Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 278
Date: 1998
Time: 1:07:43
Tracks: 35
Premiere release of complete original soundtrack by Jerry Goldsmith for Stephen Sommers underwater monster picture starring Treat Williams, Famke Janssen, Wes Studi, Djimon Hounsou.

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  • Premiere release of complete original soundtrack by Jerry Goldsmith for Stephen Sommers underwater monster picture starring Treat Williams, Famke Janssen, Wes Studi, Djimon Hounsou. Paraphrasing composer: picture had elements of fun but was too graphic for adventure-style music in vein of King Solomon's Mines or the Indiana Jones movies. It had elements of suspense but where Alien relied heavily on sustained scary mood with just short bursts of violence, Deep Rising went full bore with intense action throughout. Therefore, the final score plays for hardcore action emphasising the violent monster attacks. Fans of Goldsmith reap the benefits! Resulting music has ample suspenseful sequences but puts spotlight on aggressive action. While composer's trademark keyboards play role throughout, this time Goldsmith emphasizes large orchestral pallette, elevates brass section to prima donna status, giving trumpets, French horns, trombones and tuba all manner of virtuoso ideas. Even primary "Ottoio" theme, written for gruesome monster of the same name, is usually heard in massive, unison low brass fortissimos. Powerful idea! Hollywood label issued relatively brief 33-minute disc at time of movie's original 1998 release. Intrada now releases the other half of this hour-long score! Many new cues appear but special nod goes to climactic "Not Every Day", where monster is fully revealed, inexplicably missing from original album. Here Goldsmith takes command with his signature brass-driven ostinato writing in dynamic fashion. Great cue! Also included is unused opening sequence as originally scored by composer plus subsequent re-scored version used in final production. Bruce Botnick goes back to Disney's 48-track digital session elements, which he himself recorded with Goldsmith, newly mastering entire CD in vibrant stereo sound! Exciting package prepared by Joe Sikoryak offers flipper cover with choice of artwork plus detailed notes by Jeff Bond. Jerry Goldsmith conducts. Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remain!
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    01. Underwater Grave–The Saipan (2:11)
    02. The Screen–The Ship (1:33)
    03. Wallet Overboard (1:02)
    04. The Crates (1:36)
    05. Mexican Standoff (1:06)
    06. The Necklace (0:47)
    07. No Gentleman (0:30)
    08. The Torpedo–Lost Communication–The Intruder* (3:20)
    09. Pit Stop (0:42)
    10. Collision Course (1:15)
    11. Boarding The Ship (3:47)
    12. Empty Ship (1:54)
    13. Wet Repairs (3:41)
    14. Stay Close (3:03)
    15. On The Road–Dragged Under (1:24)
    16. Free Fall– Muscles (2:25)
    17. Let’s Make A Deal (4:24)
    18. The Ottoio (1:00)
    19. Surfing (1:09)

    20. Loose Arm (1:17)
    21. I’m Out Of Here (1:32)
    22. A Fish Story–The Shadow (1:41)
    23. Lurking Monster (2:46)
    24. Wall Of Water (3:21)
    25. Last Meal (1:35)
    26. Where Are The Keys (0:37)
    27. Leila’s Gone (1:42)
    28. The Flare Gun (1:15)
    29. Not Too Fast (0:37)
    30. Not Every Day (1:53)
    31. The Shirt (1:17)
    32. E Ride (3:39)
    33. Hang On–End Title* (2:55)

    The Extras
    34. Underwater Grave–Main Title (Original)* (2:38)
    35. Wild Drums* (0:23)
    * Not Featured In Film

  • Tech Talk From The Producer…

    For the original 1998 Hollywood Records release of Deep Rising, Jerry Goldsmith selected from his lengthy score just ten tracks, totaling about 33 minutes. For this premiere release of the entire score, Intrada was given access to the excellent-condition original Sony 3348-format 48-channel digital session masters courtesy Walt Disney Records. Customary for the composer during this era, the sessions combined large orchestral forces, an array of electronic keyboards and a considerable percussion section spread across the Sony Scoring Stage. The 48-track recordings held not only all the orchestral sessions but complex layers of electronic overlays and sweeteners, requiring a considerable amount of remixing into two-track stereo. To create these brand new mixes of every cue, Intrada engaged Bruce Botnick, the engineer who helmed the 1998 sessions. His familiarity with the music was an invaluable resource in preparing this new CD and ensuring that all of the myriad layers were properly included.

    Listeners can now enjoy over an hour of music pulsating with the composer’s signature action writing. Complex rhythms, a dynamic low-brass theme representing the vicious undersea monsters known as the ottoio, a rousing and energetic theme for Treat Williams’ vessel, underwater suspense music, exciting and aggressive sequences for brass and strings—all delivered in vivid and punchy digital stereo courtesy the CD you now possess.

    And a quick word about that climactic track title, “E Ride.” The beloved catchphrase “E-Ticket” has been attached to those incredible “ultimate experiences” at the Disney theme parks, even after the legendary alphabetical ticket system had been discontinued. And though the Hollywood Records release used that phrase, Jerry himself originally titled the cue “E Ride.” The publishing paperwork confirmed it, and so we have identified it as such for this expanded CD presentation.

    It’s horrific and deadly action— whether above or below the water—slammed across the bow by the master of the genre, Jerry Goldsmith. Full scream ahead!

    —Douglass Fake

  • Composed and Conducted by Jerry Goldsmith.

    Recorded on August 7-15, 18-21, and 28, 1997 at Sony, Culver City, California.

    This soundtrack was produced in cooperation with the
    American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada.

    Sandy De Crescent

    Paul C. Shure
    Eun-Mee Ahn
    Margaret Batjer
    Jacqueline Brand
    Robert Brosseau
    Rebecca Bunnell
    Lily Ho Chen
    Ron Clark
    Mario De Leon
    Maurice Dicterow
    Bruce Dukov
    Charles Everett
    Ronald Folsom
    Juliann M. French
    Armen Garabedian
    Berj Garabedian
    Pamela Gates
    Julie Ann Gigante
    Agnes Gottshewski
    Endre Granat
    Alan Grunfeld
    Roger Haines
    Julian Hallmark
    Marilyn Harding
    Clayton Haslop
    Gwenn R. Heller
    Donald Herrmanns
    Amy Hershberger
    Tiffany Hu
    Lisa M. Johnson
    Karen Jones
    Miran Kojian
    Connie Kupka
    Natalie Leggett
    Richard Leshin
    Isabella Lippi
    Michael B. Markman
    Jayme Miller
    Dennis Molchan
    Ralph Morrison III
    Irma Neumann
    Robin Olson
    Sid Page
    Claudia Parducci
    Katia Popov
    Rachel Purkin
    Liane Reynolds
    Michele Richards
    Susan Rishik
    Rafael Rishik
    Guillermo Romero
    Jay Rosen
    Anatoly Rosinsky
    Sheldon Sanov
    Kwihee Shamban
    Haim Shtrum
    Eve Sprecher
    Polly Sweeney
    Olivia Tsui
    Mari Tsumura
    Jennifer Walton
    Evan Wilson
    Margaret Wooten
    Kenneth Yerke

    Dan Neufeld
    Robert L. Becker
    Robert Berg
    Charlie Bisharat
    Denyse N. Buffum
    Marlow Fisher
    Rick Gerding
    Pamela Goldsmith
    Steven Gordon
    Jennie Hansen
    Scott Haupert
    Carrie Holzman-Little
    Patricia Johnson
    Roland Kato
    Janet Lakatos
    Darren McCann
    Donald McInnes
    Victoria Miskolczy
    Frances C. Moore
    Michael Nowak
    Simon Oswell
    Michael Ramos
    Robin Ross
    Nancy K. Roth
    John Scanlon
    Linn Subotnick
    Mihail Zinovyev

    Steve Erdody
    Robert Adcock
    Paul A. Cohen
    Antony Cooke
    Matthew Cooker
    Christine Ermacoff
    Marie Fera
    Barbara George
    Barry R. Gold
    Nadine Hall
    Judith Johnson
    Dennis Karmazyn
    Armen Ksajikian
    Timothy Landauer
    Roger Lebow
    David Low
    Steve Richards
    David Shamban
    Daniel Smith
    David Speltz
    Sebastian Toettcher
    John Walz

    Edward Meares
    Timothy Barr
    Charles Domanico
    Peter Doubrovsky
    Steve Edelman
    Arni Egilsson
    Donald V. Ferrone
    Richard Feves
    Neil Garber
    Bruce Morgenthaler
    David Parmeter
    Susan Ranney
    Paul J. Zibits

    Louise M. DiTullio
    David Shostac
    Sheridon Stokes

    John Ellis
    Earle D. Dumler
    Barbara Northcutt

    Dominick Fera
    Gary Gray
    James M. Kanter

    Kenneth Munday
    Michael R. O'Donovan
    David Riddles

    Brian D. A. O'Connor
    James W. Thatcher
    Mark L. Adams
    Steven Becknell
    Carol Drake
    David A. Duke
    Ronn Kaufmann
    Todd Miller
    John A. Reynolds
    Kurt S. Snyder
    Richard Todd
    Phillip Edward Yao

    Rick Baptist
    Malcolm McNab
    Warren H. Luening
    Calvin Price

    Alan Kaplan
    William Booth
    Richard Nash
    Phillip Teele
    George Thatcher
    Lloyd E. Ulyate

    J. Tommy Johnson

    Larry Bunker
    Gary Coleman
    Alan Estes
    Gregory Goodall
    Emil Radocchia
    Steven Schaeffer
    Donald J. Williams

    Katie Kirkpatrick

    Michael A. Lang
    Evan Nicholas Vidar

    Vince Bartold
    Alexander Courage
    Julia Eidsvoog
    Evan Nicholas Vidar

    Jo Ann Kane
    Russell Bartmus
    Vince Bartold
    Joanna Beck
    Leland B. Bond
    Richard E. Bronskill
    Thomas G. Brown
    Tom J. Calderaro
    Robert Calderwood
    Lars Clutterham
    Doug Dana
    John Eidsvoog
    Julia Eidsvoog
    Katherine Fields
    William Francis III
    Daniel Gold
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    Ellen Gray
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