Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 227
Date: 1991
Time: 0:55:25
Tracks: 20
Exciting Basil Poledouris score gets world premiere release on CD! SOLD OUT!

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  • World premiere release of Basil Poledouris score for John Milius actioner set during Vietnam war, starring Danny Glover, Willem Dafoe, Brad Johnson. Poledouris excelled when working for close friend Milius. Current score is prime example! Muscular action and melody combine. Neat architecture: Score opens with reflection, progresses with melody, degree of power. Action rears, intensity of music increases. Finally, symphonic march takes center stage, brings everything to rousing finish. Intrada presents entire score from original Dolby SR-encoded two-track stereo session mixes, courtesy Paramount Pictures. Two alternates appear as extras. World premiere of complete John Beal trailer music brings CD to dramatic close. Basil Poledouris conducts. Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remain! SOLD OUT!
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    The Album
    01. Morg's Death (6:38)
    02. Morg's Funeral (1:45)
    03. Chase For Five Dollars (2:08)
    04. On The Beach (0:37)
    05. Iron Hand Mission (4:21)
    06. Boxman's Death (2:54)
    07. Cole Decides To Bomb Hanoi (1:42)
    08. I Get Good Vibes (1:19)
    09. Raid On Hanoi (5:52)
    10. Court Martial (0:25)
    11. San Pedro Harbor Scene (0:56)

    12. Alpha Strike (1:58)
    13. Camparelli Crashes (2:43)
    14. Keeping The Faith (1:59)
    15. Alpha Mike Fox Trot (5:42)
    16. Rescue (3:43)
    17. Final Scene (1:56)
    Total Album Time: 47:15

    The Extras
    18. Chase For Five Dollars (Alternate) (1:37)
    19. Boxman's Death (Alternate) (2:54)
    20. Trailer (John Beal) (3:27)
    Total Extras Time: 8:03

  • Tech Talk From The Producer…

    Flight of the Intruder was originally recorded on 2" 24-track analog tape encoded with Dolby SR. After the sessions Poledouris and engineer Tim Boyle mixed everything down to 1/2" three-track stereo tape, still using the Dolby SR process. Twotrack stereo mixes were later made as safeties for storage on both 1/4" tape and DAT.

    For our premiere presentation of this powerful score, Paramount Pictures provided us with access to all of the elements. We chose the three-channel mixes as they were clean, crisp and complete, with the Dolby SR format yielding an unusually quiet signal-to-noise ratio for analog tape. This format, in fact, was the composer’s own preference. We encountered it on other projects of the era with Poledouris, and he stated he would always choose a multitrack analog recording with SR over any digital one.

    The entire score is presented in film sequence, with a couple of alternate takes featured as “the extras.”

    So suit up, grab your helmet and join Basil Poledouris with his cockpit full of musicians for this exciting Flight of the Intruder.

    —Douglass Fake


    Flight Of The Intruder
    Recorded on June 30, July 9, 10 and 23, 1990, at Evergreen Radford Studio (CBS – Radford), Burbank, California

    This soundtrack was produced in cooperation with the
    American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada

    Basil Poledouris

    Carl Fortina

    Endre Granat
    Murray Adler
    Patricia N. Aiken
    Israel Baker
    Arnold Belnick
    Mari Tsumura Botnick
    Jacqueline I. Brand
    Joseph Brooks
    Andrea Byers
    Russ Cantor
    Bruce Dukov
    Henry Ferber
    Michael Ferrill
    Ronald Folsom
    Armen Garabedian
    Berj Garabedian
    Jeffrey Gauthier
    Julie Gigante
    Joseph R. Goodman
    Diana B. Halprin
    Thelma L. Hanau
    Clayton Haslop
    Reginald Hill
    Alexander Horvath
    William Hybel
    Patricia Johnson
    Peter Kent
    Connie Kupka
    Gordon Marron
    Yoko Matsuda
    Ralph Morrison
    Don Palmer
    Robert Peterson
    Christopher Reutinger
    Rachel R. Robinson
    Jay A. Rosen
    Anatoly Rosinsky
    Robert Sanov
    Sheldon Sanov
    Daniel Shindaryov
    Haim Shtrum
    Barry Socher
    Robert Sushel
    Kimiyo Takeya
    Dorothy Wade
    Francine Walsh
    Miwako Watanabe
    Harold Wolf
    Jennifer Woodward
    Shari Zippert
    Michelle Zivahl

    Louise DiTullio (Dissman)
    Susan G. Greenberg
    Geraldine Rotella
    David Shostac
    Sheridon Stokes

    Donald McInnes
    Myra Kestenbaum
    Marilyn H. Baker
    Robert Becker
    Dmitri Bovaird
    Kenneth Burward-Hoy
    Brian P. Dembow
    Marcy Dicterow
    Richard Gerding
    Steven A. Gordon
    Peter Hatch
    Roland Kato
    Margot MacLaine
    Miriam R. Meyer
    Carole Mukogawa
    Dan Neufeld
    Kazi Pitelka
    David Stenske
    Linn Subotnick
    Raymond Tischer
    Herschel P. Wise
    Mihail Zinovyev

    Stephen Erdody
    Douglas L. Davis
    John Acosta
    Robert Adcock
    Antony J. Cooke
    Ronald Cooper
    Larry Corbett
    Ernest Ehrhardt
    Christine Ermacoff
    Marie Fera
    Barbara Hunter
    Anne Karam
    Armen Ksajikian
    Harry Shlutz
    Daniel Smith
    Nancy Stein

    Arni Egilsson
    David H. Young
    Timothy Barr
    Drew Dembowski
    Steven Edelman
    Domenic J. Genova
    Christian Kollgaard
    Stephens La Fever
    Norman S. Ludwin
    Robert K. Stone
    Margaret Storer
    Paul Zibits

    Jon C. Clarke
    Earl Dumler
    Arnold E. Koblentz

    Gary S. Bovyer
    Roy D'Antonio
    Dominick Fera
    Gary Gray

    Rose M. Corrigan
    Jack Marsh
    Michael R. O'Donovan
    David W. Riddles

    Joseph Meyer
    John A. Reynolds
    James Thatcher
    Mark L. Adams
    Jeffrey De Rosa
    David A. Duke
    Marilyn Johnson
    Todd Miller
    Suzette Moriarty
    Diane S. Muller
    Steven M. Silverman

    Mario F. Guarneri
    Warren H. Luening
    Malcolm McNab
    G. Burnette Dillon
    Rick Baptist
    Joseph Davis
    Gary Grant
    Anthony Terran
    John Rosenberg
    Robert R. O'Donnell

    Richard T. Nash
    Lew McCreary
    Phillip Teele
    Lloyd Ulyate
    Chauncey Welsch

    John T. Johnson
    James M. Self

    Larry Bunker
    Joe Porcaro
    Dale L. Anderson
    Gary L. Coleman
    Alan Estes
    Steven Forman
    Daniel Greco
    Peter Limonick
    Harvey Mason
    Steven Schaeffer
    Kenneth Watson
    Jerry D. Williams

    Michael Boddicker
    Steven N. Kaplan
    Richard Marvin
    Ian Underwood

    Mark McKenzie
    Greig McRitchie

    Robert Bornstein
    Julia Eidsvoog
    Jeffrey Jones
    Victor Sagerquist
    Margaret Maryatt

    Emmett Estren