Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 231
Date: 1992
Time: 0:35:51
Tracks: 18
Unused Jerry Goldsmith score! SOLD OUT!

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  • World premiere release of unused Jerry Goldsmith score for Rowdy Herrington boxing tale with Cuba Gooding, Jr., James Marshall, Robert Loggia, Brian Dennehy. Goldsmith anchors with tiny syncopated motif for low keyboards, basses, percussion, then surrounds with variety of larger ideas that grow from it. Rhythmic action is keynote but tender love theme also has some say. Highlight is five-minute final boxing sequence. Here, suspense & action play then finally give way to powerful statement for full orchestra. Grand moment! Intrada presents complete score from digital session mixes with crisp, dynamic stereo audio, courtesy Columbia Pictures & Sony Entertainment. CD produced for Intrada by veteran Goldsmith scoring mixer Bruce Botnick. Jerry Goldsmith conducts. Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remain! SOLD OUT!
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    01. I Owe (2:04)
    02. The Diner (0:44)
    03. Good Luck/The Real Thing (1:52)
    04. The Crowd (0:31)
    05. Knock Out (2:16)
    06. He's Mine (1:06)
    07. Repayment (0:36)
    08. I'd Rather Walk (0:47)
    09. A Favor (2:36)

    10. My Baby/My House (4:29)
    11. Stop The Fight (1:00
    12. Romano's Dead (3:25)
    13. Finish Him (0:59)
    14. Tommy & Dawn (1:01)
    15. That's Enough (1:35)
    16. Jackpot/Take A Look (4:07)
    17. No Gloves/Refund/Get Him (5:22)
    18. Tommy & Dawn Love Theme (1:21)

  • Tech Talk From The Producer…

    It’s a hot August in the year 1991 and we’re embarking upon the pugilistic journey of a Gladiator.

    Gladiator is an interesting score because of the eclectic choices that Jerry made to aid the storytelling. Jerry was in the middle of three heroic sports films: Hoosiers, Gladiator and Rudy—similar to his heroic generals group of films. His approach turned out to be something different than what the director had in mind and this score didn’t wind up in the film.

    Technically, what you are hearing on this album are live mixes as they happened, without any overdubs, overlays or remixes—everybody playing live. The score was recorded on the Sony Pictures Scoring Stage on a Sony PCM-3348 digital 48-track. The stereo mix was a 3-2 fold down to a live Sony PCM-1630 stereo recorder. We used 34 microphones (including Neumann M-50s, AKG C12s and Sony C37As) and Tube, Neve and Avalon microphone preamps. Also along for the ride were Jerry’s electronics— ten stereo pairs which were fed directly to the Neve mixing console.

    This score is pound for pound pure Jerry Goldsmith. Enjoy.

    —Bruce Botnick