Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 247
Date: 1994
Time: 1:38:38
Tracks: 34
Complete 2-CD release of powerhouse James Horner score!

Price: $24.99

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  • World premiere of complete soundtrack by James Horner from third film in popular series drawn from Tom Clancy's exciting Jack Ryan tales, starring Harrison Ford as CIA agent Ryan, fighting drug cartels in South America. Horner creates stirring main theme to anchor score, then surrounds with plethora of cues both wildly exciting, dramatically involved. One highlight out of many is incredible, lengthy "Ambush" sequence, one of Horner's most powerful action cues of all time. Interestingly, original CD release only offered half of score and omitted virtually all action sequences following "Second Hand Copter" sequence. All of them make their premiere here, including riveting climactic helicopter rescue scene ("Woodroom Finale") that introduces exciting new fanfare motifs embellishing rich version of main theme. Entire set mixed, edited and mastered from complete digital scoring session elements courtesy Paramount Pictures. James Horner conducts. Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remain!

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    The Album
    01. Main Title/Clear And Present Danger (5:24)
    02. President's Mission (1:16)
    03. Jack's New Office (1:40)
    04. Greer Signs Memo (0:47)
    05. Cortez Arrives In U.S. (1:13)
    06. Jack Briefs FBI/President (1:00)
    07. Operation Reciprocity (3:22)
    08. Blow Up Narcotics Plane (1:59)
    09. Try Lindo Brand (1:23)
    10. Fire In The Hole (1:53)
    11. Moira's Fatal Phone Call (1:43)
    12. Ambush (9:53)
    13. Casket Arrival (2:46)
    14. The Laser-Guided Missile (3:55)
    15. Jack Sees Bombing (0:59)
    16. Looking For Clues [Film Ending] (3:39)
    17. Cortez Is Watched (2:46)
    18. Greer's Last Hospital (1:43)
    19. Deleting The Evidence (4:43)
    CD 1 Time: 53:00

    01. Greer's Funeral/Betrayal (6:22)
    02. Chavez Sees Prisoners (1:30)
    03. Escobedo's New Friend Part 2 3:21)
    04. Second Hand Copter (2:14)
    05. Rebuffed [Not In Film] (1:08)
    06. Escobedo's New Friend Part 1 (1:40)
    07. Cortez Kills Escobedo (2:50)
    08. Finding The Prisoners [Film Version] (1:27)
    09. Jack Creates Diversion (1:35)
    10. Woodroom/Finale (4:35)
    11. Escobedo's New Friend Part 3 (2:02)
    12. Truth Needs A Soldier/End Title (5:48)
    Total Album Time: 88:05

    The Extras
    13. Main Title/Clear And Present Danger [Album Version] (5:24)
    14. Looking For Clues [Album Ending] (3:28)
    15. Finding The Prisoners (1:27)
    Total Extras Time: 12:24
    CD 2 Total Time: 45:38

  • Tech Talk From The CD Producer…

    James Horner fashioned one of his longest film scores for Clear and Present Danger. Although he would typically include the majority of a score’s important cues on his soundtrack albums, for this one he selected just over half of the music recorded for the picture. Interestingly, many of the cues for the last section of the movie (after "Second Hand Copter") were absent. Consequently, all of those sequences that found Jack Ryan (Harrison Ford) pressed into action in Colombia, battling drug lords bent on death and destruction, are premiering on this special 2CD set. A highlight of these cues is the riveting "Woodroom"/"Finale" action music that accompanies the hair-raising helicopter rescue sequence.

    To present this powerful score for the first time in its entirety, Paramount Pictures provided Intrada with access to the scoring session masters, recorded and mixed digitally using then-state-of-the-art Sony MSD-1200 Digital Audio Master Disc technology and transferred to two-channel stereo DAT.

    We have presented the score in picture sequence, including the revised film version of the "Main Title" which replaced the early version heard on the original 1994 album (that early version is included within the "Extras" segment of Disc Two). Other extras include an early version of "Looking For Clues" (also featured on the 1994 album) and an early version of "Finding The Prisoners." Everything the composer recorded for the picture appears in our presentation. (Not duplicated here are repeats of certain sections of cues tracked into the picture.)

    One final note about our sequence: "Escobedo's New Friend" was recorded as three separate cues that appeared in the film in this order: Part 2, Part 1 and Part 3. They were edited down and joined together for the 1994 album, but we are including them complete in the correct film sequence (see cue assembly).

    Enjoy now the dynamic and exciting score by James Horner for Clear and Present Danger.

    —Douglass Fake

    Clear and Present Danger
    Recorded on June 14, 15, 16, 17, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 27, 28, 29, and July 13, 1994
    at Todd-AO Scoring Stage, Studio City, California.

    This soundtrack was produced in cooperation with the
    American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada

    James Horner

    Nathan Kaproff

    Clayton Haslop
    Eun-Mee Ahn
    Rebecca Barr
    Margaret Batjer
    Arnold Belnick
    Russ Cantor
    Tamara Chang
    Ron Clark
    Isabelle Daskoff
    Bonnie Douglas
    Assa Drori
    Bruce Dukov
    David Ewart
    Ronald Folsom
    Armen Garabedian
    Berj Garabedian
    Julie Ann Gigante
    Harris Goldman
    Joseph Goodman
    Alan Grunfeld
    Diana Halprin
    Gwenn Heller
    Karen Jones
    Miran Kojian
    Gary Kuo
    Eun-Sun Lee
    Natalie Leggett
    Dimitrie Leivici
    Brian Leonard
    Rene Mandel
    Michael Markman
    Liane Mautner
    Irma Neumann
    Nancy Roth
    Bob Sanov
    Sheldon Sanov
    Haim Shtrum
    Paul Shure
    Dorothy Wade
    Jing Wang
    Zheng Wang
    Miwako Watanabe
    Roger Wilkie
    Ken Yerke
    Galina Zherdev

    Pamela Goldsmith
    Robert L. Becker
    Dmitri Bovaird
    Kenneth Burward-Hoy
    Suzanna Giordano
    Keith Greene
    Scott Haupert
    Roland Kato
    Carole Kleister-Castillo
    Janet Lakatos
    Donald McInnes
    Cynthia Morrow
    Dan Neufeld
    Simon Oswell
    Andrew Picken
    Laura Kuennen Poper
    Arthur Royval
    Jody Rubin
    John Scanlon
    Harry Shirinian
    Benjamin Simon
    Raymond J. Tischer
    Mihail Zinovyev

    Dennis Karmazyn
    Robert Adcock
    Deborah Calkins
    Barbara George
    Nadine Hall
    Rowena Hammill
    Armand Kaproff
    Arman Ksajikian
    David Low
    Masatoshi Mitsumoto
    Daniel Smith
    Christine Soule
    David Speltz
    Richard Treat
    Cecilia Tsan
    John Walz

    Arni Egilsson
    Nico Abondolo
    Ann Atkinson
    Timothy Barr
    Drew Dembowski
    Donald Ferrone
    Richard Feves
    Christopher Hanulik
    Morton Klanfer
    Christian Kollgaard
    Edward Meares
    Thomas Peters
    Paul Zibits

    Sheridon Stokes
    Louise DiTullio
    Sarah Orme Weisz
    Geraldine Rotella
    James Walker

    Barbara Northcutt
    Kathleen Robinson

    Gary Gray
    James Kanter
    Ralph Williams
    Gary Boyver

    Charles Coker
    Rose Corrigan
    Julie Ann Feves
    Andrew Radford

    James Thatcher
    Mark Adams
    Steven Becknell
    David A. Duke
    Daniel Kelley
    Todd Miller
    Brian O'Connor
    Brad Warnaar
    Phillip Yao

    Warren Luening
    Burnette Dillon
    David Washburn
    Jon Lewis

    Richard Nash
    Lloyd Ulyate
    William Booth
    Charles Loper
    Andrew Malloy
    Robert Sanders
    Phillip Teele
    George Thatcher

    James Self

    Michael Fisher
    Robert Zimmitti
    Dale Anderson
    Wade Culbreath
    Gregory Goodall
    Peter Limonick
    Karen Ervin Pershing
    Thomas D. Raney
    Steven Schaeffer
    Donald J. Williams

    Gayle Levant

    Ian Underwood
    Ralph Grierson
    Randy Kerber
    James Horner
    Gloria Cheng

    Charles Berghofer
    Charles Domanico
    Dennis Belfield

    Kazu Matsui

    Donald R. Davis
    Victor Sagerquist

    Robert Bornstein (Supervising)
    Kendall Schmidt
    Margaret Maryatt
    Jeffrey Jones
    David Izzard
    Arthur Richards
    Jon Marquart
    Robert Joles
    Steven Juliani
    Berwyn Linton
    Kirby Furlong
    Victor Sagerquist (Proofreader)
    Emmet Estren (Librarian)