Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 200
Date: 1962
Time: 1:01:36
Tracks: 32
Volume 200 is milestone world premiere release of actual Henry Mancini soundtrack!

Price: $19.99

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  • Special Collection Volume 200 is neat milestone! World premiere release of actual Henry Mancini soundtrack to terrific Howard Hawks adventure film set in Africa, starring John Wayne, Elsa Martinelli, Red Buttons. Wayne and company capture rare animals for various world zoos. Some species are easier to catch than others. Elephants inspire Mancini to create legendary tune "Baby Elephant Walk", available for first time ever in its original soundtrack guise. Famous swaggering tune for high register Eb clarinet also figures during climactic "Search For Dallas". Leopard, buffalo, monkey, giraffe, ostrich all get their say but incredibly dangerous rhino sequences are what bring out Mancini's equally legendary main theme, often heard on choir of French horns in unison. In 1962, Mancini re-recorded just 30 minutes of highlights for admittedly sensational RCA album. In companionship with that album, now enjoy Mancini's complete original recordings, presented mostly in stereo from Paramount Pictures scoring session elements. A few sections required use of mono stems to allow restoration of complete soundtrack. This new hour long release carries landmark significance: every Mancini album during this most famous period of his career (Breakfast At Tiffany's, Hatari, Charade, Experiment In Terror, The Pink Panther) was heavily truncated and completely re-arranged with emphasis on dance mood. Along with new release of Charade, this marks exciting debut of an actual Mancini soundtrack from the era! Danger, romance, thrills, comedy, all getting rich Mancini melody! Unforgettable original campaign artwork is icing on the cake. Henry Mancini conducts. Available while quantities and interest remain.
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    01. The Sounds Of Hatari (4:17)
    02. Main Title (2:35)
    03. Safari Bar Piano Blues (1:24)
    04. Giraffe Country (1:34)
    05. Just For Tonight (Instrumental) (2:10)
    06. Paraphrase I (1:40)
    07. Night Side (2:35)
    08. Dallas Has A Plan (1:31)
    09. Trip To Masai Wells (1:06)
    10. Indian Comes Home (0:58)
    11. Just For Tonight (Solo Piano) (2:24)
    12. Swift Animal Chase (0:49)
    13. Dead Elephant (0:37)
    14. Night Side (Record Player) (2:19)
    15. Leopard And Buffalo (1:51)
    16. The Crocodile (1:08)

    17. Your Father's Feathers (1:50)
    18. Baby Elephant Walk (Short) (1:57)
    19. Crocodile, Go Home! (1:10)
    20. Big Band Bwana (1:46)
    21. Paraphrase II (1:26)
    22. Wildebeest Hunt (2:36)
    23. Brandy Sniffer (2:09)
    24. Ice Bucket Blues (1:42)
    25. Monkey Suits (2:04)
    26. Baby Elephant Walk (Long) (3:14)
    27. Elephant Scare (0:49)
    28. More Rhino (0:53)
    29. Burnt Fingers (2:59)
    30. Search For Dallas (4:23)
    31. Just For Tonight (Chorus) (2:10)
    32. Finale (0:19)

  • Tech Talk From The Producer…

    Along with Breakfast At Tiffany’s, The Pink Panther and Charade, Hatari! is generally regarded as one of Henry Mancini’s all-time most popular film score recordings. In fact, Hatari! ushered in the legendary “Baby Elephant Walk,” a swaggering tune for clarinet with orchestra written for the movie that instantly became a wildly popular hit on its own.

    In addition to their lofty commercial success, another thing the aforementioned albums had in common was in how they represented their respective scores. In each case, Mancini re-recorded roughly a half hour of music, adapting the major themes and easy listening-style music into albums accessible to wide audiences. The actual film soundtracks, including the more dramatic underscoring, were never made available.

    With this premiere release of the film soundtrack to Hatari!, Intrada presents to new audiences the complete score as Mancini actually recorded it for the film, including the original version of “Baby Elephant Walk,” heard both in its familiar setting for the parade of elephants scene and in dramatic variations for the final chase sequence. Hatari! was recorded on three-track 35mm magnetic film in 1962, the majority of which were transferred by Paramount onto 2’’ archival tape in the 1990s. To present the complete score, restoration engineer Chris Malone has added otherwise unavailable cues from a monaural DAT (originally ¼’’ tape) and the film’s music stem (from a dialogue-music-effects or “D/M/E” master). In a few instances, briefly damaged passages or channels required Malone to blend the stereo and monaural sources within cues. His work has yielded a seamless mix of the affected areas with their unaffected counterparts and resulted in a dynamic musical experience that we are proud to bring to you.

    As posters for the movie announced back in 1962, “Hatari means DANGER! Hatari means EXCITEMENT!” So join John Wayne and his crew in their dangerous pursuit of rhinos, giraffes, elephants and monkeys, all under the protection of Henry Mancini and his orchestra. He will dazzle, tickle and excite you with his legendary tunes!

    —Douglass Fake

  • Composed and Conducted by Henry Mancini.

    Recorded on August 31, October 20, 24, 25, November 2, and December 4, 1961.

    This soundtrack was produced in cooperation with the
    American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada.

    Henry Mancini

    Israel Baker
    Benny Gill
    Harold Ayres
    Arnold Belnick
    Samuel Cytron
    James Getzoff
    Nathan Kaproff
    Caesar Kersten
    Alex Koltun
    Robert Konrad
    William Kurasch
    Leonard Malarsky
    William Miller
    Erno Neufeld
    Ralph Schaeffer
    Sidney Sharp

    Stanley Harris
    Albert Falkove
    Leon Fleitman
    Alan Harshman
    Robert Ostrowsky
    Spinoza Paeff

    Raphael Kramer
    Justin DiTullio
    Jesse Ehrlich
    David Filerman
    Armand Kaproff
    Emmet Sargeant

    Ronald Langinger
    Gene Cipriano
    Justin Gordon
    Harry Klee
    Ted Nash
    Wilbur Schwartz

    Mahlon Clark

    Vincent DeRosa
    Willard Culley Jr.
    John Graas
    Sinclair Lott
    Arthur Maebe
    Gale Robinson

    Conrad Gozzo
    Pete Candoli
    Phil Candreva
    Donald Fagerquist

    Richard Nash
    Karl De Karske
    Vernon Friley
    John Halliburton
    James Priddy

    Ray Siegel
    George "Red" Callender

    S helly Manne
    Larry Bunker
    Frank Flynn
    Roy Harte
    Milton Holland
    Bernie Mattinson
    Jack Sperling
    Alvin Stoller

    Victor S. Feldman

    Aida Dagort

    James O. Rowles
    Ray Sherman

    Robert Bain
    Laurindo Almeida
    Alton R. Hendrickson

    Roland E. Bundock
    Keith "Red" Mitchell

    Carl Fortina