Label: Intrada Signature Edition ISE 1046
Date: 1976
Time: 0:31:22
Tracks: 15
Terse Laurence Rosenthal TV soundtrack! SOLD OUT!

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  • World premiere release of original soundtrack from taut William Graham dramatization of events surrounding 1972 Black September kidnapping of Israeli Olympic atheletes, subsequent rescue efforts by Israeli comando team refusing to negotiate.

    Laurence Rosenthal, who frequently works with Graham on numerous TV films, uses modest but still powerful orchestra to underline tense activities, dramatic scenarios unfolding onscreen. Rosenthal spotlights complex percussion section (rototoms, snares, bongos, vibraphone, scraped tam tam, other sounds), focuses on suspense, action inherent in gripping story. Score is just over half an hour, Intrada presents it complete from only known surviving set of 1/4" session tapes mixed in mono as per the film and preserved by Rosenthal immediately following actual recording sessions.
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    The Album
    01. Munich Main Title (2:29)
    02. First Death (3:16)
    03. Schreiber (2:10)
    04. The Hostages No. 1 (1:19)
    05. The Terrorists (1:30)
    06. Spitzer (3:34)
    07. The Photographs (2:44)
    08. The Tunnel (3:45)

    09. Anneliese Curtain (0:14)
    10. Munich (1:40)
    11. God Be With You (2:07)
    12. Under The Wing (1:36)
    13. Holocaust (1:18)
    14. Munich End Credits (2:27)

    The Extra
    15. Disco Source (0:42)

  • Tech Talk From The Producer-

    Laurence Rosenthal composed just over a half hour of original music for 21 Hours at Munich. Being an extremely efficient conductor during his sessions, Rosenthal was able to get the entire half hour of music, including one additional source cue for small combo, recorded in a single day during two sessions. Our premiere release on CD of the complete score was mastered from the original Íä_' full track (mono) scoring session mixes as recorded for the picture. The only known surviving studio-quality set of these masters was preserved by the composer immediately after the sessions were concluded, and it is that set of elements we have used for this CD. Because these tapes were originally made in 1976 by a TBS Studio engineer for the composer at the slower tape speed of 7 Íä_ ips, there is some hiss evident. As is our customary policy, we have not attempted to artificially filter out the noise or alter the inherent dynamic range of the actual recordings except in a few discreet instances where it was absolutely necessary. 21 Hours at Munich is a fine example of Laurence Rosenthal's ability to write taut, dramatic music for a picture that was economical in the quantity of scoring required but liberal in the amount of dramatic impact the music provided. Listen now and share that drama.

    Douglass Fake
  • Composed and Conducted by Laurence Rosenthal
    Recorded on September 10, 1976 at The Burbank Studio, Burbank, California

    This soundtrack was produced in cooperation with the
    American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada

    Marion Klein

    Myra Kestenbaum
    Louis Kievman
    Meyer Bello
    Robert Ostrowsky

    Gloria Strassner
    Jeffrey Solow
    Harry Shlutz
    Marie Fera

    Milton Kestenbaum
    Peter Mercurio

    C. E. 'Bud' Shank
    Ronald Langinger
    Gene Cipriano
    Arthur C. Smith

    Vincent DeRosa
    Richard G. Klein
    Robert Henderson
    George Price

    Malcolm McNab
    Uan Rasey

    Richard Nash
    Lloyd Ulyate
    Kenneth Shroyer

    Michael Lang

    Dorothy Remsen

    John Bilezikjian

    Larry Bunker
    Emil Radocchia
    Kenneth Watson
    Peter Limonick

    Laurence Rosenthal

    H. Warren Baker
    Clinton Roemer
    Leonard Wolstein
    Wayne Robinson
    David Rhodes
    Harriet Crawford