Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 246
Date: 1980
Time: 0:58:51
Tracks: 24
Pino Donaggio masterpiece gets expanded CD at last!

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  • At last! Popular Pino Donaggio score for Brian De Palma horror thriller gets brand-newly remixed, remastered & expanded CD! Michael Caine, Angie Dickinson, Nancy Allen bring delicious psycho-killer tale to life with terrifying results. Donaggio matches mayhem with his most vivid, intense film score to date. Gorgeous main theme plays in direct contrast to suspense material. Deserving spotlight is rhythmic slashing motif, scored for orchestra with frightening trombone glissandi stealing the thunder. Though present on original 1980 two-track mixes, striking color was somehow diminished. Brand new 2013 mix from newly-discovered actual 2" 24-track session masters finally unleashes chilling trombone color at last. Session masters (long considered lost when repeated searches kept leading to partial outtake rolls only) also allow Intrada to premiere dramatic material associated with Peter (Keith Gordon) assembling, mounting his surveillance camera to scope out sinister activities. Many other cues make world premiere appearance, including further exploration of dynamic action material. Two tracks were vaulted in two-track stereo only, the remainder were vaulted in 24-track formats. Together these pristeen-condition masters allow rich, rewarding expansion of what is generally thought of as Donaggio's most terrifying work. Informative notes by Scott Bettencourt, dramatic art design by Joe Sikoryak complete exciting package! Natale Massara conducts. Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remain!
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    01. "Theme From Dressed To Kill" (Main Title) (4:10)
    02. Kate's Confession (0:43)
    03. Bad Night (0:34)
    04. The Museum (6:15)
    05. The Cab (1:58)
    06. The Note (4:17)
    07. The Forgotten Ring (3:22)
    08. Death In The Elevator (2:15)
    09. Telephone Message From Bobbi (1:17)
    10. Marino And Elliot (1:22)
    11. Peter Builds Camera (1:46)
    12. Peter Sets Camera (3:27)

    13. Flight From Bobbi (2:22)
    14. Liz Chased By Hoods (1:49)
    15. Liz And Peter - A Romantic Interlude (1:48)
    16. Liz And Peter Watch Film (1:29)
    17. Dressed To Kill (1:35)
    18. The Erotic Story (2:42)
    19. The Transformation (4:03)
    20. Liz At Police Station (0:16)
    21. The Asylum (3:07)
    22. Bobbi Outside House (0:39)
    23. The Nightmare (4:14)
    24. "Theme From Dressed To Kill" (End Title) (2:32)

  • Tech Talk From The Producer…

    Dressed To Kill remains one of Pino Donaggio’s most admired scores. To bring this expanded edition of the score to CD, we returned to the actual 2″ 24-track session masters recorded by Tom Jung in New York and newly remixed everything, creating brand new two-track stereo mixes for this release. Almost every cue was present on these elements, stored in beautiful condition in the MGM vaults; only three cues (tracks 1, 2 & 24) needed to be mastered from the existing twotrack stereo mixes made back in 1980.

    The audio advantage of the new mixes is apparent in two ways: 1) the instrumental detail and clarity now exceed anything previously available, and 2) except for the three aforementioned cues, the extreme amount of analog reverb of the original two-track mixes (designed to mask the modest recording studio size) is no longer evident. We used state-of-the-art Altiverb algorithms to allow the natural mid-size room acoustics to prevail.

    Donaggio wrote this sensational score with a deft balance between the beautiful and the horrific. Strings, woodwinds, piano, harp and celesta all have their say but, interestingly, Donaggio omitted trumpets and tuba, leaving French horns and trombones alone to speak for the brass section.

    Though this score has been previously available on LP and CD with 13 tracks totaling 41 minutes, this new expanded release includes 24 tracks offering 58 minutes of music. Now, enjoy being musically soothed and musically frightened by one of the supreme masters of scoring both moods—Pino Donaggio.

    —Douglass Fake