Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 174
Date: 1987/1984
Time: 1:05:48
Tracks: 38
Two Basil Poledouris scores on one CD! SOLD OUT!

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  • Two Basil Poledouris scores on one CD! First up is straight reissue of previous expanded version of CHERRY 2000. Same contents as excellent Prometheus release, drawn from identical 1/4" 15 ips two-track stereo masters courtesy MGM. Crisp, solid sound quality is identical as well, though Intrada moves repeated cues (alternate mixes) to "extras" segment of CD. Listeners will find terrific outdoor music full of action with nods to Morricone western style. Second score on CD spotlights world premiere release of full (albeit brief) Poledouris score for medical dramedy HOUSE OF GOD, directed by Donald Wrye, starring Tim Matheson, Charles Haid, Bess Armstrong. With aid of agent Richard Kraft (who contributes to Daniel Schweiger-penned liner notes), Intrada presents score from actual 1/4" 15 ips two-track stereo master retained by composer. Poledouris creates feeling of medical student academia with touches of baroque writing, then adds elements of lyrical classicism, gentle drama, forward motion. Former score will appeal mostly to composer's fans who missed out on earlier edition, latter score will appeal to all his fans, however, introducing them to beautiful chamber-orchestra music from rarely seen film. Basil Poledouris conducts Hungarian State Symphony Orchestra on CHERRY 2000, conducts 40-piece orchestra made up of Los Angeles studio session players for HOUSE OF GOD.
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    The Album
    01. Main Title (1:59)
    02. Cherry Shorts Out (1:34)
    03. Movietone (0:58)
    04. Drive To Glory Hole (1:27)
    05. E Flips (1:20)
    06. The Barricades (1:54)
    07. Flashback #2 (1:08)
    08. Photo Grab (1:14)
    09. Magneto (4:21)
    10. Pipeline (0:59)
    11. Waterslide (1:02)
    12. Jake's Jukebox (1:39)
    13. Lights Out (1:28)
    14. Lester Heads South (0:39)
    15. Trashin Sky Ranch (3:26)
    16. Drive/Car Crash (1:58)
    17. Hooded Love (1:18)
    18. Truck Fight (2:14)
    19. Lester Follows (0:21)
    20. Drop 'Em (0:43)
    21. Randa Mic (0:44)
    22. Jake Shot (0:53)
    23. Plane Flies Into Vegas (1:04)
    24. Cherry Awakens (1:14)

    25. Lights On (1:54)
    26. Lester's Demise (5:04)
    27. End Title (0:40)
    Total Score Time: 43:57

    The Extras
    28. Photo Grab [Alternate Mix] (1:12)
    29. Lights On [Alternate Mix] (1:53)
    30. Lester Heads South [Alternate Mix] (0:40)
    Total Extras Time: 3:50

    31. Corridors (2:10)
    32. Corridors II (3:46)
    33. Angel Of Mercy (1:05)
    34. Chief Resident (1:53)
    35. Medicine/Dr. Leggio (1:08)
    36. Death Of Potts (2:01)
    37. Turf Of Jo (2:06)
    38. Roy & Molly (3:21)
    Total Score Time: 17:45

  • Tech Talk From The CD Producer…

    This CD presents two scores from films sharing a pair of common interests - one obvious, one not so obvious. Both films are, of course, scored by Basil Poledouris. Less well known, however, is the fact that both come from troubled productions. In each case, Poledouris had recorded his music several years prior to any eventual release date. Cherry 2000 was held back for two years while House Of God languished for some four years before finally appearing in television and video form.

    Cherry 2000 has appeared twice before on CD, first in edited form on the Varese Sarabande label and later in expanded form on the Prometheus label. The source masters for these prior releases as well as our current version are identical: a pair of ¼" 15 i.p.s. two-track masters mixed by Eric Tomlinson in London after scoring sessions in Budapest (orchestra) and London (synthesizers) were completed. For exact cue titles we have gone back to the original titles as assigned in the scoring cue sheets, courtesy of MGM.

    The cue "Lester Heads South" (6M3) appears twice on the Prometheus release (once as “Moving" and once as “Lester On The Move") but the second piece is merely an alternate mix of the first, increasing the density of the percussive synth material and mixing down the trombones at midpoint. As such, we have included it in our "extras" section as track 30 ("Lester Heads South - Alternate Mix") with two other alternate mixes. Cue 2M1 ("Movietone"), heard in the film, has now been placed in film sequence. Otherwise, for purists, the musical content of our CD is identical to the Prometheus release. The audio quality of the Prometheus release was superb as well so our CD offers nothing new in that department either.

    However, our CD includes as a bonus a world premiere release of the complete score for The House of God. For this film, Basil Poledouris recorded his entire albeit brief contribution (nine original cues lasting seventeen minutes) at The Burbank Studios in a single 4-hour recording session beginning at 9:00 a.m. on July 28, 1980. He scored his music for an economical but full-bodied chamber orchestra of strings (violin, viola, cello, bass), flute, alto flute, oboe, English horn, clarinet, bassoon, two French horns, two piccolo trumpets (doubling standard B-flat trumpets when called for), tuba, harpsichord, plus organ and light percussion. The results are distinct and transparent.

    To prepare these nine cues for release, Intrada was able to locate the original ¼" 15 i.p.s. two-track master tape originally vaulted by the composer. We have maintained the picture sequence and cue titles as indicated in the MGM scoring session paperwork with one exception. As Poledouris did not contribute to an "end credit" sequence, no original music had been written or recorded. However, in good fortune, cue 6M2 ("Roy & Molly") reprises the harmonic vernacular of the opening "Corridors" track – and – happily comes to a forte major-key conclusion. As such, we have sequenced this cue as our finish to the score.

    Enjoy now both a return to Basil Poledouris' evocative score for Cherry 2000 as well as our world premiere presentation of his The House of God score, a sometimes brightly academic, sometimes darkly melancholic, always refreshingly inventive score from a movie long lost. How fortunate we are that the music itself does remain!

    —Douglass Fake

  • Composed and Conducted by Basil Poledouris.

    Recorded on July 22 and 28, 1980, at the Burbank Studio, Burbank, California, and on July 24, 1980, at Whitney Studio, and on February 2, 1981, at Filmways-Heider, and on July 31, 1980, at an unknown location.

    This soundtrack was produced in cooperation with the
    American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada.

    Basil Poledouris

    Nathan Kaproff

    Paul C. Shure
    Bonnie Douglas
    Marvin Limonick
    Murray Adler
    Nathan Ross
    Stanley Plummer
    Polly Sweeney
    Oscar Chausow
    Alfred Breuning
    Endre Granat
    Vicki Sylvester
    Mary D. Lundquist
    Harry Bluestone
    Ilkka Talvi

    Pamela Goldsmith
    Sam Boghossian
    Janet Lakatos
    Gail Earn

    Douglas Davis
    David Speltz
    Nancy Stein
    Paula Hochhalter

    Milton Kestenbaum
    Meyer Rubin

    Louise Dissman (DiTullio)
    Sheridon Stokes

    Ted Nash
    Foster Foster
    Donald Ashworth
    Terry Harrington
    John E. Lowe (Baritone sax)

    Dominick Fera
    John Neufeld

    Earle Dumler
    Arnold Koblentz

    Norman Herzberg
    Patricia S. Kindel

    Vincent DeRosa
    Richard Perissi
    David A. Duke

    Malcolm McNab
    Graham Young

    Richard Nash
    Thomas Shepard

    John T. Johnson

    Chet Swiatkowski
    John Berkman
    Don Preston

    Dennis Budimir
    John Guerin
    Robert M. Goldstein

    Charles Berghofer

    Kenneth Watson

    Greig McRitchie

    Jerry J. Grant
    Greig McRitchie
    Robert Hammack
    Basil Poledouris

    Mark K. Lewis
    Ralph K. Mullins
    Aime Vereecke
    Kevin Hiatt
    Dante DiThomas
    David Leech
    Dwight Mikkelsen
    Ricardo Vettraino