Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 183
Date: 1985
Time: 1:01:39
Tracks: 11
Brad Fiedel horror score!

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  • At last! World premiere CD release of the Brad Fiedel score for popular Tom Holland horror movie starring Chris Sarandon, William Ragsdale, Roddy McDowall. Fiedel creates terrific themes anchoring picture in reality, then takes off in wild directions with florid, intense material as vampire horor elements transpire. CD is presented from 1/4" two-track stereo master elements courtesy of both Sony Pictures and composer Fiedel. Some elements were drawn from actual 15 ips mixes, others were from slightly noisier 7 1/2 ips tapes. Rather than meld the two, we are presenting the surviving 15 ips cues as an opening suite, followed by the full score from the 7 1/2 ips tapes. Brad Fiedel performs. A scary addition to the Intrada Special Collection!
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    Medley [From the 1/4" 15 i.p.s. Stereo Mixes]
    01. Fright Night (15:25)

    The Score [From the 1/4" 7 1/2 i.p.s. Stereo mixes]
    02. Window Watching (1:57)
    03. Jerry Takes Off (1:45)
    04. Drive To Evil and Bat Attack (2:07)

    05. Charlie's Cathedral, Charmed and Alley Bat (5:29)
    06. Evil Visitor (1:44)
    07. Charlie Begs For Help and Come To Me (Seduction Scene) (4:38)
    08. Vampire Killers and Your Dinner's In The Oven (9:44)
    09. Jerry's Time Is Up (7:28)
    10. The Basement (5:21)
    11. You're So Cool Brewster and Come To Me (5:44)