Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 245
Date: 1979
Time: 1:19:14
Tracks: 30
World premiere of dynamic Jerry Fielding disaster movie soundtrack!

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  • World premiere of exciting Jerry Fielding score for Irwin Allen sequel to landmark disaster movie, now featuring Michael Caine, Sally Field, Telly Savalas. Fielding anchors with dramatic "Main Title", drawing on elements from original KILLER ELITE titles, then branches out into exploratory segment bringing new upside down ocean liner tale into play. Suspense sequences meld with considerable action cues as lengthy score unfolds. Interestingly, Fielding scored two entirely different "End Credit" sequences. Version in film is sobering cue that builds to powerful major key finish, version unused is absolutely knockout variant on aggressive original main title material. Both appear on CD here! Additional material also includes yet another take on end credits, this time conducted by orchestrator Lennie Niehaus. Other alternate cues appear on CD as well. Entire CD assembled from original multi-track stereo session masters courtesy Warner Bros. Audio is crisp and dynamic! Jerry Fielding conducts. Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remains!
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    The Album
    01. Main Title (4:10)
    02. Helicopter (1:34)
    03. We've Got Company (0:47)
    04. They Go Aboard (7:10)
    05. Survivors (0:51)
    06. Move It Out Sarge (1:32)
    07. The Money (1:06)
    08. Tex (0:47)
    09. They're With Me/Susan At The File (1:44)
    10. The Susan And Stefan Show (2:58)
    11. Wilbur's Secret Ailment (2:41)
    12. Harold And Hannah (2:38)
    13. In The Tunnel - Revised (1:26)
    14. Susan Is Dead (0:35)
    15. Sprague Pumps (1:42)
    16. He Builds A Bridge/Blindman's Bluff (6:02)
    17. Conversations While Waiting (3:40)

    18. Gun Fight (2:36)
    19. Frank Buys The Farm (1:31)
    20. Hannah Kroax (4:27)
    21. Svevo Gets Out - Revised (1:47)
    22. Wilbur Gets A Pang (1:16)
    23. Great Escape (10:16)
    24. End Credits - Original (3:05)
    Total Album Time: 66:58

    The Extras
    25. End Credits - Revised [Film Version] (3:05)
    26. Main Title [Promo Reel] (1:32)
    27. The Money [Promo Reel] (1:06)
    28. In The Tunnel - Original (1:24)
    29. Svevo Gets Out - Original (1:47)
    30. End Credits - Original [Promo Reel] (3:04)
    Total Extras Time: 14:08


    Beyond the Poseidon Adventure
    Composed and Conducted by Jerry Fielding
    Recorded March 15, 16, 19, 20 & April 12, 1979, at The Burbank Studios, Burbank, California.

    This soundtrack was produced in cooperation with the
    American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada

    Jerry Fielding

    Patti Zimmitti (De Caro)

    Jerry Vinci
    Nat Ross
    Judy Aller
    Arnold Belnick
    Norman Carr
    Isabelle Daskoff
    Assa Drori
    Ron Folsom
    David Frisina
    Irv Geller
    Clayton Haslop
    Bill Hymanson
    Karen Jones
    Anatol Kaminsky
    Cindy Kovacs
    Norma Leonard
    Yoko Matsuda
    Irma Neumann
    Stan Plummer
    Bob Sushel
    Ilkka Talvi
    Alexander Treger
    Miwako Watanabe
    Harold Wolf

    Milton Thomas
    Denyse Buffum
    James Dunham
    Pam Goldsmith
    Allan Harshman
    Roland Kato
    Lou Kievman
    Linda Lipsett
    Carol Mukogawa
    Sven Reher
    David Schwartz

    Edgar Lustgarten
    Bob Adcock
    Doug Davis
    Marie Fera
    Dennis Karmazyn
    Jan Kelley
    Kathy Lustgarten
    Judy Perett
    Dan Smith

    Milton Kestenbaum
    Chuck Domanico
    Peter Mercurio

    Dorothy Remsen

    Louise DiTullio
    Art Hoberman
    Sylvia Greenfield
    Susan Greenberg

    John Ellis
    Earle Dumler
    John Winter

    Dominick Fera
    Gary Gray
    Roger Greenberg
    Ron Langinger

    Norm Herzberg
    Fowler Friedlander
    Jack Marsh

    Vince De Rosa
    Jim Decker
    Bob Henderson
    Art Maebe
    George Price

    Malcolm McNab
    Uan Rasey
    Graham Young

    Lloyd Ulyate
    Joe Howard
    George Roberts

    John Tommy Johnson
    Don Waldrop

    Larry Bunker
    Dale Anderson
    Joe Porcaro
    Emil Radocchio
    Kenny Watson

    Ralph Grierson
    Mike Lang
    Bill May
    Ian Underwood