Bruce Broughton
& Steve Bramson
Label: Intrada MAF 7107
Date: 1995
Time: 1:02:58
Tracks: 28
Exciting music from popular TV series!

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  • World premiere release of original soundtrack music from popular TV series about military justice. Intrada CD presents score to "Pilot" episode by Bruce Broughton, which introduces famous theme, surrounds with dynamic, large-scale orchestral excitement. Rhythmic action cues for several flying sequences are stand out examples of Broughton's flair for rip-roaring military action! Also appearing is complete score to "Cowboys And Cossacks" episode by series composer Steve Bramson. Here fans will find powerhouse score anchored by impressive low brass main theme plus dynamic orchestral action cues. Both scores presented from digital session masters courtesy CBS. High flying excitement all the way! Bruce Broughton conducts "Pilot", Steve Bramson conducts "Cowboys And Cossacks". SOLD OUT!
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    Composed and Conducted by Bruce Broughton

    01. Engage and Destroy; Main Title (4:42)
    02. Getting Some Air; Angela Overboard (2:39)
    03. Harm and Kate Arrive (2:21)
    04. Harm's Past; Over Bosnia (1:55)
    05. Gold Wings & Dress Whites; Wave Off (1:31)
    06. Contemplation (0:27)
    07. Joyride (1:49)
    08. Angela on a Slab (1:34)
    09. Playout (0:15)
    10. Scuttlebutt's True (4:27)
    11. To Hell and Back, Sir; Let'm Trap! (6:05)
    12. Harm Does It (3:25)
    13. Judgement Call (2:09)
    14. Gold Wings, White Uniform (1:56)
    15. End Credits (0:57)

    Total Score Time: 36:49

    'Cowboys and Cossacks'
    Composed and Conducted by Steve Bramson

    16. Format Bumper (0:07)
    17. Teaser (1:43)
    18. Format Main Title (0:47)
    19. Act One Playon; Exchange (1:20)
    20. Fire!; Grinkov (4:29)
    21. One Rule of War (1:16)
    22. Jumping Ship; Convincing Yuri (2:12)
    23. Yuri Turns (1:57)
    24. To the Brig; Boxing Petavitch (1:41)
    25. Live Missile (0:42)
    26. This Is War (3:05)
    27. Grinkov Relents (4:26)
    28. A Sailor's Death; Format End Credits (1:44)

    Total Score Time: 26:02

  • Pilot Composed and Conducted by Bruce Broughton and Cowboys and Cossacks Composed and Conducted by Steve Bramson.

    Recorded on April 6 and 7, 1995, at Paramount Scoring Stage "M".

    This soundtrack was produced in cooperation with the
    American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada.

    Bruce Broughton

    ORCH. MGR.
    Carl Fortina

    Endre Granat
    Pamela Gates
    Assa Drori
    Jay Rosen
    Robert Sushel
    Yoko Matsuda
    Norma Leonard
    Brian Leonard
    Barbara Porter
    Michael Markman
    Edith Markman
    Robert Sanov
    Kirstin Fife
    Yi Hu
    Sheryl Staples
    Frances Moore
    Olivia Tsui
    Kimiyo Takeya
    Alexander Horvath
    Natalie Leggett

    Carole Mukogawa
    Miriam Granat
    Kenneth Burward-Hoy
    Kazi Pitelka
    David Stenske
    Carole Kleister-Castillo
    Linn Subotnick

    Ronald Leonard
    Paula Hochhalter
    Marie Fera
    Roger Lebow
    Robert Adcock
    Michael Matthews

    David Young
    Norman Ludwin
    Donald Ferrone

    Dianne Muller
    Nathan Campbell
    Marilyn Johnson
    Joseph Meyer
    Jerry Folsom

    Jon Lewis
    Robert Karon
    Roy Poper

    James Sawyer
    William Booth
    Craig Ware
    Stephen Klein
    Alan Kaplan

    Norman Pearson

    Kenneth Watson
    Ronald Aston
    Robert Zimmitti

    Michael Watts
    Ralph Grierson

    Robert Sheppard

    Bruce Broughton
    Donald Nemitz

    Emmett Estren

    Robert Bornstein (Superv.)
    Jon Marquart
    James Surell
    David Izzard
    Kendall Schmidt
    Steven Juliani
    Jeffrey Jones
    Margaret Maryatt
    Robert Joles
    Victor Sagerquist