Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 221
Date: 1998
Time: 1:15:51
Tracks: 9
Dynamic Chris Young thriller score on CD! SOLD OUT!

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  • World premiere of dynamic Christopher Young score from Jonathan Darby thriller, released by TriStar Pictures, with Jessica Lange, Gwyneth Paltrow, Hal Holbrook. Young creates fascinating soundscape for orchestra & chorus by anchoring with very accessible themes, both in major, minor. Gentle lullaby opening sets tone, warm ideas follow. Then, when music reaches certain point, Young introduces scares, action, excitement. Unusual for soundtrack albums, composer has presented his music in carefully assembled fashion, building lengthy cues with incredible cohesion, musical architecture. Terrific listening experience is result! Cue titles remind listener of lullaby origins. After full hour long score plays, Young offers 15-minute "concert suite" that presents material in different light, plays as powerful suite comprising all major themes, ideas rolled into one. Intrada Special Collection release mastered from digital session elements, courtesy Sony Pictures and produced by the composer. Pete Anthony, David Reynolds conduct. Available while quantities and interest remains!
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    The Album
    01. Hush (18:32)
    02. Little Baby (4:41)
    03. Don't (7:56)
    04. You (3:43)
    05. Cry (5:39)
    06. Mama's Gonna (10:36)
    07. Buy You (4:44)
    08. A (4:37)

    Total Album Time: 60:41

    The Extra
    09. Hush: Concert Suite (15:01)


    Recorded on November 10-14, 1997, at Sony Scoring Stage, Culver City, California.

    This soundtrack was produced in cooperation with the
    American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada

    Peter B. Anthony
    David Reynolds
    Christopher Young

    Sandy DeCrescent
    David Low

    Bruce Dukov
    Sid Page
    Eun-Mee Ahn
    Patricia N. Aiken
    Jennifer Bellusci
    Robert Berg
    Charlie Bisharat
    Robert Brosseau
    Belinda Broughton
    Rebecca Bunnell
    Nicole Bush
    Darius Campo
    Russ Cantor
    Lily Ho Chen
    Mario De Leon
    Joel Derouin
    Charles Everett
    Michael Ferrill
    Liliana Filipovic
    Juliann M. French
    Pamela Gates (Henderson)
    Galina Golovin
    Larry Greenfield
    Julian Hallmark
    Marilyn Harding
    Gwenn Heller
    Amy Hershberger
    Tiffany Yi Hu
    Lisa M. Johnson (Sutton)
    Peter Kent
    Ovsep Ketendjian
    Gary Kuo
    Connie Kupka
    Natalie Leggett
    Michael B. Markman
    Jayme Miller
    Dennis Molchan
    Frances C. Moore
    Greg D. Moore
    Cynthia L. Moussas
    Jennifer Munday (Woodward)
    Irma Neumann
    Carolyn Osborn
    Katia Popov
    Susan Rishik (Parmeter)
    Guillermo Romero
    Jay A. Rosen
    Nancy K. Roth
    Marc Sazer
    Kwihee Shamban (Kahng)
    Eve Sprecher (Butler)
    Mari Tsumura - Botnick
    Jennifer Walton
    Zheng Wang
    John Wittenberg
    Margaret Wooten
    Kenneth Yerke

    Paul Fried
    Sheridon Stokes
    James Walker
    Geraldine Rotella
    David Shostac

    Dan Neufeld
    Robert L. Becker
    Valerie D. Dimond
    Suzanna Giordano
    Agnes Gottschewski
    Keith Greene
    Alan Grunfeld
    Jennie Hansen
    Scott Haupert
    Carole Kleister-Castillo
    Laura Kuennen-Poper
    Karen Long-Goulding
    Darrin McCann
    Victoria Miskolczy
    Simon Oswell
    Andrew Picken
    Kazi Pitelka
    Barbra Porter
    Michael Ramos
    Robin Ross
    John Scanlon
    Daniel Seidenberg
    David Stenske
    Ron Strauss
    Linn Subotnick
    Raymond Tischer

    Antony J. Cooke
    Stephen Erdody
    Gianna Abondolo
    Robert Adcock
    Vahe Ayrikyan
    Delores Bing
    Jodi Burnett
    Paul A. Cohen
    Andrew Cook
    Larry Corbett
    Barbara George
    Nadine Hall
    Rowena Hammill
    Judith Johnson (Henderson)
    Roger Lebow
    Earl Madison
    Steve Richards
    Daniel Smith
    Christina Soule
    Kevan M. Torfeh

    Nico C. Abondolo
    David H. Young
    Timothy Barr
    Peter Doubrovsky
    Steven Edelman
    Donald V. Ferrone
    Neil Garber
    Oscar Hidalgo
    Christian Kollgaard
    David Parmeter
    Nicolas Philippon
    Karl Vincent-Wickliff
    Paul Zibits

    Phillip Ayling
    Jon C. Clarke

    Gary S. Bovyer
    James Kanter
    Ronald Jannelli
    Martin Krystall
    Michael Vaccaro

    Charles Coker
    Patricia Kindel-Heimerl
    Kenneth Munday
    John Steinmetz
    Michael R. O'Donovan
    Allen M. Savedoff

    Brian D. A. O'Connor
    Mark L. Adams
    Daniel P. Kelley
    Todd Miller
    Yvonne Suzette Moriarty
    Kurt G. Snyder
    Phillip Edward Yao

    Alan Estes
    John Fitzgerald
    Gregory Goodall
    Marvin B. Gordy III
    David Johnson
    Thomas Raney
    Mark Zimoski

    Jo Ann Turovsky
    Marcia Dickstein
    Eleanor Choate

    Ralph Grierson
    Jon Kull
    Michael A. Lang

    Pete Anthony
    Anna Bonn
    Tom J. Calderaro
    James W. Honeyman
    Jon A. Kull
    David Reynolds

    JoAnn Kane
    Philip W. Azelton
    Russell Bartmus
    Vincent Bartold
    Joanna Beck
    Thomas G. Brown
    Tom J. Calderaro
    Robert Calderwood
    Lars Clutterham
    Doug Dana
    John Eidsvoog
    Julia Eidsvoog
    William Francis III
    Danail G. Getz
    Daniel Gold
    Ron Gorow
    Ellen Gray
    Jim Hoffman
    James W. Honeyman
    Charles A. Hoover
    David Izzard
    Andrew J. Kinney
    Jon Marquart
    Margaret Maryatt
    Roberta McIntosh
    Deborah S. Mitchell
    William E. Motzing
    Don Nemitz
    Barrett F. O'Hara
    Larry B. Rench
    Katherine E. Salvidge
    Howard Segurson
    Alan L. Silva
    Karen Marie Smith
    Steven Lee Smith
    William E. Svarda