Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 149
Date: 1976
Time: 0:45:13
Tracks: 18
Expanded CD for GATOR! SOLD OUT!

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  • World CD premiere of expanded original soundtrack from GATOR, directed by Burt Reynolds, starring Reynolds plus Lauren Hutton, Jack Weston, Jerry Reed. Sequel to WHITE LIGHTNING also engages Charles Bernstein for scoring duties. Bernstein responds with flavorful score full of Southern twang & grit, plus several gentle thematic sequences to balance action. Intrada CD presents original United Artists stereo LP contents from actual album masters, including infectious opening ballad sung by Reed, then follows with additional previously unreleased cues from scoring session masters vaulted in mint condition courtesy of MGM. Charles Bernstein conducts. Intrada Special Collection release limited to 1200 copies!
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    The Original United Artists LP Release
    01. 'The Ballad Of Gator McKlusky'
    (Composed and Performed by Jerry Reed) (3:03)
    02. For A Little While (Beach Love) (2:26)
    03. Fight In The Night (3:21)
    04. Hanna's Club (2:14)
    05. Leaving Home For A Little While (Changing Love) (1:40)
    06. Cocktails At The Pool (1:59)
    07. Laying The Trap (3:37)
    08. 'For A Little While'
    (Composed and Performed by Bobby Goldsboro) (1:49)
    09. Swamp Chase (2:44)
    10. Moment Of Truth/Ghetto Shakedown (2:55)
    11. Erotica (2:02)
    12. For A Little While (Goodbye Love) (1:37)
    Total Original Album Time: 30:04

    The Extras (Cues Not On The Original LP Release)
    13. First Meeting (2:42)
    14. Society Source (1:51)
    15. Gator Drugged (3:23)
    16. Alley Scene (2:07)
    17. Gator Makes His Catch (2:15)
    18. For A Little While (Last Love) (2:26)
    Total Extras Time: 14:59