Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 241
Date: 1990
Time: 0:58:01
Tracks: 16
Exciting action score gets world premiere release on CD!

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  • Exciting music! World premiere release of action-packed David Newman score for David Green helicopter action pic starring Nicolas Cage, Tommy Lee Jones, Sean Young. Playing out as Army version of TOP GUN, solid picture finds pilots of high tech helicopters going up against well-armed members of drug cartel in South America. Newman takes command with his score, propels it with military musical muscle courtesy large array of brass, percussion, then adds layer of high tech electronics on top. With patriotic angles covered, gently rhythmic love theme in tow, Newman creates exciting music with striking metallic edge! Highlights abound but spotlight deservedly goes to powerful 11-minute climactic battle cue "Gates Of Hell". Complete score available from crisp digital two-track stereo session mixes courtesy Touchstone Pictures. David Newman conducts. Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remains!
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    01. Main Title (6:04)
    02. First Flight (3:38)
    03. Reunion, Billy And Preston (1:55)
    04. Simulator (3:39)
    05. Laundry Mat (1:37)
    06. Good Morning (1:28)
    07. Copter Romance (2:43)
    08. Boxing (1:32)

    09. In The Bag (4:34)
    10. Periscope Montage (4:35)
    11. Corvette Drive (1:34)
    12. War Games (5:54)
    13. Flight To Camp (2:23)
    14. Brad And Preston (2:34)
    15. Gates Of Hell (11:18)
    16. Final Scene (2:10)