Label: Intrada Signature Edition ISE1039
Date: 1967
Time: 0:43:40
Tracks: 16
Les Baxter mini-epic score makes it to CD! Signature Edition limited to 1200 copies!

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  • World premiere release of original soundtrack from Vincent Sherman costume mini-epic about Cervantes fighting Moors in Spain, starring Horst Buchholz, Gina Lollobrigida, Jose Ferrer. Les Baxter writes colorful orchestral score with emphasis on Spanish flavor, exotic color, melodic sweep. Intrada presents score in mono from 1/4" 15 i.p.s. master tapes vaulted by MGM. The film is also known as YOUNG REBEL. Les Baxter conducts. Intrada Signature Edition limited to 1200 copies!
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    01. AIP 'Logo (0:12)
    02. Narration; Job Hunt; Hired (1:43)
    03. Church Organ (1:38)
    04. Turks Raid Church; Your Majesty; When I'm Ready;
    Ride To Rome; The Vatican (4:13)
    05. Msgr. Becomes Cardinal; Hassan Tours Rome (3:15)
    06. No Turk For Peace (0:29)
    07. Come With Me; My Hat; Make Love; I Love You; Out All Night (8:38)
    08. Miguel Disturbed; Whores Roundup (1:50)
    09. Go Back (1:37)

    10. Prepare To Attack (1:07)
    11. Giulia Visits Miguel (3:38)
    12. Dali Mami Raid (1:11)
    13. Slave Ship; Let's Go #1; Miguel and Madman;
    Beautiful Nessa; Bridge Palace (6:09)
    14. Get Going; Miguel Escapes (2:10)
    15. Jailbreak (1:00)
    16. Let's Go #2; Executioner; Miguel's Ransom:
    Going Home; End Tag (4:15)

  • Tech Talk From The CD Producer…

    For this world premiere release of the soundtrack music from Cervantes, Intrada was given access to the complete session masters vaulted by MGM in perfect condition. The master reels were preserved on ¼" 15 ips full-track tape. We have added a very slight amount of stereo reverb to enhance the listening experience and reduce the "dead mono" effect of the full-track masters. The tapes were otherwise in excellent condition and required only minimal attention to noise or tape hiss.

    According to MGM paperwork and recording session logs, the entire sessions were present. However, cue sheets indicate two sequences ("Main Title" and "Battle") that were not present on the master elements. There is some evidence that those two scenes were intended to be tracked with other sequences from the score or with segments remaining from the European score composed by Jean Ledrut but not otherwise used in the U.S. release prints, but there is nothing beyond theory to support this. In any case, our CD represents all of the recorded material by Les Baxter… and does not incorporate any music by Jean Ledrut.

    Les Baxter was a master of creating music for exotic, faraway places and events. Listen now to one shining example… the music for Cervantes.

    —Douglass Fake

  • Composed and Conducted by Les Baxter.

    Recorded on February 9, 1968, at Ryder Sound Service.

    This soundtrack was produced in cooperation with the
    American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada.

    Les Baxter

    Edmund Chassman
    John Ellis
    Clare Fischer
    Norman Gary Foster
    June Russo
    Sylvia Ruderman
    Phil Sobel

    Art Briegleb
    Jim Decker
    Art Maebe
    Richard Perissi

    John Audino
    Dick Forrest
    Larry McGuire

    Gil Falco
    Robert Knight
    Thomas Shepard

    Alfred McKibbon

    Denzil Laughton

    Dale L. Anderson
    Gene P. Estes

    Al Ciminelli
    Jack Gruberman
    David Angel
    Robert Porter
    Ted Gruberman
    Ted Dale
    Albert Harris
    Willard Jones