Stu Phillips
/ Johnny Harris / Les Baxter / Richard LaSalle
Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 255
Date: 1979-1980
Time: 3:08:11
Tracks: 74
3-CD premiere of Season One music from cult sci-fi TV series!

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  • 3-CD world premiere release of soundtrack music from Season One of cult sci-fi TV series starring Gil Gerard. Generous set features primary episode composer Johnny Harris, who also arranged & conducted numerous versions of Glen A. Larson theme music, plus episode scores from Les Baxter, Richard LaSalle, Stu Phillips. Styles of music emphasize exciting symphonic splendor and colorful sci-fi atmosphere, but listeners will also find some rollicking outer space pop sensibilitiy to balance. While show was broadcast only in mono, Universal fortunately elected to record in 1/2" three-channel stereo format with vivid, punchy dynamics. Engineers recorded with mono in mind but happily ensured stereo mixes were possible for internal needs. All rolls of tape were vaulted in pristine condition. Sole exception is second portion of "Plot To Kill A City" (Stu Phillips) which survives on 1/4" full track (mono) tape only. Source cues by Stu Phillips (Jelly Belly, three others) round out collection. John Takis offers authoritative notes on show, episodes, music. Interior packaging includes array of color stills plus complete cue/slate assembly details & full track titles. Composers conduct their own contributions. Upcoming release of Season Two music offers large orchestral scores by primary composer Bruce Broughton plus other writers. Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remain!
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    Disc 1
    01. Main Title [Version 2] (Glen A. Larson) (1:14)
    02. Mysterious Illness (Johnny Harris) (5:42)
    03. Love And Energy (Johnny Harris) (2:57)
    04. Uncivilized Nomads (Johnny Harris) (6:35)
    05. Food Conspiracy (Johnny Harris) (2:47)
    06. Power Leech (Johnny Harris) (2:40)
    07. Desert Trek (Johnny Harris) (6:01)
    08. Surprises (Johnny Harris) (2:33)
    09. Hot Escape (Johnny Harris) (3:55)
    10. Space Battle (Johnny Harris) (4:34)
    11. Argus (Stu Phillips) (1:21)
    12. A Big One (Stu Phillips) (2:05)
    13. All Systems Engaged (Stu Phillips) (1:24)
    14. Direct Hit (Stu Phillips) (2:57)
    15. Mind Games (Stu Phillips) (2:23)
    16. Joella (Stu Phillips) (1:35)
    17. Wilma Chase (Stu Phillips) (2:13)
    18. Uncontrolled Reactions (Stu Phillips) (1:19)
    19. Reversal Of Fortune (Stu Phillips) (1:02)
    20. Last Time (Stu Phillips) (3:06)
    21. Interrogation (Stu Phillips) (2:16)
    22. A Touch Of Death (Stu Phillips) (2:46)
    23. Do Your Job (Stu Phillips) (2:27)
    24. Chain Reaction (Stu Phillips) (1:57)
    25. Attempted Escape (Stu Phillips) (1:06)
    26. End Credits [Long] (Glen A. Larson) (0:51)

    Disc 2
    01. Main Title [Version 1] (Glen A. Larson) (1:14)
    02. Escape From The Asteroids (Johnny Harris) (2:02)
    03. Alicia (Johnny Harris) (2:32)
    04. Ungrounded (Johnny Harris) (6:03)
    05. Memory Globe (Johnny Harris) (1:58)
    06. Watch For Falling Rocks (Johnny Harris) (3:01)
    07. Handy Work (Johnny Harris) (1:27)
    08. Play Acting (Johnny Harris) (1:21)
    09. I'm Sorry (Johnny Harris) (2:30)
    10. Bombing Run (Johnny Harris) (1:57)
    11. Ancient Signaling Device (Johnny Harris) (0:50)
    12. Bombs Away (Johnny Harris) (0:50)
    13. Silver Eagles (Johnny Harris) (1:12)
    14. Falina's Abduction (Les Baxter) (2:40)
    15. Tangie's World (Les Baxter) (2:16)
    16. Welcome To Sinaloa (Les Baxter) (4:42)
    17. Not Your Type (Les Baxter) (0:48)
    18. Tangie And Buck (Les Baxter) (6:57)
    19. One Or Two Ways (Les Baxter) (0:47)
    20. Velosi's Pad (Les Baxter) (2:10)
    21. Kill Her (Les Baxter) (2:31)
    22. Buck To The Rescue (Les Baxter) (1:43)
    23. Goodbye Sinaloa (Les Baxter) (1:52)
    24. Draconian Plot (Johnny Harris) (4:06)
    25. Reaction Times (Johnny Harris) (4:38)
    26. The Switch (Johnny Harris) (3:25)
    27. Ardala And The Boys (Johnny Harris) (2:08)
    28. Objective: New Phoenix (Johnny Harris) (2:51)
    29. Ping Pong (Johnny Harris) (2:25)
    30. End Credits [Long Vocal Version] (Glen A. Larson) (0:51)

    Disc 3
    01. Bumper (Glen A. Larson) (0:08)
    02. Andromeda (Johnny Harris) (5:45)
    03. It's In The Music (Johnny Harris) (4:08)
    04. Let's Do It (Johnny Harris) (1:53)
    05. Prison Approach (Richard La Salle) (2:07)
    06. Hit The Deck (Richard La Salle) (4:31)
    07. Escape Into The Desert (Richard La Salle) (2:42)
    08. Desert Pursuit (Richard La Salle) (2:52)
    09. Hungry Sand Squid (Richard La Salle) (0:39)
    10. Well-Fed Sand Squid (Richard La Salle) (2:07)
    11. Sand Swirl (Richard La Salle) (2:20)
    12. Snooping Around (Richard La Salle) (3:31)
    13. Buck To The Rescue... Again (Richard La Salle) (5:18)
    14. End Credits (Glen A. Larson) (0:31)
    15. Jelly Belly (From "Awakening") (Stu Phillips) (1:28)
    16. Source One (From "Plot To Kill A City") (Stu Phillips) (1:31)
    17. Source Two (From "Plot To Kill A City") (Stu Phillips) (1:40)
    18. End Credits [Vocal Version] (Larson) (0:31)

  • Tech Talk From The CD Producer…

    This world premiere 3CD set features generous suites from first-season episodes of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, covering shows airing from 1979 to 1980. The scoring sessions were recorded directly onto three-channel stereo tape at the Universal Studios scoring stage in a broadly spread layout that placed strings on the left and, in some instances, relegated lower strings to the right. Brass and some percussion were mostly centered, with solo colors from woodwinds in front of the brass. The right channel displayed most of the percussion effects as well as numerous colors ranging from keyboards to bells. While the mixes were designed to be reduced to a single-channel mono soundtrack for the episodes, a two-track stereo mix was also possible due to the engineering that made allowances for possible stereo demos or other internal needs. The format music (bumper, main titles and end credits) were more elaborately recorded on full 24-track formats, however. All of these elements, both ½″ and 2″, were housed in the Universal vaults in pristine condition—with the sole exception of the second part of "The Plot to Kill a City," which was fortuitously preserved by the composer on ¼″ full-track tape.

    For the second and final season of the series, the scoring sessions were increased, with the music gaining a degree of additional prominence and excitement. Those scores, all preserved in three-channel stereo and including several by then up-and-coming composer Bruce Broughton, will be featured on our forthcoming release of music from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Season Two. Meanwhile, let the energized galactic derring-do of this music from Season One keep you busy!

    —Douglass Fake

    Recorded on September 12, 1979 at the UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SCORING STAGE, Universal City, California.
    Recorded on September 19 and 20, 1979 at the UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SCORING STAGE, Universal City, California.
    Recorded on October 3, 4, 11, and 12, 1979 at the UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SCORING STAGE, Universal City, California.
    Recorded on October 19, 1979 at the UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SCORING STAGE, Universal City, California.
    Recorded on September 26, 1979 at the UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SCORING STAGE, Universal City, California.
    Recorded on January 18, 1980 at the UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SCORING STAGE, Universal City, California.
    Recorded on February 15, 1980 at the UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SCORING STAGE, Universal City, California.
    Recorded on October 26, 1979 at the UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SCORING STAGE, Universal City, California.
    Recorded on September 12, 1979 at the UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SCORING STAGE, Universal City, California.

    This soundtrack was produced in cooperation with the
    American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada

    Les Baxter
    John Harris
    Richard La Salle
    Stu Phillips

    Sandy De Crescent

    Erno Neufeld
    Rochelle Abramson
    Paulo Alencar
    Arnold Belnick
    Harry Bluestone
    Steve Boone
    Al Breuning
    Thomas Buffum
    Herman Clebanoff
    David Frisina
    Rich Gerding
    Reginald Hill
    Susan Hintz
    Bill Hybel
    Davida Jackson
    Karen Jones
    Nathan Kaproff
    George Kast
    Peter Kent
    Bob Lipsett
    Mike Markman
    Alexander Murray
    Irma Neumann
    Jack Pepper
    Nate Ross
    John Sambuco
    Sheldon Sanov
    Josef Schoenbrun
    Arkady Shindelman
    Haim Shtrum
    Helen Tannenbaum
    Dorothy Wade
    Jerome Webster
    Tibor Zelig

    Myer Bello
    Denyse Buffum
    Gail Earn
    Peter Hatch
    Virginia Majewski
    Sven Reher
    Ray Tischer

    Bob Adcock
    Paul Bergstrom
    Marie Fera
    Dennis Karmazyn
    Ray Kelley
    Raphael Kramer
    Jackie Lustgarten
    Bob Martin
    Nils Oliver
    Dana Rees
    Fred Seykora
    David Speltz

    Charles Berghofer
    Charles Domanico
    Steve La Fever
    Ken Wild

    Don Ashworth
    Phil Ayling
    Norman Benno
    William Calkins
    Gene Cipriano
    William Criss
    Louise Di Tullio
    Earle Dumler
    Gary Foster
    Susan Greenberg
    John Heitman
    Art Hoberman
    Jules Jacob
    Ron Janelli
    Harry Klee
    Ronald Langinger
    John Lowe
    Ted Nash
    John Neufeld
    Dave Riddles
    John Rotella
    Ethmer Roten
    David Shostac
    Joe Soldo
    Robert Steen
    Sheridon Stokes

    Aubrey Bourke
    Jim Decker
    David A. Duke
    Todd Miller
    Brian O'Connor
    Richard Perissi
    Gale Robinson
    Henry Sigismonti

    Stu Blumberg
    Chase Craig
    Jay Daversa
    Larry Hall
    Maurice Harris
    Warren Luening
    Bob O'Donnell
    Tony Plog
    Uan Rasey
    Allen Vizzutti
    Graham Young

    Miles Anderson
    Francis "Joe" Howard
    Dick Hyde
    Charles Loper
    Lew McCreary
    Dick Nash
    Barrett O'Hara
    George Roberts
    Dennis Herbert Smith
    Phil Teele
    Lloyd Ulyate
    Don Waldrop

    John T. Johnson
    Jim Self

    Paul Leim
    Shelly Manne
    Steve Schaeffer

    Dale Anderson
    Larry Bunker
    Gary Coleman
    Victor Feldman
    Peter Limonick
    Kenneth Watson
    Jerry Williams

    Dorothy Ashby
    Veryle Brilhart
    Katie Kirkpatrick
    Dorothy Remsen
    Ann Stockton

    Richard Baker
    Tom Garvin
    Ralph Grierson
    Mike Lang
    Mike Melvoin
    Larry Muhoberac
    Pete Robinson
    Ian Underwood

    Dennis Budimir
    Joe Di Blasi
    Mitch Holder
    Tim May
    Tom Rotella

    Hal Daniels
    Stu Phillips
    Nathan G. Scott
    Ian Underwood
    Peter Myers
    John Harris
    Richard La Salle