Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 222
Date: 1978-1979
Time: 1:57:18
Tracks: 80
Fourth and final volume of Stu Phillips classic!

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  • Fourth and final volume of classic Stu Phillips music for 1978-1979 cult TV sci-fi epic from Universal, featuring Lorne Greene, Richard Hatch, Dirk Benedict. This exciting 2-CD set presents scores for two of series most ambitious two-part episodes, "The Living Legend", "War Of The Gods". Former episode score offers military theme for Commander Cain (Lloyd Bridges), haunting line for Cassiopeia (Laurette Spang) plus plethora of space battle action material. Latter episode brings powerful contrast between good and evil with Count Iblis (Patrick MacNee) getting dramatic "devil" motif battling against "angelic" music for mysterious light ships, with gentle harmonies featuring women's chorus getting spotlight. As with all Universal episodes of the era, masters were stored in variety of mono, split mono and stereo (main themes, end titles) formats. Mike Matessino has carefully combined all formats into best listening experience possible. John Takis again presents detailed notes about episodes, Joe Sikoryak wraps package up with beautiful graphic design work. Stu Phillips conducts.
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    DISC 1
    The Living Legend - Part 1
    01. Main Title (1:07)
    02. Episode Titles (0:48)
    03. Cease Fire (1:20)
    04. Not Dead Alert Commander Cain (0:29)
    05. Commander Cain/Holograph/How To Fight (1:41)
    06. Visual Echo/Fabric Of Miracles (1:29)
    07. Cassie & Cain (1:33)
    08. No Friendship/Get To It (0:58)
    09. Good Luck, Son (0:52)
    10. Launch/Squadron Rendezvous (0:54)
    11. Tanker Mission (3:12)
    12. What Happened?/Cain Relieved (3:08)
    13. Lucifer Reports (1:41)
    14. Baltar's Ugly Smile/Shuttle To Pegasus (0:38)
    15. Under Attack (3:22)
    16. Another Battlestar (1:13)

    The Living Legend - Part 2
    17. Adama Worried/No Choice/Side Bet (0:57)
    18. Air Drop (2:03)
    19. Charges Set (1:35)
    20. Change Of Orders/How To Win a Battle/About That Lady (2:24)
    21. Sheba Shot (1:17)
    22. Sheba Wounded/Blessings (1:19)
    23. A Special Man (1:14)
    24. Sick Room/Family (1:07)
    Total Score Time: 34:24

    Extra: Recordings for Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack
    25. Cease Fire (1:33)
    26. Not Dead (0:31)
    27. Commander Cain/Holograph/How To Fight (1:39)
    28. Visual Echo/Fabric of Miracles (1:24)
    29. Cassie & Cain (1:05)
    30. No Friendship (1:04)
    31. Good Luck, Son (1:01)
    32. Tanker Mission [Part 3] (1:02)
    33. What Happened?/Cain Relieved (Alternate) (3:09)
    34. Shuttle To Pegasus (0:36)
    35. Under Attack [Part 1] (1:20)
    36. How to Win a Battle (0:39)
    Total Score Time: 15:00

    Additional Music
    37. Into The Swamp (2:53)
    38. The Attack Rhyme (1:43)
    39. Preview (0:21)
    40. End Titles (stereo) (0:34)
    Total Disc 1 Time: 56:55

    DISC 2
    War of the Gods - Part 1
    01. Main Title (stereo) (1:07)
    02. Episode Titles (stereo) (0:48)
    03. Mysterious Lights (1:39)
    04. Plans (0:41)
    05. Very Soon (1:24)
    06. Strange Planet (1:27)
    07. Iblis-The Stranger/A Little Suspicious (2:08)
    08. Looking For Iblis/Iblis-The Spell/Transmission OK (1:00)
    09. Find Adama/Pardon Me/They Are Everywhere/Where Are You From? (2:04)
    10. Another Narrative (0:47)
    11. Garden Of Sin/Inside You/Launch Again (2:46)
    12. Intercept Launch (1:03)
    13. Death Is The Beginning (2:05)
    14. Mind Over Mind/Under Protection (0:46)
    15. Marching Feet/Plodding Freight Ship/See For Yourself (0:56)
    16. Fruit A-Plenty/The Count's Proposal (1:55)
    17. Our Enemy Has Been Delivered (0:49)

    War of the Gods - Part 2
    18. The Sentence/A Familiar Voice (1:42)
    19. Baltar Sits (1:32)
    20. Son (0:50)
    21. To Win/Apollo Loses Control (1:45)
    22. Heaven Gets Closer/Out Of Reach (0:43)
    23. Diabolical/Adama And The Bird (0:42)
    24. Learning (1:40)
    25. What's Up, Count?/A Price To Pay (1:59)
    26. You Won't Find Him/Greusome Sight (1:11)
    27. Devil, You Say (2:55)
    28. On The Way Home (0:21)
    29. Gotta Get To Heaven (6:46)
    30. It Was Beautiful (1:22)
    Total Episode Time: 46:48

    31. End Titles (stereo) (0:33)

    The Extras: Source Music and Sound Effects
    32. Rising Star Celebration (3:18)
    33. Light Ships (1:21)
    34. Light Ship Effects And Fly-Bys (1:11)
    35. Ship Of Lights Approaches (0:25)

    The Extras: Recordings for Galactica: 1980
    36. A New Narrative (0:52)
    37. Blue Squadron Returns (1:51)
    38. Cylon Base Ship Rises Again (1:43)
    39. Our Enemy Has Been Re-Delivered (1:09)
    40. End Titles (Galactica: 1980) (1:06)
    Total Extras Time: 12:56
    Total Disc 2 Time: 60:23

  • The Legend, The Mission…and Tech Talk…

    Putting together Stu Phillips’ music for "The Living Legend," heard on disc 1 of this final volume of scores from Battlestar Galactica, was a lot like trying to get Commanders Adama and Cain to agree on military strategy.

    Phillips wrote a complete score for Part 1 of the story, but as with all prior episodes of the series (except the premiere movie), the elements retained by Universal are in the monaural format. Part 2, however, marks the point at which the music appears to have been vaulted in a "split mono" configuration that grouped sections of the orchestra onto separate tracks to facilitate minor balancing adjustments during the mixing process. Rather than unnecessarily compromising quality for this release, Part 2’s agreeable stereo image is retained while the monaural Part 1 has been sonically adjusted to match as well as possible.

    This was only one dilemma faced in presenting the score. Part 2 also differs in that much of the music in the show was "tracked" (re-used and recut) from Part 1 as well as earlier episodes, including the space battle scenes and the Pegasus’ bold attack on two Cylon basestars. While this results in the lack of a grand climax, the shortfall is partially compensated for by recordings made in spring 1979 for a project called Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack.

    The expense of producing Battlestar Galactica was well-publicized, and when it failed to remain at the top of the Nielsen ratings (despite a loyal following) efforts were made to keep interest alive as well as to recoup cost. In May 1979, less than three weeks after the airing of the final episode, "The Hand of God," the feature version of the pilot film, previously shown in Canada, was released on U.S. theater screens (notably the last of Universal’s four productions featuring the "Sensurround" sound process). In what was, by today’s standards, a light summer movie season, Galactica created a fair amount of buzz ... apparently not enough for the show’s cancellation to be rescinded, but sufficient for Universal to allow creator/producer Glen Larson to prepare a second feature that was released theatrically in the Southwest and later seen via cable networks and home video.

    Mission Galactica combined the two-part "Living Legend" with the very next one-hour episode, "Fire in Space." The latter was truncated in order to maintain continuity (Sheba’s injury in Part 2 of "The Living Legend" was deleted so that she could remain in her viper spacecraft). Portions of "The Living Legend" were also deleted, among them all references to Cassiopeia’s relationship with Starbuck. Interestingly, the scene where Cain shows her likeness to Apollo and Starbuck was restored to its original position, whereas the television episode moved it later so that viewers would not lose track of the story point (note that the cue "Holograph" appears in its intended position in the assembly).

    While no wholly deleted scenes were added (as they were for a separate 2-hour telefilm version of "The Living Legend"), editorially created effects embellishments were incorporated, including Cain’s journey to the Galactica (tracked with "War of the Gods" music), the introduction of Baltar’s ship, the Cylon Imperious Leader’s approach to Gamoray in a continuity-breaking fourth basestar, and a retread of the nova minefield footage from the pilot film. Sharp-eyed fans will notice inserts purloined from several other episodes as well as a few newly produced shots.

    As part of the complex editorial process to put Mission Galactica together, a decision was made to re-record music for it. As most of it consists of cues from Part 1 of "The Living Legend," presenting it on disc 1 after the complete original score offers the opportunity to hear a slightly different approach to the compositions—this time derived from split-mono-to-stereo elements. Stu Phillips conducted an orchestra of 40 in a single morning session at the CBS (later Todd-AO) scoring stage on May 16, 1979.

    Delving into the Mission Galactica material resulted in more questions than answers. As with the original "Living Legend" score, some selections from Mission Galactica have their origin in earlier episodes, but careful comparison to the film reveals that much of the re-recording was not used at all. In some cases, the original show audio was retained ("Holograph"), in other instances music was dropped entirely ("No Friendship," "Good Luck, Son"), while for most of the major action scenes the "Saga of a Star World" score was revisited ... including the otherwise unused "End of the Atlantia" music.

    The re-recording was also not utilized with any correlation to original intent. For example, a "Tanker Mission" cue originally composed for "The Magnificent Warriors" is heard in Mission Galactica in an early (editorially created) scene where Apollo and Starbuck first board the Pegasus, but later, during the tanker mission itself, "Cylon Freighter" from Phillips’ pilot score was re-used. In assembling the material for release, we elected to follow the original order of cues from "The Living Legend."

    Another puzzling find among the Mission Galactica material is two re-recorded cues from "The Young Lords," which, despite having the same production number as Mission Galactica, do not seem to have been intended for it. One possibility is that these were recorded for use in the 2-hour recut telefilm Murder in Space, which combined "The Young Lords" and "Murder on the Rising Star." Details about that film, along with other 2-hour telefilm edits that were implemented after the show’s cancellation, remain obscure.

    In any case, those cues from "The Young Lords" are presented after the rerecorded "Living Legend" music on disc 1. These are followed by a short cue called "Preview" that memorializes the only time Phillips was asked to score a teaser for the next episode. Compositionally, this cue is from "Lost Planet of the Gods," and fortuitously it’s a piece that was missing from that episode’s material as presented on Volume 2. This concludes disc 1 on an appropriate cliffhanger that marks the end of a complex effort to make two battlestars work together.

    The Galactica’s encounter with the universal forces of light and darkness was more straightforward: "War of the Gods" follows on disc 2, complete and entirely derived from split-mono elements of superb quality. Musically created sounds for the angelic "light ships" follow the score. This presentation (and Intrada’s comprehensive four volume collection of Galactica music) concludes with cues from "Lost Planet of the Gods," "The Hand of God" and "War of the Gods" that were re-recorded for the series follow-up Galactica 1980 (taken from a monaural element). That show’s end credit music wraps up the proceedings with a fitting reprise of Stu Phillips’ indelible main theme. Mission accomplished!

    —Mike Matessino

  • Composed and Conducted by Stu Phillips.

    Recorded on November 21 and 28, 1978, and January 9, 15 and 16, 1979, at Twentieth Century Fox Studios, Scoring Stage 1, Los Angeles, California.

    This soundtrack was produced in cooperation with the
    American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada.

    Stu Phillips

    Sandy DeCrescent

    Erno Neufeld
    Paulo Alencar
    Denise Ayres
    Arnold Belnick
    Steve Boone
    Alfred Breuning
    Thomas Buffum
    Herman Clebanoff
    Assa Drori
    David Frisina
    Rick Gerding
    Joe Goodman
    Davida Jackson
    Karen Jones
    Dick Kaufman
    Bernard Kundell
    Connie Kupka
    Norma Leonard (Auzin)
    Marvin Limonick
    David Montagu
    Alexander Murray
    Marvin Palatt
    Stanley Plummer
    Nate Ross
    John Sambuco
    Sheldon Sanov
    Josef Schoenbrun
    Arkady Shindelman
    Haim Shtrum
    Joe Stepansky
    Lya Stern
    Kenneth Yerke
    Tibor Zelig
    Jacob Krachmalnick
    George Kast

    Raphael Kramer
    Ron Leonard
    David Speltz
    Paul Bergstrom
    Marie Fera
    Selene Hurford-Depuy
    Ann Karam (Goodman)
    Dennis Karmazyn
    Ray Kelley
    Nils Oliver
    Bob Adcock

    Chuck Domanico
    Milton Kestenbaum
    John Hornschuch
    Peter Mercurio

    Phil Ayling
    Norman Benno
    Louise DiTullio
    Earle Dumler
    John Ellis
    Dominick Fera
    Gary Gray
    Norman Herzberg
    James Kanter
    Ronald Langinger
    Jack Marsh
    Hugo Raimondi
    Ethmer Roten
    Joe Soldo
    Bob Tricarico
    Allan Vogel
    Ralph Williams
    John Lowe
    Gene Cipriano

    Vincent DeRosa
    George Price
    Henry Sigismonti
    William Alsup
    David A. Duke
    Bob Henderson
    Russel Kidd
    Bill Lane
    Art Maebe
    Todd Miller
    Tony Miranda
    Bruan O'Connor
    Tony Plog

    Malcolm McNab
    Uan Rasey
    Graham Young

    Dick Noel
    Lloyd Ulyate
    Miles Anderson
    Gil Falco
    George Roberts

    Roger Bobo
    John T. Johnson

    Clare Fisher
    Ralph Grierson
    Bill Mays
    Ian Underwood
    Mike Lang
    Pete Robinson

    Catherine Gotthoffer
    Dorothy Remsen
    Ann Stockton

    Dale Anderson
    Kenneth Watson
    Mike Englander
    Joe Porcaro
    Tom Raney
    Eric Remsen
    Jerry Williams

    Stu Phillips
    Nathan Scott