Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 107
Date: 1979
Time: 2:06:03
Tracks: 56
Spectacular 3-CD box set features both used score plus never-before-heard symphonic score! Limited release of 1500 sets! SOLD OUT!

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  • Wow! World premiere of complete Carmine Coppola score (both of them!) for widely-praised Francis Ford Coppola big-screen presentation of popular Walter Farley novel, directed by Carroll Ballard, starring Kelly Reno, Mickey Rooney. Exhaustive search produces not only complete score as heard in picture but also powerful, big orchestral score by Coppola never used. Some incredible cues! Original versions of island ride sequence, snake & rescue scenes are dynamic never-before-heard highlights! 3-CD set also includes cues by Shirley Walker as well as re-mastered presentation of original 1979 United Artists album. Original album artwork is featured PLUS color reproductions of fabulous (also unused) original production paintings by legendary Bob Peak. Striking! Everything presented in crisp stereo from complete multi-track session masters, including all ad-lib percussion overlays. Massive, popular score finally gets spectacular release it deserves. Carmine Coppola, Dan Carlin conduct. Special Collection release limited to 1500 box sets!
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    CD 1 Complete Soundtrack
    - Part 1: 'The Island'

    01. Theme From The Black Stallion
    [Chamber Orchestra] (3:30)
    02. Main Title (1:17)
    03. One The Deck (2:22)
    04. Horse Statue I; Fire On Deck [Unused Cue] (0:47)
    05. The Island (3:24)
    06. Nightfall Transition [Unused Cue] (1:05)
    07. Fishing; Magnificent Horse (2:16)
    08. Snake; Snake Tag (2:02)
    09. Cobra Death [Unused Cue] (0:29)
    10. The Black Stallion; Fire & The Legend (1:53)
    11. Fire & The Legend - Alternate [Unused Cue] (1:13)
    12. First Feeding; Seaweed In Hand [Unused Cue]; Tag In The Afternoon (7:42)
    13. Castaways [Unused Cue] (Piano: Shirley Walker) (3:27)
    14. Underwater Ballet [Unused Cue] (1:30)
    15. Underwater Ballet - Alternate [Unused Cue] (1:29)
    16. Underwater Ballet - Film Version; The Ride (3:51)
    17. The Ride - Original Version [Unused Cue] (2:31)
    18. Nightfall - Original version [Unused Cue]; Nightfall (2:00)
    19. The Rescue
    - Original Version [Unused Cue] (4:07)
    20. The Rescue (4:06)

    CD 1 Time: 52:09

    CD 2 Complete Soundtrack
    - Part 2: The Race

    01. Ode To Alec Ramsey (0:51)
    02. Home (1:52)
    03. Runaway - Original Version [Unused Cue] (1:34)
    04. Runaway (2:21)
    05. Training I (1:03)
    06. Training I [Unused Cue] (1:03)
    07. Henry's Place; Car Ride (2:42)

    08. Secret Room (1:18)
    09. Training II - Original Version [Unused Cue] (4:41)
    10. Training II (1:07)
    11. Movietone (0:34)
    12. Training III (0:51)
    13. First Sneak (2:55)
    14. Bloody Hand/Dad's Glove (6:27)
    15. The Paddock; Fanfares [Unused Cue] (2:34)
    16. Call To The Gate (0:14)
    17. Flashback - Original Version [Unused Cue] (0:48)
    18. Flashback & Winner's Circle (1:51)
    19. Horse Statue II (0:29)
    20. End Credits (3:02)

    CD 2 Time: 38:59

    CD 3 Original 1979 United Artists Soundtrack Album

    01. Theme From The Black Stallion (2:27)
    02. The Island (3:22)
    03. Cobra Death (1:44)
    04. First Feeding (2:07)
    05. The Black Stallion (0:41)
    06. Playing Tag & Magnificent Horse (2:32)
    07. The Legend (1:10)
    08. Campfire (0:59)
    09. The Ride (2:26)
    10. The Rescue (3:51)
    11. Dad's Glove And Watch (2:35)
    12. Chase Through Town (2:18)
    13. In Training (1:53)
    14. Henry (1:46)
    15. Flashback & Winner's Circle (1:28)
    16. Reprise: Theme From The Black Stallion (2:27)

    CD 3 Time: 34:55

  • Composed and Conducted by Carmine Coppola.

    Recorded on August 21, 22, and 29, 1979 at the Burbank Studio #1 and #2 in Burbank, California; August 30 and 31, 1979, in Beggs, Arizona; September 11, 1979, at CBS Studio Center in Hollywood, California; and October 4, 1979, at Evergreen Studios, Burbank, California.

    This soundtrack was produced in cooperation with the
    American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada.

    Dan Carlin Jr.
    Carmine Coppola
    Shirley Walker

    Carl Fortina

    Judith Aller-Talvi
    Harry Bluestone
    Doris Carr
    Norman Carr
    Glenn Dicterow
    Bonnie Douglas
    Assa Drori
    Ronald Folsom
    David Frisina
    James Getzoff
    Harris Goldman
    William Hymanson
    Davida Lou Johnson
    Anatol Kaminsky
    Ezra Kliger
    Bernard Kundell
    Marvin Limonick
    Mary Debra Lundquist
    David Montagu
    R. Marshall Moss
    David L. Newman
    Stanley Plummer
    Nathan Ross
    Sheldon Sanov
    Erica Sharp
    Paul Shure
    Marshall Sosson
    Spiro Stamos
    Joseph Stepansky
    Robert Sushel
    Mari Tsumura (Botnick)
    David A. Turner
    Dorothy Wade
    Miwako Watanabe
    Jerome R. Webster

    Marilyn Baker
    Denyse Nadeau Buffum
    James F. Dunham
    Peter Hatch
    Roland Kato
    Roland Kato
    Louis Kievman
    Janet Lakatos
    Archie Levin
    Kenneth Earl Nash
    Sven Reher
    Dave Schwartz
    Barbara A. Simons
    Lynn Subotnick

    Ronald Cooper
    Douglas Davis
    Christine Ermacoff
    Lucille Greco
    Igor Horoshevsky
    Barbara Hunter (Badgley)
    Selene Hurford
    Raymond J. Kelley
    Raphael Kramer
    Mary C. Lane
    Kathleen Lustgarten
    Robert L. Martin
    Harry L. Shlutz
    Eleanor Slatkin

    William “Bill” Douglass
    Jim David Hackman
    John Hornschuch
    Milton Kestenbaum
    Peter A. Mercurio
    Milton E. Nadel
    Meyer Rubin

    Louise DiTullio
    Susan S. Fries
    Susan Greenberg
    Sheridon Stokes
    Jim Walker

    Roy D’Antonio
    Dominick Fera
    John Neufeld
    Hugo Raimondi

    Norman Herzberg
    Arnold Koblentz
    Robert Steen

    Fowler Friedlander
    Jack Marsh
    David W. Riddles

    Vincent DeRosa
    David Duke
    Art Maebe
    Richard Perissi
    Henry Sigismonti
    Victor Vener

    Chase E. Craig
    Boyde W. Hood
    Warren Luening
    Malcolm McNab
    Anthony Terran
    Allen Vizzutti
    Graham Young

    Charlie Loper
    Dick Nash
    Thomas M. Shepard
    Phil Teele
    Lloyd E/ Ulyate

    John Thomas Johnson
    James Self

    Mike Lang
    Shirley A. Walker

    Veryle Brilhart - Mills
    Natalie R. Cox
    Catherine Gotthoffer

    Tommy Tedesco

    Dale L. Anderson
    Larry Bunker
    Joe Porcaro
    Tom Raney
    Carl V. Rigoli
    Derek Thompson
    Kenny Watson
    Jerry Williams

    Tommy Morgan

    Richard Rossmini
    Nada Lewis

    Dan A. Carlin Jr.
    Shirley A. Walker

    Carmine Coppola
    Shirley A. Walker
    Chris Poehler

    Emmett Estren

    Robert Bornstein
    Phil Azelton
    Mainerd V. Baker
    Norman Bartold
    Glen N. Clement
    Gerald Dolin
    Berwyn Linton
    Kenneth W. Mitchell
    Dave Oyler