Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 258
Date: 1993
Time: 54:01
Tracks: 40
World premiere release of energetic Bruce Broughton soundtrack from Thomas Schlamme action comedy with Mike Myers, Nancy Travis, Amanda Plummer.


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  • World premiere release of energetic Bruce Broughton soundtrack from Thomas Schlamme action comedy with Mike Myers, Nancy Travis, Amanda Plummer. Wild film finds Myers falling for Travis, who may - or may not - be deadly axe murderer. Resulting tale works both as comic romance, action mystery. Much of picture requires source music but Bruce Broughton still manages ample time for his own tuneful themes, important bridge passages plus dynamite full-blooded big orchestral action music for climactic chase sequences. Primary theme is amazingly flexible idea that suggests mystery, mischief, fun, danger all in one winding tune! While large array of styles gets spotlight, Broughton's main theme brings cohesion to it all. No easy task! Both film, scoring underwent numerous changes during post production. Intrada CD, presented from digital stereo scoring session masters, offers original score plus array of extras including alternates, unused bits, Broughton-penned source cues. Group of extras can play as colorful album unto itself! Unusually crisp, clean recording made by Armin Steiner another asset. Informative notes by Jim Lochner (with generous contributions from composer) completes fun package. Bruce Broughton conducts. Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remain!
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    01. Main Title (2:55)
    02. Boy Meets Girl (1:09)
    03. Weekly World News (0:38)
    04. Butcher Shop Montage (1:58)
    05. Russian Stroll (2:23)
    06. Goin’ For It (2:19)
    07. Lover’s Montage (1:08)
    08. Forever Wet 1 (1:00)
    09. Forever Wet 2 (0:59)
    10. Creeping Doubt (Revised) (1:05)
    11. Ralph (1:05)
    12. Name Your Poison (1:12)
    13. Ear Needles (Revised) (0:45)
    14. Globe Bridge (1:08)
    15. Reflections (0:42)
    16. You Blew It (0:27)
    17. The Bath (Revised) (0:54)
    18. She’s Guilty (Revised) (1:04)
    19. Wedding Bands (0:32)
    20. Inn Source #2 (2:14)
    21. Stalking (0:42)

    22. She’s Mrs. Axe (Revised) (0:57)
    23. The Finale (5:27)
    24. The Finale Part 2 (3:13)
    25. End Theme (1:35)

    The Extras
    26. Go See The Folks (0:17)
    27. Dinner Drive (Original) (0:27)
    28. Goin’ For It (Revised) (2:19)
    29. Creeping Doubt (Original) (1:05)
    30. Ear Needles (Original) (0:14)
    31. Globe Bridge (Alternate) (0:29)
    32. Second Thoughts (0:13)
    33. Second Thoughts (Revised) (0:12)
    34. The Bath (0:52)
    35. She’s Guilty (1:05)
    36. She’s Mrs. Axe (0:57)
    37. The Finale Part 2 (Alternate) (2:26)
    38. Inn Source #1 (Haydn Quartet) (1:46)
    39. Inn Source #2 (Alternate) (1:32)
    40. “Only You (And You Alone)” (1:31)

  • Tech Talk From The Producer…

    So I Married An Axe Murderer was a challenging project for Bruce Broughton. It was a comedy with an axe murderer on the loose. It was a romance with suspense. It was riddled with jokes, visual gags and plenty of fun. And it required almost wall-to-wall music, via numerous songs and source music, literally from start to finish.

    Broughton had the task of filling in the gaps, tying up loose ends, bridging the jokes and keeping a brisk pace. He also had the additional challenge of making the action-packed finale as exciting as possible. So he wrote a score that was initially tuneful and flavored with humor, then ushered in suspense and climaxed with over-the-top action. He skillfully kept everything cohesive by fashioning a winding, flexible melodic idea with hints of mischief and danger that could be used in guises from hip to suspense, from gentle to exciting. It was just the unifying musical approach the picture needed.

    Broughton also dealt with a number of scenes that required him to revise certain bars within cues, completely rewrite other cues and even compose music for several sequences that would most likely be tracked with songs and source music—but just might require an original cue if things went in that direction. So he wrote a handful of flavorful pop-oriented cues that would serve that purpose. Interestingly, with all of those scoring obstacles to contend with, his original score, including the revisions, still unfolded largely intact save for those instances where existing music from other artists was used instead (such as for the opening and closing credits of the film).

    For our premiere presentation of Bruce Broughton’s score, we had access to the complete digital two-track stereo session DATs made by Armin Steiner, Broughton’s frequent scoring mixer. This allowed us to present not only his score as heard in the finished film but also the alternate versions of cues as well as the unused sequences that were replaced by material from other artists. The results are an album full of easy-to-digest tunes, smoky suspense cues, original source numbers and, ultimately, some genuine orchestral fireworks. For listening purposes, the cues are presented in film sequence, with unused cues appearing where they were originally intended to go. The extras which follow include several revisions and alternates as well as additional source cues conducted by Broughton and recorded at the sessions. Because of the large number of such extras, listeners may find this bonus section a satisfying musical experience all by itself.

    So get ready for a wild ride with an axe murderer on the loose, inept detectives in tow, funny man Mike Myers doing what he does best—and Bruce Broughton leading them all on their way!

    —Douglass Fake

  • Composed and Conducted by Bruce Broughton.
    Recorded on May 28, and June 1, 2, and 21, 1993, at twentieth Century Fox Studios, Los Angeles, California.

    This soundtrack was produced in cooperation with the
    American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada.

    Kenneth Watson
    Patti Zimmitti

    Richard Greene
    Kathleen Lenski
    Endre Granat
    Richard Altenbach
    Rebecca Barr
    Margaret Batjer
    Mari Botnick
    Jacqueline Brand
    Robert Brosseau
    Tamara Chang
    Assa Drori
    Bruce Dukov
    Michael Ferril
    Ronald Folsom
    Pamela Gates
    Alan Grunfeld
    Tiffany Hu
    Jean Hugo
    Jennifer Johnson
    Patricia Johnson
    Karen Jones
    Leslie Katz
    Connie Kupka
    Rene Mandel
    Yoko Matsuda
    Ralph Morrison III
    Irma Neumann
    Helen Nightengale
    Carolyn Osborn
    Claudia Parducci
    Katia Popov
    Barbra Porter
    Rachel Robinson
    Sheldon Sanov
    Haim Shtrum
    Robert Sushel
    Dorothy Wade
    Miwako Watanabe
    Roger Wilkie
    Kenneth Yerke

    Janet Lakatos
    Brian Dembow
    Denyse Buffum
    Steven Gordon
    Carrie Holzman-Little
    Carol Kleister-Castillo
    Laura Kuennen-Poper
    Victoria Miscolczy
    Andrew Picken
    John Scanlon

    Douglas Davis
    Robert Adcock
    Steve Erdody
    Marie Fera
    Todd Hemmenway
    Barbara Hunter
    Roger Lebow
    Dane Little
    Earl Madison

    Arni Egilsson
    Neil Stubenhaus
    Drew Dembowski
    Donald Ferrone
    Richard Feves
    Bruce Morgenthaler
    David Young

    Louise DiTullio
    Gary Woodward
    Sheridon Stokes
    Steve Kujala

    John Ellis
    Jon Clarke

    Dominick Fera
    Ed Fiorito
    James Kanter
    Ralph Williams

    David Riddles
    Michael O’Donovan
    Barbara Northcutt

    James Thatcher
    David A. Duke
    Richard Todd

    John Reynolds
    Warren Luening Jr.
    Robert Frear
    Donald Green
    Mario Guarneri

    Charles Loper
    Craig Ware

    Larry Bunker
    Dale Anderson
    Michael Fisher
    Steven Schaeffer
    Robert Zimmitti

    Ralph Grierson
    Randy Kerber
    Greg Mathieson

    Jeffrey Baxter
    George Doering
    John Goux

    Don Nemitz

    Bruce Broughton
    Don Nemitz

    Stuart Balcomb
    Terence Bonnell
    Julian Bratolyubov
    Jack Dulong
    George Fields
    Elizabeth Finch
    Wendy Hall
    Dean Mora
    Mikhail Morgovsky
    Randolph Rayborn
    Robert Skinnell
    Terry Wolff
    Ron Vermillion
    Lev Yevstifeyev