Label: Screamworks Records SWR12003
Date: 2012
Tracks: 14
CD from Sweden From Screamworks Records: "UK zombie comedy Cockneys vs Zombies features a 'satisfying mix of gore and gorblimey charm'ù (The Telegraph) and caused one critic 'lurching forwards and rocking with laughter'ù (The Evening Standard) 'and one of the key elements in making the wonderful mix of gore and giggles work is Jody Jenkins' amazing score. A stylistic mix of wild music for orchestra and choir ('The Latvian Zombie Chorus'ù!), electric guitars, Zimmer-esque heroism, blues and classic zombie soundtracks (Goblin and Fabio Frizzi), the Cockneys vs Zombies has a wonderful tongue-in-cheek seriousness that makes the album listening experience a hilarious experience."

Price: $17.99

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  • 1. Heroes (4:17)
    2. Main Theme (1:49)
    3. Aaah'_A Baby Zombie (5:00)
    4. Bank Heist (3:50)
    5. Zombies Take London (5:54)
    6. Introducing the Gang (3:52)
    7. The Zombie Infestation (3:20)
    8. The Empty Streets of London (3:25)
    9. Mental Mickey (3:28)
    10. Zimmerframe Chase (3:50)
    11. The Rescue Mission (2:35)
    12. Death of a Hero (2:04)
    13. Finale (3:30)
    14. Main Theme (extended version) (3:28)