Label: La-La Land Records LLLCD 1189
Date: 1995
Time: 2:31:29
Tracks: 56
Limited edition of 3500 copies. From La-La Land: "Presenting the latest release in our Expanded Archival Collection, renowned composer Elliot Goldenthal's (ALIEN 3, DEMOLITION MAN, HEAT, A TIME TO KILL) original score to the 1995 WARNER BROS. blockbuster film BATMAN FOREVER, starring Val Kilmer, Tommy Lee Jones, Jim Carrey and Nicole Kidman, directed by Joel Schumacher. Goldenthal's robust orchestral score honors The Caped Crusader with a powerful theme that is pitch perfect whether appearing as a stalwart march or brooding character study. The rest of the score follows suit, effectively supporting the film's array of characters and large-scale action with complex, memorable themes and motifs. This remastered release has been radically expanded, more than doubling the running time of the original 1995 score soundtrack release. (The remastered 1995 score album is presented here as well). Produced and supervised by Elliot Goldenthal, produced for La-La Land Records by Neil S. Bulk and Dan Goldwasser, and mastered by James Nelson, this 2-CD limited edition release features exclusive, in-depth liner notes from film music writer John Takis and is a must-have for any film-music enthusiast."

Price: $29.99

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    <br>1. Main Title* (1:54)

    <br>2. Batmobile* / Introducing Two-Face* (1:39)

    <br>3. Thug Fight* (0:55)

    <br>4. Obligatory Car Chase* (2:40)

    <br>5. Nygma's Cubicle* / Bat-Signal* (3:22)

    <br>6. Capsule* (1:07)

    <br>7. Rooftop Seduction* / Roof Plunge* (2:05)

    <br>8. Nygma After Hours* / Brain Drain* / You Are Terminated* (4:52)

    <br>9. Suicide* / First Riddle* / Second Riddle Delivered* (4:14)

    <br>10. Dream Doll* (2:23)

    <br>11. Big Top Bomb* (4:19)

    <br>12. Circus Opening* / The Flying Graysons* / Death Drop* (3:41)

    <br>13. Flashback* / Signal* / Robin's Lament* (4:00)

    <br>14. Have a Safe Flight* / Through the Eye* (5:57)

    <br>15. Nygma's Apartment* / Two-Face's Lair* / Riddler's Entrance* / Schizoid Stomp* / Brain Drain Expo* / Heist Montage* (6:04)

    <br>16. Laundry Room Stunt* (0:25)

    <br>17. More Heists* / Third Riddle* / Nosy Robin* (1:06)

    <br>18. Building Nygmatech* / Family of Zombies* (1:29)

    <br>19. Master Dick* (0:56)

    <br>20. Memories Repressed* / Love* (2:34)

    <br>21. Alley Rumble / Screen Kiss* (1:38)

    <br>22. Batcave* / Nygmatech Tango* / Public Demo* (4:39)

    <br>23. Nygma & Chase Dance* (1:16)

    <br>24. Two-Face's Entrance* / Batman's Entrance* (2:50)

    <br>25. Gas Trap* / Batman Phoenix* (2:30)

    <br>26. Gratitude Problem* (1:33)

    <br>27. Go to Chase* (2:16)

    <br>28. Batcave Closeout* / Dick Leaves Wayne Manor* (1:24)

    <br><br>DISC 2 - THE SCORE (continued)

    <br>1. Happy Halloween* / The Bat* / Love Scene* / Twick or Tweat* / Seize and Capture* (7:08)

    <br>2. Riddles Solved* / Partners* / Battleship* (6:21)

    <br>3. Scuba Fight* / Claw Island* / Emperor of Madness* (5:10)

    <br>4. Fun and Games* (3:07)

    <br>5. Batterdammerung (1:20)

    <br>6. Two-Face's Demise* (1:47)

    <br>7. Bat Descent* / Arkham Asylum* (1:00)

    <br>8. Wet Screen Kiss* / March On!* (1:22)


    <br>9. Themes from Batman Forever (B-Side Single) (3:39)

    <br>10. More Heists* (alternate) (0:39)


    <br>11. Main Titles & Fanfare (1:52)

    <br>12. Perpetuum Mobile (0:55)

    <br>13. The Perils of Gotham (2:58)

    <br>14. Chase Noir (1:45)

    <br>15. Fledermausmarschmusik (1:14)

    <br>16. Nygma Variations (An Ode to Science) (6:03)

    <br>17. Victory (2:38)

    <br>18. Descent (1:07)

    <br>19. The Pull of Regret (2:49)

    <br>20. Mouth to Mouth Nocturne (2:16)

    <br>21. Gotham City Boogie (2:02)

    <br>22. Under the Top (5:40)

    <br>23. Mr. E's Dance Card (Rhumba, Foxtrot, Waltz & Tango) (3:20)

    <br>24. Two-Face Three Step (2:19)

    <br>25. Chase Blanc (1:23)

    <br>26. Spank Me! Overture (2:46)

    <br>27. Holy Rusted Metal (1:52)

    <br>28. Batterdammerung (1:20)

    <br>* Previously Unreleased