Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 225
Date: 1949/1950
Time: 1:12:38
Tracks: 35
Two superb Hugo Friedhofer scores!

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  • World premiere release of two Hugo Friedhofer scores to Paramount films directed by Mitchell Leisen. First is 1949 costume adventure about 15th-Century Borgia family, starring Paulette Goddard. Friedhofer took opportunity to write serious Renaissance-style score using several established "closed forms" including the passacaglia plus offering regal fanfares, courtly music, battle sequences, more. Score is rousing, profuse with period color. Second score is 1950 WWII espionage thriller with Alan Ladd. Here Friedhofer provides several action cues plus gorgeous love theme used judiciously in score. Famous Oscar-winning Jay Livingston/Ray Evans song "Mona Lisa" was featured in film as instrumental accordion piece warning O.S.S. officers of Nazi activities and this instrumental cue also appears on CD. Score here is dark-edged, dramatic with riffs of violence. Both scores appear in crisp mono sound from original Paramount elements. Hugo Friedhofer composes, Irvin Talbot conducts. Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remains!
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    The Bride Of Vengeance Album
    01. Prelude (1:09)
    02. The Bull Strikes (1:32)
    03. Cesare Or Nothing/The Black Pearl (3:06)
    04. Return From The Hunt (1:04)
    05. Borgia Court Music No. III/The Ring/Ferrara Calls (4:13)
    06. Michelotto's Bait/The Foundry (2:30)
    07. Failure (1:18)
    08. The Nightingale And The Rose (Victor Young & Clemence Dane, arr. Friedhofer) (1:54)
    09. Second Failure (1:05)
    10. The Foundry No. II (1:44)
    11. Wedded Bliss (1:12)
    12. The Gun/Oh, Cesare (1:47)
    13. The Potion (2:13)
    14. Tempered Metal (0:59)
    15. Cesare Marches/Borgia Camp (2:12)
    16. What Devil (2:42)
    17. Fanfare/Open Gates/The Attack/Defeat (5:59)
    18. Happy Ever After/Bride Of Vengeance Cast (1:32)
    Bride Of Vengeance Album Total Time: 36:49

    The Captain Carey, U.S.A. Album
    19. Prelude/Guitar No. 1 (1:54)
    20. A Close Call (2:07)
    21. Carlo/Betrayed/Trapped (5:26)
    22. An Old Memory/A Job Of Murder (1:04)
    23. Reprisals (1:21)
    24. St. Christopher's Medal/Luigi's Murder/Unwelcome Visitor (3:02)
    25. The Local Detective/Sandro's Assist/The Barefoot Man (Inc. Carnival of Venice) (2:48)
    26. Another Murder (1:06)
    27. Search Party/The Chase (2:23)
    28. A Rioting Crowd/The Betrayer Part 2 (2:05)
    29. Too Long/Cast (2:01)
    Captain Carey, U.S.A. Album Total Time: 25:44
    The Captain Carey, U.S.A. Extras
    30 Mona Lisa (Jay Livingston & Ray Evans) (1:31)
    31 Accordion No. 1 (1:05)
    32 Piano #1 (Brahms)/Piano #2 (Schumann) (0:48)
    Captain Carey, U.S.A. Extras Total Time: 3:28

    The Bride Of Vengeance Extras
    33 Borgia Court Music No. II (0:39)
    34 Street Dance (1:26)
    35 Ferrara Court Music No. I (1:59)
    Bride Of Vengeance Extras Total Time: 6:22


    Bride of Vengeance Recorded on December 24, 27 and 28, 1948, and January 3, 5 and 26, 1949, at Paramount Pictures Scoring Stage, Hollywood, California

    Captain Carey, U.S.A. Recorded on March 16, July 5 and 6, and August 8, 1949, Paramount Pictures Scoring Stage, Hollywood, California

    This soundtrack was produced in cooperation with the
    American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada

    Irvin Talbot

    Philip Kahgan

    Toscha Seidel
    Harold Ayres
    James Getzoff
    Sidney Greene
    Arnold Jurasky
    Isadore Karon
    Caesar Kersten
    Alexander Koltun
    Robert Konrad
    William Kurasch
    Leonard Malarsky
    Peter Meremblum
    Ralph Schaeffer
    Maurice Warner

    Leon Fleitman
    Gareth Nuttycombe
    Joe Reilich
    Jacques Ray
    Harry Rumpler

    Harold Schneier
    Irving Lipschultz
    Jeanne Bayless
    David Filerman
    Emmet Sargeant

    Aaron Guterson
    Ray Siegel
    P. G. Smearer

    Harold Lewis
    Don Renfrew

    Charles Strickfaden
    Joe Fishman
    Merrill Remington
    Robert Frost
    William Lym
    Gordon Schoneberg

    Joseph Krechter
    Mahlon Clark
    Richard Clark

    Jules Seder
    Gloria Solloway
    Charles Graver
    Milton Marcus

    Richard Perissi
    Charles Peel
    Lars Stal

    Frank Zinzer
    Ralph Dadisman
    Louis Mitchell

    Harold Diner
    Andreas Mitchell
    Lorin Aaron

    Bernie Mattinson
    Lee Perrin
    Albert Rich
    Ralph P. Smith

    Paula Chaloupka

    Harry Sukman

    Jose Barroso

    Vincent Carus