Label: Intrada Signature Edition ISE 1033
Date: 1983
Time: 0:42:19
Tracks: 19
600x600 Cover

World premiere release of complete soundtrack from Bruno Mattei contribution to popular Italy "peplum" genre of musclebound heroes flashing costume, bicep and sword, starring Lou Ferrigno, Sybil Danning, Brad Harris, Dan Vadis.


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  • Variation on SEVEN SAMURAI (and MAGNIFIECNT SEVEN) inspires Israeli composer Dov Seltzer to create exciting symphonic score filled with robust gladiator music, training, fighting, celebrating in best sword & sandal scoring tradition of Masetti, DeMasi, Piccioni, Rustichelli, Lavagnino & others! Intrada presents complete score from 1/4" two-track stereo masters recorded in Italy for Cannon Films, licensed courtesy of MGM.
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    01. Main Theme (1:40) Hear This Track
    02. Marauders (3:28)
    03. The Sword (1:00)
    04. Girls Riding (1:14)
    05. The Arena (2:19) Hear This Track
    06. Lepers (1:51)
    07. The Tavern (1:44)
    08. Girls Wrestling (1:28) Hear This Track
    09. Magic Sword (2:09) Hear This Track
    10. King's Defeat (0:29)

    11. More Tavern and Seven Gladiators (3:43)
    12. Pastorale and Anakora (2:05) Hear This Track
    13. Training the Villagers (1:57)
    14. Celebration (1:45)
    15. Hahn and Pandora (2:55)
    16. Return of the Seven (2:20) Hear This Track
    17. Marauders Attack (1:34)
    18. Good and Evil (3:25) Hear This Track
    19. Sorrow and End Title (4:21) Hear This Track

  • Tech Talk From The Producer-

    The original score for The Seven Magnificent Gladiators was recorded in Rome, with Dov Seltzer conducting. The recordings were made in stereo and preserved on tape in the MGM vaults. While the stereo imaging is adequate, the strings receive the bulk of it. The brass and woodwinds are generally focused in the center. Since there are a considerable number of cues featuring the brass and woodwinds, the resulting mix often sounds somewhat pinched and center-channel heavy. But it is wonderful to get a true stereo recording of soundtrack music in that popular (especially during the early sixties) Italian 'peplum' genre where muscles rippled, swords flashed and ancient armies clashed. In the musical traditions of Enzo Masetti, Piero Piccioni, Francesco de Masi, Angelo Lavagnino, Carlo Rustichelli and many others, Dov Seltzer's score for The Seven Magnificent Gladiators is clearly a tribute to that exciting age of movies.

    , Douglass Fake