Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 233
Date: 1964
Time: 1:08:01
Tracks: 27
Elmer Bernstein scores gets complete world premiere in stereo! SOLD OUT!

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  • Treat for Elmer Bernstein fans! Complete soundtrack to epic-length saga with George Peppard, Carroll Baker, Alan Ladd gets world premiere release in stereo from newly-discovered 35mm three-channel masters PLUS first-ever CD release of original 1964 re-recording composer made for Ava label, presented from also recently found actual mint-condition album masters! Bernstein anchors score with one of his most exciting main titles ever. Powerful rhythmic ostinato in trombones, tuba drive music forward while high-register trumpets scream primary theme above. Thrilling cue! Bernstein also supplies episodic tale of ambitious heel during early part of 20th-century with variety of dramatic cues, richly flowing love theme, period music, more. Paramount Pictures created brand new masters for this release. CD also features CD premiere of brief but terrific original 1964 album Bernstein re-recorded for Ava label back in the day. (Several famous Bernstein scores from that period were re-recorded by him especially for Ava label, including TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, WALK ON THE WILD SIDE, CARETAKERS, BABY THE RAIN MUST FALL & CARPETBAGGERS. They were the only original albums made for all of those films.) The Ava recordings were vibrant, stereo albums played by top West-coast musicians under Bernstein's baton. Hearing THE CARPETBAGGERS in both the original soundtrack performances and in the subsequent album versions is a joy! Flipper cover art offers both Ava album artwork, original film campaign artwork. Take your pick! Elmer Bernstein conducts both recordings. Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remain!
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    01. Seal/Main Title (2:26)
    02. A Maverick (0:52)
    03. Rina's Record (3:32)
    04. The Forbidden Room (2:42)
    05. Sierra Source (Alternate) (1:41)
    06. Sierra Source (2:39)
    07. Separate Trails (2:02)
    08. Monica's Shimmy (0:31)
    09. Lots Of Lovely Ceilings (2:02)
    10. Nevada's Trouble (7:12)
    11. Get A Divorce (1:35)
    12. Movie Mogul (0:35)
    13. Two Of A Kind (5:08)
    14. Sierra Source Pt. 2 (1:42)
    15. Rina's Dead (1:02)
    16. Speak Of The Devil (1:29)
    17. New Star (3:05)
    18. Bad Bargain (0:51)
    19. Jonas Hits Bottom (5:39) Hear This Track
    20. Finale (1:26)
    21. Love Theme From The Carpetbaggers (3:10)
    Total Soundtrack Time: 52:33

    Original 1964 Album
    22. The Carpetbaggers (2:31)
    23. Love Theme From The Carpetbaggers (2:40)
    24. Speak Of The Devil (2:01)
    25. Forbidden Room (2:19)
    26. The Carpetbagger Blues (3:52)
    27. Main Title From The Carpetbaggers (2:10)
    28. New Star (2:16)
    29. The Producer Asks For A Divorce (2:39)
    30. Jonas Hits Bottom (2:50)
    31. Finale (1:44)
    Original 1964 Album Time: 25:27

  • Tech Talk From The CD Producer…

    For this special presentation of Elmer Bernstein’s dynamic music from The Carpetbaggers, we were fortunate to locate not only the complete print takes from the soundtrack scoring sessions but also the album masters for the 1964 LP that Bernstein re-recorded for the Ava label. The original sessions are making their official world premiere release in any format here; this is the first appearance of the LP masters on CD.

    Some history regarding the soundtrack scoring session masters: These sessions were recorded by Paramount Pictures on 35mm three-channel magnetic film. Sometime later, a 1/4" two-track stereo mix of the majority of the score was made. Just as it appeared this incomplete second-generation presentation was all we would have to work with, Paramount Pictures, in a stroke of incredible fortune, located their original 35mm film reels and made new three channel digital transfers especially for our release. We are now able to include all of the score’s cues as well as offer a properly balanced stereo presentation.

    Other than some nominal hiss from the film reels themselves, every cue (including the period source cues) appeared with vibrant audio. As is our custom, we did not apply digital noise reduction or make any other attempt to disguise the noise levels of 50-year old recordings. Noise suppression interferes with the precious original sound and typically makes the music sound artificial.

    In regard to sequencing, we quickly realized the source cues composed and conducted by Bernstein, were not in fact unrelated onscreen cues but were part of the very architecture of his orchestral score. The film spotlights the rise and fall of a wealthy and powerful film producer, an arrogant heel working in the early days of Hollywood. Bernstein’s source cues illuminate the period itself and take us through the various auditions and entertainments of several characters both self-absorbed and delusional.

    The final cue from the original soundtrack (Track 21, "Love Theme From The Carpetbaggers") is an interesting curio. The scoring sessions encompassed sixteen reels of film for a lengthy movie running 150 minutes. This particular cue was recorded at those sessions and slated for reel 17, implying a cue intended to play as "exit" music, not unusual for movies of that length in those days. While it could also have been intended for other promotional needs, or perhaps even as a single, the fact that it was recorded in stereo (highly unusual for 45 records at the time) and the decidedly flowing, "easy listening" style of the arrangement make for some fascinating speculation. We have included it as it was slated, playing right after the "Finale."

    The first-generation Ava stereo album masters for The Carpetbaggers were also preserved in mint condition (in the UMG vaults). This classic 1964 record was one of five legendary re-recordings Elmer Bernstein made between 1962 and early 1965, each offering roughly 25–30 minutes of music from one of his film scores of that period, also including: The Caretakers, Walk On the Wild Side, Baby the Rain Must Fall and To Kill a Mockingbird. In each case, Bernstein recorded authentic readings of selections from his original scores plus newly composed and arranged cues, sequencing each album for maximum listening enjoyment. Each was presented in stereo and featured crisp, dynamic recordings with top-drawer performances. As a bonus, we are presenting the re-recorded Carpetbaggers 1964 album intact, retaining its vibrant stereo audio and preserving the pauses between tracks exactly as Bernstein made them.

    Elmer Bernstein excelled at scoring dramatic pictures that played out on large canvasses. This CD represents some of his finest work in that genre.

    —Douglass Fake

    The Carpetbaggers
    Recorded at Paramount Pictures Scoring Stage, Hollywood, California.

    This soundtrack was produced in cooperation with the
    American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada

    Harold Ayres
    Israel Baker
    George Berres
    Joseph Chassman
    Manuel Compinsky
    Sam Freed Jr.
    James Getzoff
    Davida G. Jackson
    Louis Kaufman
    Alfred Lustgarten
    Erno Neufeld
    Irma Neumann
    Stanley E. Plummer

    Myer Bello
    Stanley Harris
    Myra Kestenbaum
    Louis Kievman
    Sven H. Reher

    Joseph DiTullio
    David Filerman
    Edgar Lustgarten
    David L. Pratt

    Arthur Gleghorn
    Harold Lewis

    Arnold E. Koblentz
    Gordon PopeCLARINET
    Justin Gordon

    Mahlon B. Clark
    Joseph A. Krechter
    Ted Nash

    Ralph W. Lee
    Jack O. Marsh

    James A. Decker
    James M. McGee

    Emanuel Klein
    Sidney M. Lazar

    Milton G. Bernhart
    Vernon L. Friley
    George M. Roberts

    Sam Rice

    Dale L. Anderson
    Bernie Mattinson

    Aida M. Dagort

    Laurindo Almeida