Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 178
Date: 1978
Time: 1:37:30
Tracks: 44
Volume 2 of comprehensive series of classic original 1978 episode scores! Limited to 1500 copies! SOLD OUT!

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  • Volume 2 arrives! World premiere 2-CD set of original soundtracks from classic original 1978 series starring Lorne Greene, Richard Hatch. Two episode scores appear: "Lost Planet Of The Gods", "Gun On Ice Planet Zero". Both feature exciting music, frequently drawn from thematic material first heard in epic pilot "Saga Of A Star World" (released complete in stereo as Intrada Special Collection Vol. 154) as well as several powerful new ideas. Both scores issued in mono, as preserved by Universal. Some episodes were only retained in mono formats, others in multi-track stereo, depending on studio requirements. (Future volumes will offer stereo episodes as well.) Stu Phillips supervises release, John Takis writes descrptive notes. Stu Phillips conducts. Intrada Special Collection Release limited to 1500 copies!
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    01. Main Title - Parts 1 & 2 (1:48)
    02. Imperious Leader & Baltar (1:28)
    03. Athena Vamps/Patrol Two Launch (1:36)
    04. Baltar - The Leader (2:04)
    05. The Abyss - Part 1 (1:31)
    06. The Abyss - Part 2/Escape From The Void (2:56)
    07. Cylon Outpost (2:12)
    08. Virus 1A/Virus 1B/Virus 2/Virus 3 (2:14)
    09. Virus 4/Adama's Medal/Top Of The Class/
    Ancient Writings (2:54)
    10. The List/Critical/Phony Battle (2:30)
    11. Captain's Opinion/Launch When Ready (0:56)
    12. More Cylon Lair (1:53)
    13. Good Guys 1- Bad Guys Zero (4:25)
    14. We're Going In (1:53)
    15. The Medallion/Starbuck In Trouble (1:43)
    16. Marry Me (1:05)
    17. The Wedding/Starbuck Captured (3:36)
    18. Ancient Ruins (1:28)
    19. Discovery Of The Tomb (2:44)
    20. Baltar Appears (1:24)
    21. Love & The Sphinx (0:43)
    22. To Light The Way/Blue Squad Reporting (4:28)
    23. Not The Last Of Baltar/Serina Dies/Boxey & Apollo (5:25)
    24. End Credits (0:30)
    CD 1 Total Time 53:49

    01. Main Title (1:48)
    02. Environment- Hostile (1:41)
    03. March Of The Centurions (2:32)
    04. Four Specialists (1:11)
    05. Cree Captured (1:05)
    06. Launch Bay Alpha (1:19)
    07. Blizzard (2:07)
    08. Death Point (3:15)
    09. Cold Journey (3:32)
    10. Bad Situation (1:37)
    11. Ravashol (3:35)
    12. Rough Ride (1:21)
    13. Icy Planet Lab (1:38)
    14. Cree To The Cold Cell (0:44)
    15. Cold Planet (1:58)
    16. Fire The Pulsar (2:58)
    17. Getting Closer (8:03)
    18. Pulsar Destroyed (1:53)
    19. Starbuck Loses (1:41)
    20. End Credits (0:30)
    CD 2 Total Time 43:41

  • Tech Talk From The Producer…

    With this release, Intrada presents its second volume of soundtrack music from the ambitious Universal TV series “Battlestar Galactica.”

    The pilot score, “Saga Of A Star World” (available on Intrada Special Collection Volume 154) was recorded with the full resources of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. Sessions were held at Twentieth Century Fox, and engineered by John Neal. The series’ format music (main theme, end credits, bumper cues) were also recorded at these sessions. Everything was recorded on 35mm film and mixed onto ½” 15 ips three-track stereo tape. Subsequently, scoring moved to Universal’s facilities and the individual episode scores were recorded with smaller orchestras of 30 to 40 players. Phillips still conducted but engineering duties were passed to Mickey Crofford.

    Since the series was broadcast in mono, most of the individual episodes were retained in mono only on either 35mm film, ¼” 15 ips full-track tape or sometimes, the ¼” 7½ ips full-track tape format. Many episodes simply tracked music from other episodes and required a minimal amount of new material. Happily, some episodes requiring all-new scores were recorded and vaulted in ½” three-track stereo tape format. Future volumes of music from this classic series will be presented from the stereo elements where available and mono masters will be utilized when stereo formats do not exist.

    Both scores represented on this CD are being presented in mono. The format music has been mixed into mono as well to prevent a jarring change from stereo to mono and back again. We will premiere the stereo mixes of these format cues on a forthcoming release featuring music from episodes recorded and vaulted in the three-track stereo format.

    But for now, imagine dazzling action and excitement in the far reaches of space as you listen to our second volume of music from Battlestar Galactica!

    —Douglass Fake

  • Composed and Conducted by Stu Phillips.

    "Lost Planet of the Gods" recorded on September 15 & 25, and "Gun on Ice Planet Zero" recorded on October 18 & 25, 1978, at Universal City Studios, Universal City, California.
    "Theme from Battlestar Galactica" performed by the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra and recorded on June 19-22, 1978 at Twentieth Century Fox Studios, Scoring Stage 1, Los Angeles, California.

    This soundtrack was produced in cooperation with the
    American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada.


    Sandy DeCrescent

    Erno Neufeld
    David Frisina
    Frederick Balazs
    Steve Boone
    Blanche Belnick
    Alfred Breuning
    Doris Carr
    Norman Carr
    Herman Clebanoff
    Harold Dicterow
    David Frisina
    Joe Goodman
    Endre Granat
    Reginald Hill
    Davida Jackson
    Karen Jones
    Richard Kaufman
    Albert Karmazyn
    Connie Kupka
    Norma Leonard
    Marvin Limonick
    Robert Lipsett
    David Montagu
    Alexander Murray
    Marvin Palatt
    Jack Pepper
    John Sambuco
    Josef Schoenbrun
    Daniel Shindaryov
    Arkady Shindelman
    Haim Shtrum
    Mari Tsumura
    Margaret Wooten
    Tibor Zelig
    Kenneth Yerke

    Roland Kato
    Richard Dickler
    Dan Neufeld
    Morris Shostock

    Paul Bergstrom
    Dennis Karmazyn
    Ray Kramer
    David Speltz
    Armand Kaproff
    Ann Karam (Goodman)
    George Koutzen
    Ray Kelley
    Jacqueline Lustgarten
    Dana Rees
    Dan Smith
    David Speltz

    John Hornschuch
    Milton Kestenbaum
    Jim Hackmann
    Pete Mercurio
    Dennis Trambly
    David Young

    Dominick Fera
    Michele Zukovski
    Norman Benno
    Kalman Bloch
    Gary Gray
    James Kanter
    Ted Nash
    John Neufeld
    Hugo Raimond
    Ethmer Roten
    Bob Steen i
    Ralph Williams

    James Atkinson
    William Alsup
    Aubrey Bouck
    David A. Duke
    Bob Henderson
    Bill Lane
    Art Maebe
    Todd Miller
    Brian O’Connor
    George Price
    Henry Sigismonti
    Victor Vener

    Chase Craig
    Bob DiVall
    Mario Guarneri
    Malcolm McNab
    Tony Plog
    Andrew Ulyate
    Graham Young

    Miles Anderson
    Bill Broughton
    Dick Nash
    Barrett O’Hara
    Alan Kaplan
    Dick Noel
    George Roberts
    Phillip Teele

    Roger Bobo
    John T. Johnson
    Jim Self


    Mike Boddicker
    Tom Garvin
    Bill Mays
    Clare Fisher
    Ralph Grierson
    Ian Underwood

    Lou Ann Neill
    Ann Stockton
    Veryle Brilhart
    Catherine Gotthoffer


    Kenneth Watson
    Tom Raney
    Dale Anderson
    Mike Englander
    Don Williams
    Jerry Williams
    Emil Radocchia
    Kenneth Watson