Label: Disney/Intrada D001892602
Date: 2008
Time: 1:00:07
Tracks: 26
World premiere release of Joel McNeely soundtrack for Walt Disney 2008 animated feature. One of Disney's most beloved characters inspires composer to create magical, playful orchestral score replete with yearning ideas for lost collectibles, lyrical melodies for Tinker Bell, musical wisps for Pixie Hollow, much more. Exotic colors abound. It is a score that literally sparkles with delight. Celtic sounds, birds, crickets, drops of water, all are captured in skillful meld of gently dramatic, hauntingly beautiful musical vignettes. Highlights are plentiful but surely deserving spotlight is "Choosing A Talent" with rich major to minor chords that crescendo into powerful, massive orchestra/choral peroration. Breathtaking! Capturing attention in action mode is powerful "Hawk!", with heroic moment for French horn, trumpet. "Sprinting Thistles" commands as well. For sheer exuberant splendor, listen no further than to "Rebuilding Spring". McNeely shines! And yes, you also get that soaring vocal "Fly To Your Heart" as well. Beautifully packaged, illustrated booklet graces Disney/Intrada co-brand CD. Joel McNeely conducts.

Price: $19.99

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