Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 249
Date: 1985
Time: 0:41:29
Tracks: 16
Moving and powerful Alan Silvestri score gets release at last!

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  • At last! Early-ish Alan Silvestri score for Kevin Reynolds drama with Kevin Costner, Judd Nelson gets world premiere release on CD! Moving film is part road trip tale, part coming of age drama, part story about friendship, loss. Silvestri writes to powerful action, sensitive drama with score that mixes equal parts dynamic orchestral writing, gently moving, intimate ideas. Beautiful solo colors for guitar, piano also make appearance. Fun to hear ideas here that became signatures in subsequent masterpiece BACK TO THE FUTURE (happily also available on Intrada.) Entire score presented in vivid stereo from newly mixed 2" 24-track session masters courtesy Warner Bros. & WaterTower Music. Alan Silvestri conducts. Intrada Special Collection available while quantities and interest remains!
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    The Album
    01. Road Trip (1:41)
    02. Desert Trek (1:01)
    03. The Train (2:52)
    04. Grave Stone (1:31)
    05. Desert Dream (1:51)
    06. Fatal Fall (0:27)
    07. Plane Take-Off (6:12)
    08. Plane Ride (2:23)
    09. Desert Walk (5:00)
    10. Fandango (Piano Solo) (1:56)

    11. Wedding (3:51)
    12. Dance (2:22)
    13. Goodbye Friend (2:17)
    Total Album Time: 33:47

    The Extras
    14. Spanish Guitar (Duet) (2:01)
    15. Wild Percussion (0:26)
    16. Desert Walk [Alternate] (5:01)
    Total Extras Time: 7:33)

  • Tech Talk From The Producer…

    For Fandango, Alan Silvestri fashioned not only one of his earliest large-scale film scores, but also what remains to this day one of his most dynamic. Like his subsequent score for Back to the Future, the score for Fandango is filled with bristling action, albeit here in a somewhat more serious vein than the famous follow-up. Fandango also contains moments of transparent tenderness and haunting beauty.

    For this world premiere release, Warner Bros. was able to provide all of the actual 2˝ 24-track scoring session master rolls plus virtually all of the studio and engineering session paperwork, allowing for a brand new mix of the entire score in vivid stereo. Every cue Silvestri recorded is included on this CD. One sequence, the opening “Road Trip,” existed only as a final two-track stereo mix, provided by the composer himself. Interestingly, only a few seconds of this cue appear in the finished film. Also present on the master rolls were a beautiful duet for twin acoustic guitars and an alternate version of the dramatic and moving “Desert Trek” cue (featuring an entirely different opening section).

    One anomaly occurring on several master rolls was a low-level 60-cycle hum, evident across several channels. While not particularly intrusive (and inaudible in the film with dialog and sound effects), we have minimized it for these new stereo mixes. To have removed it entirely, however, would have negatively affected certain colors Silvestri recorded in the lower registers.

    This is truly top-drawer film music, created by one of the medium’s truly top-drawer composers. You, dear listeners, now get to enjoy the fruits of that genius!

    —Douglass Fake


    Recorded on June 11, 12, 15, 18, 19, and 20, 1984 at The Burbank Stage, Burbank, California.

    This soundtrack was produced in cooperation with the
    American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada

    Alan Silvestri

    Patti Zimmitti (Fidelibus)

    Gerald Vinci
    Thelma Beach
    Dixie Blackstone
    Mari Botnick (Tsumura)
    Stuart Canin
    Oscar Chausow
    Ron Clark
    Isabelle Daskoff
    Assa Drori
    Dave Frisina
    Clayton Haslop
    Reggie Hill
    Karen Jones
    Marv Limonick
    Irma Neumann
    Bill Nuttycombe
    Don Palmer
    Sheldon Sanov
    Haim Shtrum
    Bob Sushel
    Harold Wolf

    Dave Schwartz
    Alan DeVeritch
    Jim Dunham
    Allan Harshman
    Roland Kato
    Dan Neufeld
    Bob Ostrowski
    Ray Tischer

    Ray Kelley
    Bob Adcock
    Ron Cooper
    Chris Ermacoff
    Marie Fera
    Barbara Hunter
    Harry Shlutz

    Buell Neidlinger
    Chuck Domanico
    Ed Meares
    Bruce Morganthaler
    Sue Raney
    Margaret Storer
    Neil Stubenhaus
    Dennis Trembly

    Louise DiTullio
    Geri Rotella
    Sarah Orme
    David Shostac

    Arnold Koblentz
    Tom Boyd
    Earle Dumler
    Alan Vogel

    Dominick Fera
    Roy D'Antonio
    Gary Gray
    Ray Pizzi

    Dave Riddles
    Mike O'Donovan
    John Steinmetz

    Henry Sigismonti
    Vince DeRosa
    David A. Duke
    Art Maebe
    Richard Perissi
    Jim Thatcher
    Brad Warnaar

    Jerry Hey
    Chuck Findley
    Gary Grant

    Dick Nash
    Garnet Brown
    Bill Reichenbach

    John Tommy Johnson

    Steve Schaeffer
    Bob Zimmitti
    Alan Estes
    Dan Greco

    Cathy Gotthoffer
    Gayle Levant
    Amy Shulman

    Randy Waldman
    Ralph Grierson
    Randy Kerber
    Larry Williams

    Jim Campbell
    Larry Hall
    Mitch Holder
    Tim May

    Herb Pederson
    Ray Pizzi
    Jim Campbell