Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 96
Date: 1978
Time: 0:39:49
Tracks: 9
CD premiere of dynamic 1978 Bill Conti album! Intrada Special Collection release limited to 1000 copies!

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  • World CD premiere of original soundtrack from Joseph C. Hanwright drama about down-on-his-luck trumpet player, starring Burt Young (who also scripted), Doug McKeon, Madge Sinclair. Bill Conti engages incredible artistry of Maynard Ferguson, then writes flamboyant score for trumpet & orchestra using modern jazz vernacular. Soaring themes give legendary trumpeter ample room to display his 'chops' in extreme high register. Conti produces strong LP in 1978, emphasizes lengthy tracks for maximum listening pleasure. Intrada premieres 1978 album on CD from original masters vaulted at MGM. Bill Conti conducts. Intrada Special Collection release limited to 1000 copies!
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    01. Seascape (2:01)
    02. Evening Concert (3:15)
    03. Fire Tragedy (4:42)
    04. Alone Again (2:55)
    05. Return to the Sea (7:40)

    06. Uncle Joe
    (Theme from Uncle Joe Shannon) (5:04)
    07. Hot Nights* (4:53)
    08. The Goose* (3:09)
    09. Hard Time* (5:42)

  • Tech Talk From The Producer…

    For the world premiere CD release of Uncle Joe Shannon, Intrada was given access to the original ¼” 15 i.p.s. two-track album master encoded with Dolby A. The elements were in perfect condition and the results are clean and vibrant.

    The somewhat unusual mix is worthy of note. While most of the tracks reveal full stereo spreads, a few of them are minimized with almost all of the instrumental details and colors positioned in the center. Since these tracks usually involve the upperregister trumpet playing by Mayard Fersuson, it is certainly possible the engineering was designed to favor the piercing trumpet over any activity in the strings or keyboards. Back then, this particular trumpeting technique was known as “screech” playing, meaning the player went up into the stratosphere where trumpets generally don’t go. We have not altered the mix and are presenting the album exactly as it first appeared on the United Artists label in 1978, though now with the added splendor of digital remastering.

    Go ahead, put the CD in the player, crank it up a bit… and if no one’s watching, grab that “air” trumpet and play like a pro!

    —Douglass Fake