Jerry Fielding
/ Leonard Rosenman
Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 236
Date: 1979/1962
Time: 1:10:04
Tracks: 29
World premiere of two complete soundtracks from Paramount vaults!

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  • World premiere of two dramatic soundtracks to Paramount films directed by Don Siegel. Appearing first is brief score by Leonard Rosenman for intense, highly regarded WWII action film HELL IS FOR HEROES starring Steve McQueen, Bobby Darin, Fess Parker. Rosenman launches with one of his most exciting "Main Title" sequences of his career, then settles in for closer look at psychology of men in war. Intrada presents complete score in stereo from original three-channel scoring session masters. Second up is longer, highly complex score by Jerry Fielding for Clint Eastwood prison picture ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ. Combination of director Siegel, star Eastwood, composer Fielding guarantees success, this one is no exception. Deliberate movie allows composer to examine confined spaces, cold conditions of containment through use of 'musique concrete' techniques. As Fielding described score in 1979 lecture: "It's all hardware... steel on steel... it's Alcatraz. There's nothing lyrical about it; there's nothing poetic about it. It's an awful place." Quietly intense, slow-buring music was first played by orchestra, then manipulated in variety of manner during later mixing phase to create distinctly unorthodox, experimental music, highly unusual for films. Complete score appears, including alternates. Due to unusual nature of score, where much of it was created mechanically in studio after recording, finished mixes in varying stages of mono, multiple mono and stereo are necessarily the only elements that can be presented. They have been expertly mixed here into two-channel stereo by Chris Malone to afford optimal listening pleasure. Flipper cover allows original Paramount campaign artwork from either film to show as front cover (you choose your favorite!) plus stills, liner notes by John Takis and complete cue assembly details help round out exciting package. Leonard Rosenman, Jerry Fielding conduct. Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remains!
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    Hell Is for Heroes
    Composed and Conducted by Leonard Rosenman
    01. Main Title (1:45)
    02. Reese (0:54)
    03. Off Limits Bar (0:34)
    04. Belligerent Reese (0:53)
    05. Homer's Disappointment (1:15)
    06. Back to the Line (2:29)
    07. The Mine Field, Part 1 (4:35)
    08. The Mine Field, Part 2 (1:20)
    09. Battle Shock and Reese's Rage (0:59)
    10. Kennedy's Speech/End Title (1:09)

    Total Time: 16:14

    Escape From Alcatraz
    Composed and Conducted by Jerry Fielding

    11. Main Title (4:25)
    12. Welcome to Alcatraz (1:45)
    13. Solitary and Home Again (3:12)
    14. Carpenter Shop (1:55)
    15. Cockroach (0:48)
    16. Welding in the Cell/Digging the Grill (3:36)
    17. Wedge and 1st Montage (3:39)
    18. Utility Corridor (5:12)
    19. Trial Run (1:29)
    20. Nosey Cop (1:59)
    21. The Pipe (1:25)
    22. Bye Boy (film version) (0:26)
    23. Wedge and 1st Montage (1:58)
    24. Beginning of Escape (2:17)
    25. To the Finish Line (7:41)
    26. End Credits (film version) (2:58)

    Total Time: 45:21

    The Extras
    27. Welcome to Alcatraz (unused) (6:39)
    28. Bye Boy (original version) (0:27)
    29. End Credits (original version) (4:02)

    Total Time: 11:13


    Hell Is for Heroes
    Composed and Conducted by Leonard Rosenman
    Recorded on November 13 and December 4, 1961, at Paramount Pictures Scoring Stage, Hollywood, California.

    This soundtrack was produced in cooperation with the
    American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada

    Leonard Rosenman

    Edgar Lustgarten
    David Filerman
    Emmet Sargeant
    Adolphe Frezin
    Margaret Aue
    William Vandenburg
    Nino Rosso
    Jesse Ehrlich
    Edwin Geber
    Joseph Di Tullio
    Joseph Coppin
    Edward D. Colf Jr.

    Edward Gilbert
    Murray Shapinsky
    Richard F. Kelley
    Milton Kestenbaum

    Harold Lewis
    Burnett Atkinson

    Merrill Remington
    Bert Gassman

    Joe Krechter
    Mahlon Clark
    Franklin Stokes

    Frederick Moritz
    Norman Herzberg

    Gale Robinson
    Hyman Markowitz
    Sinclair Lott
    Arthur Briegleb

    Robert DiVall
    Sidney Lazar
    Phil Candreva

    Vernon Friley
    Joe Colvin
    George Arus

    Herbert Jenkel

    William Kraft
    Bernie Mattinson
    Charles White
    Larry Bunker
    Shelly Manne

    Pearl Kaufman








    Escape From Alcatraz
    Composed and Conducted by Jerry Fielding
    Recorded on May 8 and 9, 1979, at Paramount Pictures Scoring Stage M, Hollywood, California.

    This soundtrack was produced in cooperation with the
    American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada

    Jerry Fielding

    Carl Fortina

    Israel Baker
    Arnold Belnick
    David Frisina
    Stanley Plummer
    Harry Bluestone
    Robert Sushel
    Nathan Ross
    Norman Carr
    Joseph Stepansky
    Marshall Sosson
    Sheldon Sanov

    Milton Thomas
    Louis Kievman
    Sven Reher
    Janet Lakatos
    Roland Kato
    Archie Levin
    James Dunham

    Raphael Kramer
    Douglas Davis
    Robert Martin
    Marie Fera

    Milton Kestenbaum
    Charles Domanico

    Louise DiTullio-Dissman
    Ronald Langinger

    Dominick Fera
    Gene Cipriano
    Ted Nash

    Norman Herzberg
    David Riddles

    James Decker
    Henry Sigismonti
    David A. Duke

    Malcolm McNab
    Graham Young
    Boyde W. Hood

    Lloyd Ulyate
    Francis Joe Howard
    George Roberts

    John T. Johnson

    Larry Bunker
    Kenneth Watson
    Emil Radocchia
    Dale Anderson
    Mark C. Zimoski
    Joseph Porcaro
    Ruth K. Underwood

    Dorothy Remsen

    Ralph Grierson

    Michael A. Lang

    Ian Underwood

    Leonard Niehaus