Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 111
Date: 1993
Time: 0:59:18
Tracks: 15
World premiere release of haunting, dramatic James Horner score! Special Collection release limited to 1500 copies! SOLD OUT!

600x600 Cover

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  • World premiere release of original soundtrack from Michael Lessac psychological drama with Kathleen Turner, Tommy Lee Jones. Initial setting amidst ancient Mayan ruins plus subsequent drama of withdrawn child using surreal images to communicate inspires James Horner to create incredibly tender main theme, then surround with increasingly involved music as drama unfolds. Full compliment of strings with piano plus other keyboards provides basis of orchestra. Horner also infuses music with haunting sound of pan flutes as bridge between two worlds reflected in story. This is beautiful music, sometimes gently transparent, other times dramatic and complex! Horner and his customary engineer Simon Rhodes expertly produce album for Intrada with emphasis on musical coherency, courtesy several lengthy cues and flawless original digital stereo master elements. James Horner conducts. Intrada Special Collection release limited to 1500 copies!
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    01. Opening Credits
    - The Processional (7:42)
    02. Arriving Home (2:54) Hear This Track
    03. Kindred Spirits (7:34)
    04. The Quiero (2:47) Hear This Track
    05. The Roof (4:14)
    06. House of Cards (1:56)
    07. Prime Numbers (4:22) Hear This Track

    08. Near Accident (3:27) Hear This Track
    09. Virtual Reality Pt. 1 (2:34)
    10. Distant Memories (2:21)
    11. Building the Helix (3:53) Hear This Track
    12. Virtual Reality PT. 2 (2:36) Hear This Track
    13. The Dream (3:38)
    14. Reunion in Time (6:03)
    15. Closing Credits (3:27) Hear This Track