Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 149
Date: 1976
Time: 0:45:13
Tracks: 18
Expanded CD for GATOR! SOLD OUT!

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  • World CD premiere of expanded original soundtrack from GATOR, directed by Burt Reynolds, starring Reynolds plus Lauren Hutton, Jack Weston, Jerry Reed. Sequel to WHITE LIGHTNING also engages Charles Bernstein for scoring duties. Bernstein responds with flavorful score full of Southern twang & grit, plus several gentle thematic sequences to balance action. Intrada CD presents original United Artists stereo LP contents from actual album masters, including infectious opening ballad sung by Reed, then follows with additional previously unreleased cues from scoring session masters vaulted in mint condition courtesy of MGM. Charles Bernstein conducts. Intrada Special Collection release limited to 1200 copies!
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    The Original United Artists LP Release
    01. 'The Ballad Of Gator McKlusky'
    (Composed and Performed by Jerry Reed) (3:03)
    02. For A Little While (Beach Love) (2:26)
    03. Fight In The Night (3:21)
    04. Hanna's Club (2:14)
    05. Leaving Home For A Little While (Changing Love) (1:40)
    06. Cocktails At The Pool (1:59)
    07. Laying The Trap (3:37)
    08. 'For A Little While'
    (Composed and Performed by Bobby Goldsboro) (1:49)
    09. Swamp Chase (2:44)
    10. Moment Of Truth/Ghetto Shakedown (2:55)
    11. Erotica (2:02)
    12. For A Little While (Goodbye Love) (1:37)
    Total Original Album Time: 30:04

    The Extras (Cues Not On The Original LP Release)
    13. First Meeting (2:42)
    14. Society Source (1:51)
    15. Gator Drugged (3:23)
    16. Alley Scene (2:07)
    17. Gator Makes His Catch (2:15)
    18. For A Little While (Last Love) (2:26)
    Total Extras Time: 14:59

  • Tech Talk From The Producer…

    Gator was first released on the United Artists Records label as an LP in 1976, coinciding with the initial release of the picture to theaters. Charles Bernstein selected 30 minutes of music from the soundtrack and created a lean, tight and very musical assembly for the record, offering key highlights from his score as well as the title ballad and one other song which he interpolated throughout the score.

    For our world premiere CD release on Intrada, all parties involved in the production wanted to maintain Bernstein’s original presentation. Indeed, it would have been challenging to try and improve on the terrific album he had prepared originally. Happily, MGM had retained the original ¼” two-track masters for the UA album, allowing us to re-master the program and present it intact on our CD.

    During development of the project, MGM also located the original ½” three-track scoring session masters, allowing us to now produce cleaner digital stereo mixes than those originally done in analog more than thirty years ago. While working with these session masters, we discovered several score selections that were not included on the original LP. Since we did not want to alter the musical flow of what Bernstein had already created, we elected to include these additional cues as “extras” after the album program concludes. While these new cues bring extra color to themes covered in the original album, the real find was the “Gator Drugged” sequence, which takes the score in a more cerebral and textured direction. For those wishing to program this important new cue into the album section, a literal picture sequence isn’t possible since Bernstein edited the original album for maximum listening pleasure, but an appropriate approximation would be inserting it after track 10 (“Moment Of Truth”/“Ghetto Shakedown”).

    And a final note to those familiar with that classic original LP. A substantial number of copies of the back cover were issued listing the final selection on side two as including a reprise of the opening ballad. This was a simply a typographical error making it past proofreaders of the day. The ballad was, of course, not repeated on the actual pressings.

    So now it’s time to sink into your deepest Southern frame of mind, wade into those dangerous swamps and—as Jerry Reed warns at the end of his memorable ballad—“Don’t let that Gator bite you on your… “, well you get the idea.

    —Douglass Fake

  • Conducted and Composed by Charles Bernstein.

    Recorded on February 19 and 20, 1976, at Western Recorders, Studio I, Hollywood, California.

    This soundtrack was produced in cooperation with the
    American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada.

    Charles Bernstein

    John Caper Jr.

    Murray Adler
    Israel Baker
    Samuel Boghossian
    Bonnie Douglas
    Judy L. Eaton
    James Getzoff
    Jack M. Gootkin
    Anatol Kaminsky
    Betty LaMagna
    Carl LaMagna
    Edgar Lustgarten
    Leonard Malarsky
    Stanley Plummer
    Linda Rose
    Sidney Sharp
    Paul Shure
    Barry Socher

    Gareth D. Nuttycombe
    Myer Bello
    Pamela Goldsmith
    Virginia Majewski
    Barbara A. Simons

    Marie Fera
    Igor Horoshevsky
    Jan R. Kelley
    Raymond J. Kelley
    Frederick Seykora

    James Hughart
    Milton Kestenbaum
    Milton E. Nadel

    Terry Harrington
    John E. Lowe
    Dave Shostac

    Alan Robinson
    Marilyn Robinson

    Warren Luening
    Manny Stevens
    Anthony Terran

    Phil Teele
    Chauncey Welsch

    Lincoln Mayorga
    William A. "Billy" Mays

    Veryle Mills-Brilhart

    Dennis M. Budimir
    Orville Rhodes
    Lee Ritenour

    Alan C. Estes
    Joe Porcaro
    Mark Z. Stevens
    Jerry Williams
    Robert Zimmitti

    H. Warren Baker
    Harriet Crawford
    Graydon Klee
    David Rhodes
    Leonard Wolstein