Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 159
Date: 1959
Time: 1:02:39
Tracks: 15
World premiere of classic Les Baxter horror score! Limited release of 1200 copies! SOLD OUT!

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  • At last! World premiere release of intense, evocative Les Baxter score for famous Roger Corman debut in series of Edgar Allan Poe tales starring Vincent Price, filmed for American International in evocatively-colored widescreen. While original session elements have long-since vanished, complete music tracks mixed into mono and assembled for film do remain. Slight variances in levels designed for later addition of dialog & effects in post-production could not be completely avoided but have been minimized during mastering of this CD. As a result, most cues have identical assemblies of film itself, albeit happily without dialog or effects! (We edited together short pieces to create better musical experience.) Every cue appears! Rare music-only elements survive courtesy MGM vaults, efforts of Taylor White of Percepto Records. Neat bonus! MGM commissioned Chace Productions to restore long-lost original "Overture", previously heard only with initial 1960 release of film in theaters. Chace provided newly-restored master to Intrada for this CD premiere as well! Les Baxter creates sometimes beautifully evocative, sometimes intensely scary score with some of his most striking and exciting music in a lengthy and successful career. Film itself was later re-titled THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER. Les Baxter conducts. Intrada Special Collection release limited to 1200 copies!
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    01. Overture (3:03)
    02. Main Title (2:00)
    03. Roderick Usher (4:02)
    04. Madeline Usher (2:50)
    05. Tormented (2:24)
    06. Lute Song (1:00)
    07. Reluctance (3:58)
    08. The Sleepwalker (4:12)

    09. The Vault (2:36)
    10. The Ancestors (2:58)
    11. House Of Evil (4:53)
    12. Catalepsy (4:13)
    13. Pallbearers (2:03)
    14. Buried Alive (8:14)
    15. Fall Of The House Of Usher (13:50)