Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 209
Date: 1980
Time: 0:49:41
Tracks: 13
World premiere release of magnificent Michel Legrand score for tough 1980 western pitting Charlton Heston, Brian Keith against worthy Native American adversaries. SOLD OUT!

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  • World premiere release of magnificent Michel Legrand score for tough 1980 western pitting Charlton Heston, Brian Keith against worthy Native American adversaries. Legrand anchors with gorgeous, wide-open main theme, painted in broad strokes with bright major key harmony in abundance. Nice trumpet fanfares judiciously sprinkled within theme is exciting, regal touch. But action is keynote! Composer writes what is most surely his busiest score, replete with incredibly challenging high brass figures, moto-perpetuo rhythms that seldom quit, orchestral fury to burn! Presentation of this most exciting Legrand work became possible only when Sony located mint condition stereo masters amongst various film elements stored within Chace Audio facilities. Great find! Fans of composer will enjoy both his soaring theme melody plus his dynamic action. And - with nod to important piece of film scoring artform now gone - Legrand finishes what he starts, brings entire score to close with powerful coda! No just walking off podium before work is done, no cut-and-paste editorial assembly and happily no unrelated songs... just a magificent orchestral finale actually composed as majestic wrap-up to score. Wow! Michel Legrand conducts. Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remains!
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    The Album
    01. Main Title (2:43)
    02. Missing Rendezvous (1:40)
    03. Cross Otter (6:04)
    04. Heavy Eagle (2:06)
    05. The Spear 1:33)
    06. Scalped! (4:26)
    07. Black Feet Pursue Tyler (2:54)
    08. Swift Runner (5:00)
    09. Winter Massacre (5:23)

    10. The End Of La Bont (6:59)
    11. Tyler vs. Heavy Eagle & End Credits (7:47)
    Total Score Time: 45:43

    The Extras
    12. Ruckus Time - Source #1 (Alt.) (1:49)
    13. Ruckus Time - Source #2 (1:59)
    Total Extras Time: 3:49

  • Tech Talk From The Producer…

    The score Michel Legrand created for The Mountain Men is arguably the most exciting of a justifiably famous, long and varied career. What makes the action cues particularly stand out are virtuoso passages for upper brass featuring lightning fast triplet figures in high registers, propelling the musicians forward at breakneck speed. Several cues are lengthier than usual and some were recorded in untypically long, single takes.

    One of the composer’s finest melodies anchors the score. Warm, sometimes tender and at other times soaring, this theme provides both a stirring overture and an epilog for the widescreen vistas on camera. It also serves as a gentle love theme for fur-trapper Bill Tyler and Black Feet tribal maiden Running Moon, a relationship that becomes a catalyst for much of the story’s conflict. Special mention should be made of the theme’s final appearance: wrapping up his score, Legrand builds a magnificent statement of the melody that literally soars in high-register trumpets. The music slows down in grand fashion and finally the entire orchestra comes to a dazzling fortissimo coda with pounding tympani— all in a manner sadly underused in the world of films and film scoring today.

    To make this rousing work available for the first time on CD, Sony Pictures courteously gave us access to the original multi-channel scoring session masters superbly transferred into 96 bit/24 kHz high resolution data files. These were newly re-mixed into two-channel stereo, then edited and mastered into album format here at Intrada.

    Virtually the entire 50-minute score survives in crisp, dynamic audio with the exception of a pair of brief transitional cues heard late in the film which were not present on the masters. These may have been recorded at a separate pick-up session on a single roll of tape no longer available. However, both of these short cues repeat thematic material already present elsewhere in the score so their absence has minimal effect on this restoration of Michel Legrand’s epic and powerful score. Lastly, two of the cues heard in the lengthy wagon train hoedown sequence from reels 4 and 5 of the film were actually recorded during Legrand’s scoring sessions and are presented here in crisp stereo as extras following the album.

    So now join these mountain men in their fights across America’s then-untamed Northern states with Michel Legrand as your guide. Excitement is guaranteed all the way.

    —Douglass Fake

  • Composed and Conducted by Michel Legrand.
    Recorded on November 5-9, 1979, at Columbia Pictures Studios.

    This soundtrack was produced in cooperation with the
    American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada.

    Marion L. Klein

    Israel Baker
    Dixie Blackstone
    Joseph Brooks (Schoenbrun)
    Bobby Bruce
    Harold Dicterow
    Endre Granat
    Davida Lou Johnson
    Anatol Kaminsky
    Ezra Kliger
    Norma Leonard
    Joseph Livoti
    Alfred Lustgarten
    David L. Newman
    Christopher Reutinger
    Nathan Ross
    Seymour Rubinstein
    Ambrose Russo
    Daniel Shindaryov
    Haim Shtrum
    Marshall Sosson
    Marcia Van Dyke
    Dorothy Wade
    Margaret Wooten

    Allan Harshman
    Myer Bello
    Denyse Buffum
    Allan DeVeritch
    Myra Kestenbaum
    Janet Lakatos
    Virginia Majewski
    Carole Mukogawa

    Ray Kramer
    Robert Adcock
    Delores M. Bing
    Douglas L. Davis
    Barbara Hunter (Badgley)
    Selene Hurford

    Charles Domanico
    Milton Kestenbaum
    Peter A. Mercurio
    Meyer "Mike" Rubin
    Ray Siegel

    Catherine Gotthoffer
    Dorothy Remsen

    Vincent De Rosa
    Richard Gus Klein
    Arthur N. Maebe
    Brian O'Connor
    Richard E. Perissi
    Gale H. Robinson
    Henry Sigismonti

    Malcolm McNab
    William Bing
    Boyde Hood
    Uan Rasey

    Loren J. Marsteller
    Richard T. Nash
    George Roberts
    Lloyd Ulyate

    John T. Johnson

    Louise DiTullio (Dissman)
    Arthur Hoberman
    Geraldine Rotella
    John Heitman
    John Ellis
    William Criss
    Dominick Fera
    John Neufeld
    Norman Herzberg
    Jack Marsh

    Shelly Manne

    Emil Radocchia
    Larry Bunker
    Peter Limonick
    Kenneth Watson
    Victor Feldman

    Ralph Grierson

    Alton Hendrickson
    Dennis Budimir

    Larry McNeely

    Johnny Largo

    Frank Marocco

    Jerry Adler