Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 248
Date: 1984
Time: 0:41:28
Tracks: 12
Maurice Jarre sci-fi score gets remastered CD!

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  • Maurice Jarre score for 1984 Joseph Ruben sci-fi tale with Dennis Quaid was one of the first soundtracks to appear in then-brand new CD format. Intrada reissue carries identical contents but re-masters audio for better dynamics plus fixes an apparent indexing issue as well. Jarre creates vivid soundscape courtesy array of electronics with additional saxophone color in select passages. Intense moments balance with sensual ones. Unusually wide array of thematic material, action motifs, love theme, complex ideas all make for strong musical experience. Highlights: Richly melodic "Love Dreams", involved, aggressive "Labyrinth". Flipper cover allows both new artwork, reproduction of original album art. Take your pick! Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remains!
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    01. Dreamscapes (2:55)
    02. The Journey (4:19)
    03. First Experiment (2:50)
    04. Suspense (1:07)
    05. Jealousy Merry-Go-Round (2:51 )
    06. The Snakeman (1:05)

    07. Entering The Nightmare (4:12)
    08. Love Dreams (4:05)
    09. Dangerous Moments (2:14)
    10. Escape (4:31)
    11. Labyrinth (8:46)
    12. Endless Dreams (2:10)

  • Tech Talk From The Producer…

    Just as Dennis Quaid managed to do in the film, Maurice Jarre entered a science fiction realm of the human mind for Dreamscape. His tools were not those of the actor on screen, however, but an impressive array of electronic keyboards, assisted in key moments by a saxophone adding solo color. The music is subtle, intense, lean, evocative, scary and soothing— all in one single score.

    While complete film scoring elements have not survived, happily the digital album masters exist and allow us to present the entire original program intact. This was one of the very first digital compact disc masters, created during the dawn of the CD era and first released on the Sonic Atmospheres label. We have retained this original 1984 album assembly and sequence, but have remastered the recording both to enhance the low frequencies and to address an indexing anomaly that placed an index point during one track rather than in the subsequent pause where such indexing would typically be.

    So sit back, clear your senses and prepare to enter the musical mind of Maurice Jarre. It is one impressive trip.

    —Douglass Fake