Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 229
Date: 1973
Time: 0:43:13
Tracks: 21
World premiere of action-packed Elmer Bernstein western score!

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  • Great release for Elmer Bernstein fans! Intrada proudly offers world premiere release of Bernstein's powerful score for iconic John Wayne western from 1973, directed by veteran Andrew V. McLaglen, also featuring George Kennedy, Gary Grimes. Bernstein writes larger-than-life main theme for Wayne's U.S. marshal figure, then surrounds with action music as Cahill tracks down, does battle with trio of bank robbers. Lengthy initial robbery sequence ("Killers") is an action music highlight, but equal in excitement is climactic showdown ("Various Troubles"). Night time scene in "Cemetery" allows composer to display gifts for quiet child-like musical gestures, atmospheric ideas. To present complete score, courtesy Warner Bros., Intrada was given access to entire scoring session masters, recorded on 2" 16-channel tape, one of earliest scores recorded in then state-of-the-art multi-track format. This allowed creation of brand new stereo mixes of every cue in magnificent, vibrant audio with instrumental details as clear as if recorded today! Cool treat: while film itself uses vocal version of theme during middle search scene and as closing wrap-up, masters included orchestral cues originally written for both sequences and never heard until now. Especially exciting find is powerful orchestral ending to score, completely dropped in film in favor of quieter Charlie Rich vocal gently fading into silence. Intrada CD presents both unused orchestral cues as well as respective vocal sequences, written by Bernstein with lyrics by Don Black. Original Warner Bros. artwork campaign, array of color stills, complete cue assembly details plus informative notes by Jeff Bond complete handsome package. A must for John Wayne, Elmer Bernstein & western soundtrack buffs! Elmer Bernstein conducts. Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remains!
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    01. Cahill: US Marshal (Main Title) (2:11)
    02. Train (0:38)
    03. Billy Joe (0:58)
    04. Thickening Plot (1:11)
    05. Killers (7:35)
    06. Venture (2:01)
    07. Apology (1:15)
    08. Smoke (1:29)
    09. New Money (0:38)
    10. Surrounded (0:39)
    11. Necktie Party (3:49)

    12. Oath (0:48)
    13. Born To Hang (1:18)
    14. A Man Gets To Thinkin' (Instrumental) (1:49)
    15. A Man Gets To Thinkin' (Vocal) (1:59)
    16. Cemetery (4:27)
    17. Lightfoot (1:30)
    18. Danny - Billy Joe (1:20)
    19. Various Troubles (5:02)
    20. Finale (0:48)
    21. A Man Gets To Thinkin' (End Cast) (1:05)

  • Tech Talk From The CD Producer…

    Intrada presents Elmer Bernstein’s rousing original soundtrack for Cahill: United States Marshal for the first time ever, direct from mint condition Warner Bros. archived session masters. Cahill was recorded in May 1973, a period when three-track recording was commonplace but eight-channel recording had also taken firm root. However, in a wonderful stroke of good fortune, Warner Bros. was already working with the newer 2" tape formats offering, at that time, up to sixteen separate channels per roll of tape. And just as happily, all of these 2" session masters had been saved by the studio for archival purposes. This allowed us to transfer the complete sixteen-channel sessions directly into Pro Tools and create brand new two-track stereo mixes with startling clarity of instrumental detail, channel separation and imaging.

    We are featuring every note of music Bernstein recorded for the film and presenting it in film sequence. For reel 7, Bernstein originally recorded an orchestral cue using his main theme (sub-titled "A Man Gets To Thinkin'"), but ultimately recorded a vocal version with a more upbeat instrumental backing for the final cut of the picture. We include both, back to back, as they complement each other. For the finale of the score, Bernstein originally recorded a powerful orchestral ending, but similarly to reel 7, ultimately recorded a brief vocal ending that was used instead. We conclude the score proper with his original orchestral finale, being heard for the first time, then offer the vocal piece to wrap up our CD.

    So saddle up, join forces with John Wayne and listen to Elmer Bernstein’s exciting taste of the old west, Cahill: United States Marshal-style.

    —Douglass Fake

    Recorded on May 3, 11, 14 & 15, 1973, at THE BURBANK STUDIO, Burbank, CA

    This soundtrack was produced in cooperation with the
    American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada

    Kurt E. Wolff

    Nathan Kaproff
    Israel Baker
    Virginia Barthold
    Alex Beller
    Herman Clebanoff
    Sam Cytron
    B. Ferlazzo
    David Frisina
    Jimmy Getzoff
    Howard Griffin
    Davida Jackson
    Anatol Kaminsky
    Kathleen Lenski
    Jo Livoti
    Erno Neufeld
    Jerry Reisler
    Linda Rose
    Sam Ross
    Jerry Vinci
    Tibor Zelig
    Sherry Zippert

    Virginia Majewski
    Milton Thomas
    Eliyth Belofsky
    Rollice Dale
    Myra Kestenbaum
    Robert Ostrowsky
    Joe Reilich
    David Schwartz

    Kurt Reher
    Justin Di Tullio
    Dennis Karmazyn
    Tibor Kertez
    Jeff Solow

    Milton Kestenbaum
    Abe Luboff
    Peter Mercurio

    Sylvia Ruderman
    B. Atkinson
    Carole Levine

    Arnold Koblentz
    Earl Dumler

    Dominic Fera
    Jim Kanter
    John Neufeld

    Jack Marsh
    Norman Herzberg

    Vince DeRosa
    David Duke
    Art Maebe
    Richard Perissi
    Alan Robinson

    Bob Divall
    Robert Fowler
    Manny Stevens

    Lloyd Ulyate
    Milton Bernhard
    Barrett O’Hara

    Sam Rice

    John Guerin
    Lou Singer
    Shelly Manne
    Joe Porcaro
    Thomas Raney

    Dorothy Remsen
    Gale Laughton

    Pete Jolly
    Artie Kane

    Bobby Bain
    Dennis Budimir
    Al Hendrickson
    Tom Tedesco

    Bill Pitman
    Peter Bernstein