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"Doug's Corner"


Been noticing something more lately that isn't a surprise to any film music buff, but for various reasons is now sticking out like a sore thumb. Songs for "End Credits". In fact, not just songs. Inappropriate songs. Songs that literally have nothing to do with the drama or romance that just happened prior. Especially drama. Here you just go through two hours of really impressive story-telling, you sometimes feel like you've just witnessed something profound even... and wham! The guys making the movie decide you don't need to reflect at all on the closing images and instead just smack you in the face with a loud, totally out-of-place song. Yeah, I understand the marketing needs. I understand that the world of merchandising rock music-become-hits long ago overtook the integrity of the picture's needs. But still, it's really getting bad. Not just bad but worse.

I remember that long end title from Superman back in the seventies. A movie music nut's dream-come-true. But it was the right music! It let you finish off that magnificent viewing experience with a bang. And back then there were so many similar endings, in all manner and form. Rocky with those unaccompanied strings wrapping emotionally with a secondary theme from the movie; Jaws closing with a moving variant of the "adventure" theme, the shark motif nowhere to be found; even that sort-of-lame Irwin Allen epic The Swarm bringing you out of the theater with some magnificent orchestral razzle dazzle. All of them felt just right. But today I find, in movie after movie, my mood following whatever dramatic image is still fading on the screen being hijacked by the intrusion of a typically loud song, often totally opposed to the mood the movie was eliciting. Will this change? Is it just a temporary marketing thing? Given how long it's lasted and also given that dynamic and sensitive film scoring has largely disappeared anyway, I guess I shouldn't hold my breath.


It'll be different than last year. Yep. Today starteth the beginning of Jeff's annual two-week cruise, but this year we herewith adhere to our typical release pattern. This means two new releases go on sale this coming Tuesday like normal, even with Jeff away at sea... and it also means this year our MVP will be Regina, doing double duty, temporarily filling in for Jeff as our Sales Manager - as well as tackling her regular work load as ye olde (ok, ye young) Production Supervisor for our label. And lots of things are going on in production right now. Good luck, Regina! Wish I could be of more assistance but I'll be doing my own double duty: editing and mastering our regular every-two-week pipeline releases - and - accommodating a newly ramped-up Disney production schedule with our friends down there at the "mouse house". And they be busy mice down there lately, too. (Put mice together with hamsters and you can bet your bottom dollar there's gonna be lots of activity!) Anyway, not just one but two new Disney/Intrada co-brands are coming out over the next four weeks plus another greatly-expanded 2-CD set from one of their nineties properties. And if that's not enough Disney for the next few weeks, yet another score from their earlier seventies catalog is about to arrive, too. Oh, and all of that happens alongside our regular flow of titles from other studios, which in fact this coming month includes a really cool pair from Universal's vaults. Somewhere in there it'll be my turn to take two weeks off. Or not. Either way, once again, thank you all for keeping things hopping around here.


Out with the old and in with the new! But not before thanking everyone who supported our company throughout 2014. Because of you, we had a fantastic year! Looking ahead, it's going to be busier and more ambitious than ever before. And we've managed a lot of ambitious things over the last 29 years. From our solo start with MGM and Basil Poledouris' score for Red Dawn in 1985 through our unabashed pride in working with Disney on The Avengers in 2012, Thor: The Dark World in 2013 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier this last summer, it's been one incredible journey.

Yep! It's going to be our 30th Anniversary this year. And we're looking forward to some exciting things happening in the months ahead! If you enjoy film and TV music, we're your huckleberries!