Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 276
Date: 1988
Time: 1:12:34
Tracks: 23
Exciting treat for Bruce Broughton & action score fans! World premiere release of powerhouse score by Broughton for Touchstone Pictures 1988 action movie, directed by Ferdinand Fairfax.


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  • Exciting treat for Bruce Broughton & action score fans! World premiere release of powerhouse score by Broughton for Touchstone Pictures 1988 action movie, directed by Ferdinand Fairfax. Four elite Navy SEALS are captured in waters of North Korea, their teenage offspring launch into dangerous rescue operation, Broughton leads the way! Rousing score comes between composer's Silverado and Tombstone, offers quality on a par with both. Keynote here is thundering action! Cool architecture of film and score allows Broughton to continually build upon thematic elements for first half, then unleash non-stop wall of powerful excitement. Last four cues offer sensational "rescue" music with virtuoso playing by large orchestra, dynamically captured by Armin Steiner at 20th Century Fox Studios Scoring Stage over five days during February 1988. Many lengthy cues another big asset. When all is said and done, Broughton wraps score with one of the most rousing finishes of his career, bringing muscular Americana main theme to fore in resounding fashion. Though moments of respite do play a role, especially during suspenseful & atmospheric initial Korea sequences, Broughton probably offers more knockout action music for this score than any other of his works to date. Pure dynamite! Presented from pristine condition complete stereo session masters courtesy Walt Disney Music & Touchstone Pictures. Bruce Broughton conducts, delivers a bullseye!
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    01. Main Title (4:31)
    02. Diving SEALS (1:02)
    03. Underwater Rescue (3:41)
    04. News (0:53)
    05. J.J. (1:18)
    06. Nightwork (2:28)
    07. Preparations (3:18)
    08. The Boat (2:53)
    09. Move It! (0:42)
    10. At The Border (0:55)
    11. Boat Chase (5:57)
    12. Into Korea More (3:55)
    13. The Monitor (0:57)
    14. Dejected (1:06)

    15. To The Prison (7:03)
    16. Spooling Around (0:53)
    17. The Rescue Begins (6:26)
    18. The Rescue (7:16)
    19. The Plane! The Plane! (6:42)
    20. The Landing And End Credits (5:03)
    Total Score Time: 67:24

    The Extras
    21. J.J. (Alternate) (0:53)
    22. Armed Forces Radio (1:39)
    23. Almost Ready (Source) (2:23)
    Total Extras Time: 4:59

  • Tech Talk From The Producer…

    Bruce Broughton literally came to the rescue of this action film with thrilling music that kept everything moving at a brisk pace. Most of the score made it into the film intact—although Broughton’s original music for the underwater sequence (“Diving SEALS”) was replaced with a portion of the “End Credits” and the “News” cue was dropped in favor of source music by other artists. The 98-minute feature sports 68 minutes of music (including source material)—most of that consisting of original orchestral score.

    This album was prepared from the two-track stereo scoring session mixes (preserved in perfect condition) made by Armin Steiner at Twentieth Century Fox Studios during February 1988. In addition to the score heard in the film, these complete masters also allowed us to include Broughton’s unused “Diving SEALS” and “News” cues, heard here for the first time.

    The score is presented on this CD in film order (including the deleted cues, sequenced as intended). Following the score proper are two source cues composed and conducted by Broughton on the last day of the scoring sessions, as well as an alternate version of “JJ” which is abbreviated from the original version and streamlines the embellishing woodwind and percussion figures.

    Get ready now to ride to the rescue with Bruce Broughton— his baton and a full symphony orchestra in tow!

    —Douglass Fake

  • Composed and Conducted by Bruce Broughton.
    Recorded on February 12, 16, 17, 18, and 19, 1988, at Twentieth Century Fox Studios, Los Angeles, California.

    This soundtrack was produced in cooperation with the
    American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada.

    Regnal Hall

    Carl Fortina

    Gerald Vinci
    Irma Neumann
    Murray Adler
    Israel Baker
    Arnold Belnick
    Mari Botnick
    Jacqueline I. Brand
    Thomas R. Buffum
    Stuart V. Canin
    Assa Drori
    Bruce Dukov
    Henry Ferber
    Ronald Folsom
    David Frisina
    Thelma Beach Hanau
    Reginald G. Hill
    William Hymanson
    Pat Johnson
    Kathleen Lenski
    Stanley Plummer
    Sheldon Sanov
    Daniel Shinaryov
    Haim Shtrum
    Marshall Sosson
    Robert Sushel
    Harold Wolf

    Pamela Goldsmith
    Denyse N. Buffum
    Brian Dembow
    Alan Deveritch
    Steven A. Gordon
    Roland Kato
    Janet Lakatos
    Carole S. Mukogawa
    Michael Nowak
    David T. Stenske
    Linn Subotnick

    Douglas L. Davis
    Ronald B. Cooper
    Christine Ermacoff
    Marie C. Fera
    Paula Hochhalter
    Barbara Jane Hunter
    David H. Speltz

    Arni Egilsson
    Timothy Barr
    Drew D. Dembowski
    David Young
    Paul Zibits

    Louise DiTullio
    Sheridon W. Stokes
    Janet Ketchum

    John C. Winter
    Kathleen R. Fraider
    Phillip W. Ayling

    Dominick Fera
    James M. Kanter
    Emily J. Bernstein

    David W. Riddles
    Jack O. Marsh
    Michael O’Donovan

    James W. Thatcher
    Brian D. A. O’Connor
    Richard J. Todd

    Malcolm McNab
    Mario Guarneri

    William R. Broughton
    Craig E. Ware
    Charles C. Loper
    Richard L. Noel

    Larry Bunker
    Michael Fisher
    Steven Schaeffer
    Kenneth E. Watson

    Dorothy Remsen

    Ralph E. Grierson
    Michael A. Lang

    Dennis M. Budimir
    George J. Doering

    Abraham Laboriel

    Mark C. McKenzie

    Dominic Fidelibus
    Stephen Cartotto
    Dante DiThomas
    Kevin Lee Hiatt
    Yvonne Suzette Moriarty
    Ralph K. Mullins
    Newcomb Rath