the first time. That may seem like a circular experience, but is that not life?

    So that this Tech Talk includes at least some tech: while most television music from this period survives only in monaural sound, Bronson’s music was archived on ½˝ threetrack tape, providing exceptional stereo sound quality.

    —Lukas Kendall


    Then Came Bronson
    Recorded on January 30 and 31, August 1, 7, 15, and 28, September 4, 11, 18, and 25, October 24, November 6 and 14, and December 3, 16, and 18, 1969, and January 2, 8, 15, and 21, and February 5 and 16, 1970.

    This soundtrack was produced in cooperation with the
    American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada

    George Duning
    Elliot Kaplan
    Tom McIntosh
    Gil Melle
    John Carl Parker
    Stu Phillips
    Richard Shores
    Philip Springer

    Harry Lojewski

    Lou Raderman
    Sally Raderman
    Erno Neufeld
    Marshall Sosson
    Joy Lyle
    Bonnie Douglas
    Leonard Atkins
    Israel Baker
    H. Arthur Brown
    Adolph DiTullio
    Hyman Goodman
    Anatol Kaminsky
    Bernard Kundell
    Marvin Limonick
    Alfred Lustgarten
    Stanley Plummer
    Nathan Ross
    Henry Roth
    Paul C. Shure
    Gerald Vinci
    Dorothy M. Wade
    Heimann Weinstine

    Virginia Majewski
    Dorothy Colton
    Myer Bello
    Alvin Dinkin
    Cecil Figelski
    Allan Harshman
    Jan Hlinka
    Louis Kievman
    Robert Ostrowski
    Paul Robyn
    Milton Thomas
    Abraham Weiss

    Armand Kaproff
    Raphael Kramer
    Lucien LaPorte
    Edgar Lustgarten
    Frederick Seykora
    Gloria Strassner
    Douglas L. Davis
    Justin DiTullio
    Elizabeth Greenschpoon
    Igor Horoshevsky
    Jacqueline Lustgarten
    Mary Zeyen
    Anne Goodman

    Robert K. Stone
    Max Bennett
    George "Red" Callender
    Milton Kestenbaum
    Joe Mondragon
    Dave Parlato
    Ray Siegel

    David Atkins
    William Calkins
    Jerome Casper
    William "Buddy" Collette
    Louise DiTullio
    Dominick Fera
    Charles Gentry
    Arthur Gleghorn
    Plas Johnson
    Harry Klee
    Andreas Kostelas
    Ronny Lang
    John Lowe
    Mitchell Lurie
    Stanley Myers
    Ted Nash
    John Neufeld
    Hugo Raimondi
    C. E. "Bud" Shank
    Gretel Shanley
    Terry Harrington
    Sheridon Stokes

    Arnold Koblentz
    Gene Cipriano
    John Ellis

    Peter Christ

    Charles Gould
    Morris Crawford
    Norman Herzberg

    Jack Cave
    James Decker
    Vencent DeRosa
    William Hinshaw
    Huntington Burdick
    Dave A. Duke
    Arthur Frantz
    Robert E. Henderson
    George Hyde
    Sinclair Lott
    Art Maebe
    James McGee
    Henry Sigismonti
    Gene Sherry

    Uan Rasey
    George P. Werth
    Gino Bozzacco
    Pete Candoli
    Harry "Sweets" Edison
    Manny Klein
    Carroll "Cappy" Lewis
    Manny Stevens
    Ray Triscari
    Rubin Zarchy

    Dick Noel
    Dick Nash
    Barrett O'Hara
    Robert Ascher
    Louis Blackburn
    Francis Joe Howard
    Edward Kusby
    Al Maebe
    Randall Miller
    George Roberts
    Thomas Shepard
    Ernie Tack

    John "Tommy" Johnson

    Larry Bunker
    Frank Carlson
    Gary Coleman
    John Cyr
    Gene Estes
    Frank Flynn
    Milton Holland
    Shelly Manne
    Mark Stevens
    Ken Watson
    Jerry Williams

    Catherine Gotthoffer
    Dorothy Remsen

    Clark Spangler
    Caesar Giovannini
    Artie Kane
    Michael Lang
    Lincoln Mayorga
    Pete Robinson
    Michel Rubini
    Ray Sherman

    Dennis Budimir
    Al R. Hendrickson
    Trefoni "Tony" Rizzi
    Thomas Tedesco
    Laurindo Almeida
    James Hendricks
    Howard Roberts

    Tommy Morgan