Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 230
Date: 1989
Time: 0:51:31
Tracks: 17
World premiere release of emotional James Horner score!

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  • World premiere release of emotionally rich James Horner soundtrack for Norman Jewison film about soldier's reconciliation with Vietnam war and himself, starring Bruce Willis, Emily Lloyd. Dramatic, moving tale inspires Horner to write music with great melodic depth. Haunting minor-key trumpet solo often gets deserved spotlight. Line remains one of Horner's finest. Military backdrop plus tender friendship in story also inspire ideas both reflective, dramatic. "Three Generations" (both as piano solo & piano with orchestra) is incredibly tender piece. Another highlight is elegiac 10-minute "Fallen Friends". Beautiful music! Intrada presents complete score from original two-track stereo session mixes, courtesy Warner Bros. and Watertower Music. "The Album" offers 39-minute program originally produced by composer in 1989 for possible release on Warner Bros. label. "The Extras" feature additional cues not included on album. James Horner conducts. Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remain! SOLD OUT!
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    The Album
    01. Distant Memories (5:04
    02. Dwayne's Letters (2:45
    03. Faraway Thoughts (3:59
    04. Three Generations (Piano Solo) (2:49)
    05. The Letter Home (2:37)
    06. In Country (6:52)
    07. Emmett (2:30)
    08. The Vietnam Memorial (2:11)
    09. Fallen Friends (10:04)
    Total Album Time: 39:18

    The Extras
    10. First Flashback (0:54)
    11. Finding Photo (0:46)
    12. Just A Country Boy (1:12)
    13. The Vietnam Memorial (1:03)
    14. Three Generations (Piano with Orchestra) (2:48)
    15. Family Supper (1:14)
    16. Family Supper (1:15)
    17. The Storm (2:33)
    Total Extras Time: 12:04

  • Tech Talk From The Producer…

    This premiere release of James Horner’s elegiac score to In Country is being presented in stereo from the original two-track mixes made by Shawn Murphy with the composer in 1989. Interestingly, what Warner Bros. produced from their vaults were two rolls of high speed tape already assembled and produced by Horner for a potential 39-minute LP (sides A & B) and CD release back in the day (including the longer than standard pauses between tracks that he favors when presenting music of reflection and emotion).

    At the end of the B roll, we discovered 12 minutes of additional music consisting of the remaining cues in the film that Horner didn’t include on the planned album, but that he and engineer Murphy nonetheless mixed and assembled for posterity. We were happily able to gain his approval for the complete master, extras and all.

    Enjoy now one of James Horner’s most personal scores, written for full orchestra but very delicately scored, with several haunting trumpet solos played by virtuoso Malcolm McNab getting the spotlight. Mirroring the film’s Vietnam vet storyline featuring Bruce Willis, James Horner’s music is a richly emotional journey indeed.

    —Douglass Fake


    In Country
    Composed and Conducted by James Horner
    Recorded on March 29, 30, 31 and April 1, 1989, at CBS Studio Center, Studio City, California, and on
    April 5, 6, 7, 15 and 17, 1989, at The Burbank Stage #1, Burbank, California.

    This soundtrack was produced in cooperation with the
    American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada

    James Horner

    Nathan Kaproff

    Stuart Canin
    Margaret Batjer
    Arnold Belnick
    Mari Tsumura Botnick
    Leslie Brown
    Russ Cantor
    Ron Clark
    Harry Cykman
    Bonnie Douglas
    Bruce Dukov
    Beth Folsom
    Ronald Folsom
    David Frisina
    Berj Garabedian
    Harris Goldman
    Clayton Haslop
    Gwenn Heller
    Bill Hybel
    Anatol Kaminsky
    Razdan Kuyumjian
    Brian Leonard
    Michael Markman
    Irma Neumann
    Claudia Parducci
    Stanley Plummer
    Jay Rosen
    Anatoly Rosinsky
    Paul Shure
    Miwako Watanabe
    Harold Wolf
    Ken Yerke
    Arthur Zadinsky

    Pamela Goldsmith
    Myer Bello
    Sam Boghossian
    Steven Gordon
    Carrie Holzman-Little
    Myra Kestenbaum
    Janet Lakatos
    Linda Lipsett
    Jorge Moraga

    VIOLA continued...
    Dan Neufeld
    Christopher Redfield
    David Schwartz
    Harry Shirinian
    Raymond J. Tischer
    Mihail Zinovyev

    Douglas Davis
    Robert Adcock
    Paula Hochhalter
    Armand Kaproff
    Dennis Karmazyn
    Earl Madison
    David Shamban
    Gloria Strassner
    Sebastian Toettcher
    John Walz

    Arni Egilsson
    Timothy Barr
    Drew Dembowski
    Richard Feves
    John Hornschuch
    Edward Meares
    Bruce Morgenthaler
    Susan Ranney

    Sheridon Stokes
    Louise DiTullio

    Barbara Northcutt
    Thomas Boyd
    Kathleen Robinson

    Gary Gray
    James Kanter
    Roy D'Antonio

    Michael O'Donovan
    Kenneth Munday
    Patricia Kindel-Heimerl

    James Thatcher
    John Reynolds
    William Lane
    Phillip Yao

    Malcolm McNab
    Robert Divall

    Richard Nash
    Lloyd Ulyate
    Robert Sanders

    James Self

    Larry Bunker
    Emil Radocchia
    Steven Schaeffer

    Dorothy Remsen

    Ian Underwood
    Ralph Grierson

    Thomas Tedesco

    Kazu Matsui

    Greig McRitchie
    James Horner

    Camillo Fidelibus
    Barbara Franklin
    Dan Franklin
    Joel Franklin
    Joseph McGuire
    Lolita Ritmanis
    Eric Stonerook