Label: Intrada MAF 7112
Date: 1963
Time: 2:02:58
Tracks: 48
3-CD set includes original classic 1963 re-recorded album plus original soundtrack in one generous package!

Price: $19.99

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  • Together in one package at nice price! 3-CD set includes classic original 1963 United Artists re-recorded album prepared by Elmer Bernstein when film was new, plus two-disc presentation of actual soundtrack. John Sturges directs legendary WWII POW classic with Steve McQueen leading cast, solidifying status as iconic loner character on screen. James Garner, Richard Attenborough, Charles Bronson, James Coburn amongst fellow POWs. Motorcycle sequence with McQueen outriding pursuers is an action cinema landmark - Bernstein's music throughout sequence is unparalled display of rhythmic orchestral energy! Intrada presents soundtrack from same 1/4" two-track stereo session elements as earlier Varese Sarabande limited release but newly re-masters them to remove annoying tape print-through that plagued loud sections of earlier version. 1963 UA album mastered from original 1/2" three-channel stereo masters. Informative notes from Nick Redman illuminate impact of McQueen on film & audience plus offer details about real escape incident film is based on. A genuine film and score classic back in print for new generations. Elmer Bernstein conducts both recordings.
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    Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Disc 1
    01. Main Title (2:30)
    02. At First Glance (3:07)
    03. Premature Plans (2:28)
    04. If At Once (2:31)
    05. Forked (1:28)
    06. Cooler (1:58)
    07. Mole (1:28)
    08. "X"/Tonight We Dig (1:30)
    09. The Scrounger/Blythe (3:50)
    10. Water Faucet (1:23)
    11. Interruptus (1:33)
    12. The Plan/The Sad Ives (1:43)
    13. Green Thumbs (2:28)
    14. Hilts And Ives (0:38)
    15. Cave In (2:01)
    16. Restless Men (1:56)
    17. Booze (1:47)
    18. "Yankee Doodle" (0:55)
    19. Discovery (3:40)

    Disc 1 Time: 39:24

    Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Continued)
    Disc 2
    01. Various Troubles (3:52)
    02. Panic (2:05)
    03. Pin Trick (0:59)
    04. Hendley's Risk (1:43)
    05. Released Again/Escape Time (5:25)
    06. 20 Feet Short (3:06)
    07. Foul Up (2:37)
    08. At The Station (1:33)
    09. On The Road (3:27)
    10. The Chase/First Casualty (6:49)
    11. Flight Plan (2:09)
    12. More Action/Hilts Captured (6:07)
    13. Road's End (2:06)
    14. Betrayal (2:20)
    15. Three Gone/Home Again (3:13)
    16. Finale/The Cast (2:47)

    Disc 2 Time: 50:56

    Original 1963 United Artists Score Album
    Disc 3
    01. Main Title (2:07)
    02. Premature Plans (2:08)
    03. Cooler And Mole (2:26)
    04. Blythe (2:13)
    05. Discovery (2:54)
    06. Various Troubles (2:40)
    07. On The Road (2:54)
    08. Betrayal (2:05)
    09. Hendley's Risk (2:24)
    10. Road's End (2:00)
    11. More Action (1:57)
    12. The Chase (2:48)
    13. Finale (3:14)

    Disc 3 Time: 32:34

  • Tech Talk From The Producer…

    Although this legendary film score has been available in some form from its LP origin in 1963 right on through the present day, this is the first presentation of both the original re-recorded album released by the United Artists label when the film opened and the actual soundtrack recorded for the picture in a single package. Both versions are valuable listening experiences and certainly compliment each other.

    The original 1963 LP was for more than forty years the lone presentation of the score. Some 33 minutes of highlights were included that touched on almost every major set-piece in the movie, if just briefly in many cases. In fact, its first release on CD was through Intrada during the early days of the CD format. The more recent discovery of tapes for the complete score as recorded for the soundtrack resulted in a handsome 2-CD package from the Varese Sarabande label. Now Intrada presents everything under one roof, so to speak, in a specially-priced 3-CD set for those who may have missed out on one or both of the earlier releases.

    The first two CDs offer the actual soundtrack in stereo, mastered from the same ¼” 7 ½ ips two-track tape sources used for the Varese Sarabande release – but restored and re-mastered to address the annoying tape printthrough that plagued certain tracks of that release, such as the accented fortissimo hits in brass during the opening bars of the “Main Title” and other similar loud passages that are followed immediately by quiet ones. While the reasonably dynamic audio quality remains similar, the print-through is now happily absent. The stereo mix, made back in 1963, remains vivid but listeners should note the perceived heavier weight of the 17 right channel is due the extreme positioning of all the brass plus the low strings (cellos and basses) on the right. Those instruments play with vitality and are very active throughout the score. The left channel is restricted to violins, violas and some woodwinds (which also appear in the center with percussion), all which are much less active than the brass and lower strings. In other words, the stereo mix is accurate and genuine but will often feel weighted to the right due to the composition of the music and the original engineering of the instrumental familes.

    A final word about this 2-CD soundtrack presentation: the second half of the film has more music than the first half. The previous release chose to make each CD roughly equal in length but we have elected to retain the integrity of the musical balance of the film thus dedicating one CD to each act of the film. This allows the first CD to end with the music naturally as it does in the first act of the film, but does result in the first CD being shorter in length than the second. As such the second CD contains most of the action music of the film, just as the second half of the film did.

    The LP re-recording from 1963 is presented here as CD 3, mastered from the ½” 15 ips three-track stereo album masters vaulted courtesy of MGM. These were preserved in mint condition and remain amongst the most dynamic and well-engineered album masters of the era.

    So now sit back, stretch your legs within the confines of your own audio compound, and enjoy a double dose of one of the all-time great film score classics with Elmer Bernstein as your commanding officer.

    —Douglass Fake

  • Composed and Conducted by Elmer Bernstein.

    Recorded on January 14, 15, 28, 29 and February 11, 1963, at Samuel Goldwyn Studios, Culver City, California.

    This soundtrack was produced in cooperation with the
    American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada.


    Robert Helfer

    Anatol Kaminsky
    Erno Neufeld
    Eudice Shapiro
    Byron Williams
    Thelma Beach
    David Frisina
    Felix Slatkin
    Nathan Kaproff
    Alex Murray
    Marvin Limonick
    George Kast
    Sam Freed
    Herman Clebanoff
    Benny Gill
    Irma Neumann
    Joseph Stepansky
    Saundra Berkova
    Ralph Schaeffer
    Bernard Gerrard
    Ambrose Russo
    Mort Herbert
    Manuel Compinsky
    Leon Trebacz
    Joachim Chassman

    Virginia Majewski
    Alvin Dinkin
    Robert Ostrowski
    Joseph Reilich
    Louis Kievman
    Joseph DiFiore
    Dorothy Colton
    G. R. Menhennick

    Armand Kaproff
    Edgar Lustgarten
    Raphael Kramer
    Eleanor Slatkin
    Justin DiTullio
    Emmet Sargeant
    Anne Goodman
    Kurt Reher

    Abe Luboff
    Peter Mercurio
    Harold Brown
    Milton Kestenbaum
    Meyer Rubin
    Ray Siegel

    Martin Ruderman
    Sylvia Ruderman
    June Russo
    Arthur Smith

    Mitchell Lurie
    John Neufeld
    Dominick Fera

    Arnold Koblentz
    William Criss

    Jack Marsh
    Norman Herzberg

    Vincent DeRosa
    Richard Perissi
    John Cave
    Gale Robinson
    Herman Lebow

    Uan Rasey
    Emanuel Klein
    Maurice Harris

    Lloyd Ulyate
    Richard Noel
    Seymour Zeldin

    Sam Rice


    Raymond Turner
    Pearl Kaufman

    Dorothy Remsen


    Louis Singer
    Lee Perrin
    Hubert Anderson
    Shelly Manne
    Milton Holland


    Leo Shuken
    Jack Hayes

    Lloyd Basham
    W. D. Garlock
    Jack McTaggart
    Paul Sprosty
    Percival Goldenson
    Wally Heglin
    Paul Van Loan
    Arthur Grier
    Dominic Fidelibus
    Wolfgang Fraenkel
    Howard Drew
    Charles Adams
    Michael Andersen
    Larry Cramer
    Roman Maciejewski