Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 193
Date: 1974
Time: 0:47:44
Tracks: 20
Spectacular Maurice Jarre score! SOLD OUT!

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  • At last! World premiere release of exciting, melodic large-scale orchestral score by Maurice Jarre for Robert Stevenson action fantasy from Walt Disney Pictures, starring David Hartman, Jacques Marin, Mako. Jarre opens with heroic minor-key fanfare-theme for French horns, trumpets, then moves into soaring melodic territory representing fanciful flying machine in flight. Discovery of ancient Viking civilization, subsequent battles, raging volcano all inspire composer to create one of the most colorful, exciting scores of his prolific, award-laden career. Standing out amidst the excitement is extremely moving, gentle theme for Donald, lost son of businessman that plays at heart of fanciful tale. Haunting theme is one of composer's finest! Intrada CD presents complete score in dynamic stereo, newly mixed from original multi-track session masters vaulted in beautiful condition in Disney vaults. Colorful graphic design from Joe Sikoryak plus liner notes from Jeff Bond complete handsome package. Maurice Jarre conducts.
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    01. Title & Theme (2:38)
    02. We're Under Way (1:46)
    03. The Dirigible (3:12)
    04. Full Speed (0:53)
    05. Traveling (5:19)
    06. Oomiak Is Trapped (2:02)
    07. Follow It (2:14)
    08. The Storm (1:43)
    09. They Start the Trek (1:50)
    10. Donald's House (1:40)

    11. We Know Donald (2:11)
    12. The Viking City (2:26)
    13. The Chase (4:34)
    14. In the Volcano (2:08)
    15. Burning Lava (1:56)
    16. Escape Through the Ice Palace (1:58)
    17. Battle with the Sea Beasts (2:36)
    18. Flyin' Without Engine (2:41)
    19. God's Punishment (1:45)
    20. Happy Ending (1:25)

  • Tech Talk From The Producer…

    The rich and exciting Maurice Jarre music for The Island at the Top of The World remains something of a rare bird in motion picture scoring. Almost every finished sequence that both composer and film maker “spotted” (a process of determining where music will be used) contained the music intended and in the form in which the cues were recorded. Every cue Jarre recorded was used in the film, and in almost all instances, each was dialed into and out of the picture’s soundtrack exactly where intended. The number of film scores where this occurs is quite limited indeed.

    To present this premiere release of the complete score, Intrada was given access to all of the original session masters recorded in 1974 at the Disney Studios. The actual sessions were recorded on 35mm magnetic film, with various parts of the orchestra recorded on numerous film rolls identified as “A” rolls, “B” rolls and so forth. Jarre wrote for a standard-size orchestra but added a considerable number of percussion parts requiring separate “overlay” rolls. These carried numerous details like temple blocks, cymbals, gongs, tam tams and a speciallyprocessed wood and metal “long horn” which provided a “signature” sound heard throughout numerous island sequences, including the very close of the score itself. Final mixing of all of these channels required the synchronization of multiple projectors. After the film music mixes were completed, the engineers then combined the numerous channels of musical information with the sound effects and dialog, creating a single composite mono film soundtrack for theatrical presentations.

    Happily, all of the original scoring session elements were vaulted in perfect condition. Every channel of every reel survived, including all of the percussion overlays. This allowed the Disney engineers to create digital transfers for every element, making it possible for us to present brand new two-channel stereo mixes of every single cue for our CD.

    So join our flight crew, climb aboard our specially designed airship and travel with us to that fabled island where the whales go to die… with Maurice Jarre and his orchestra as your tour guides. Bon voyage!

    —Douglass Fake

  • Composed and Conducted by Maurice Jarre.

    Recorded on May 28, 29, and June 18, 1974, at Walt Disney Studios, Burbank, California.

    This soundtrack was produced in cooperation with the
    American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada.


    Michael Dvorak

    Israel Baker
    Jeanne Aiken
    Robert Barene
    Arnold Belnick
    Harry Bluestone
    Irving Geller
    James Getzoff
    Anatol Kaminsky
    Nathan Kaproff
    Bernard Kundell
    Marvin Limonick
    Alfred Lustgarten
    Leonard Malarsky
    Alex Murray
    Jack L. Pepper
    Nathan Ross
    Marshall Sosson
    Spiro Stamos
    Joseph Stepansky
    Dorothy Wade
    Elizabeth Waldo
    Eunice Wennermark

    Peter A. Mark
    Sven Reher
    Samuel Boghossian
    Cecil Figelski
    Allan Harshman
    Alex Neiman
    Robert Ostrowski
    Michel Perriere
    David Schwartz
    Barbara A. Simons
    Milton Thomas

    Ray Kramer
    Margaret Aue
    Douglas L. Davis
    Justin DiTullio
    Igor Horoshevsky
    Raymond Kelley
    Edgar Lustgarten
    Nino Rosso
    Frederick Seykora

    Arni Egilsson
    Meyer “Mike” Rubin
    Jess Bourgeois
    Abe Luboff
    Peter A. Mercurio
    Robert K. Stone


    Dorothy Remsen

    Michael Lang
    Ralph Grierson
    Lincoln Mayorga

    Louise DiTullio
    David Shostac
    Arnold E. Koblentz
    John C. Ellis
    Gordon Schoneberg
    Dominick Fera
    Hugo Raimondi
    Arthur C. Smith
    Jack Marsh
    Donald Christlieb
    Lloyd Hildebrand


    Vincent De Rosa
    James Decker
    George Hyde
    Sinclair Lott
    Richard E. Perissi

    Anthony Terran
    Philip Candreva
    Uan Rasey
    James Salko


    Richard T. Nash
    Lloyd Ulyate
    Donald Waldrop

    Einar Anderson

    Dale L. Anderson
    (Mallets, Vibes, Angklung,
    Japanese Tree Bells)
    Larry Bunker
    (Drums, Mallets, Tympani,
    Angklung, Wood Blocks,
    Steel Drum)
    Irving Cottler
    (Drums, Mallets)
    Victor Feldman
    (Sistrum, Mello-Drum,
    Marimbula, Vibes)
    Emil Radocchia
    (Drums, Latin, Mallets,
    Tympani, Vibes, Angklung,
    Buddha Bells)
    Chester Ricord
    (Drums, Mallets, Sistrum,
    Cymbal Tree)
    Kenneth Watson
    (Cymbalom, Drums,
    Mallets, Trans-Celeste,
    Tympani, Angklung,