Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 88
Date: 1978
Time: 0:31:54
Tracks: 12
Wild comic thriller score! SOLD OUT!

600x600 Cover

Price: - (Sold Out)

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  • World CD premiere of exciting Charles Fox soundtrack for hip Colin Higgins screwball comic thriller with Goldie Hawn, Chevy Chase, Dudley Moore. Fox plays to both screenplay antics, Hitchcockian assassination thrills, creates musical havoc via nerve-wracking action set-pieces, dark menace. In balance is warm, melancholy Oscar-nominated (and chart-busting) theme melody "Ready To Take A Chance Again" sung by Barry Manilow. Flashy highlight has Fox turning quasi-Gilbert & Sullivan theater music into rollicking action finale. Intrada presents complete album as released on Arista label, re-masters program from flawless original stereo masters housed in Sony Music vaults. Original LP artwork plus fun notes by Daniel Schweiger complete this handsome package. And as anyone who's seen the film knows... beware of the dwarf! Charles Fox conducts.
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    01. Ready To Take A Chance Again 3:06 Hear This Track
    02. Help 1:30 Hear This Track
    03. Beware Of The Dwarf 2:45 Hear This Track
    04. Love Theme - Instrumental 3:50
    (Ready To Take A Chance Again)
    05. Copacabana 3:55
    06. Gloria Falls For Trap 2:20

    07. Foul Play - Disco 3:21
    08. Scarface 2:57 Hear This Track
    09. Gloria Escapes 1:24 Hear This Track
    10. Houseboat (Love Theme) 1:27
    11. Get Me To Opera On Time 3:02 Hear This Track
    12. End Title 2:10
    (Ready To Take A Chance Again)