Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 95
Date: 1983
Time: 0:45:05
Tracks: 11
Superb James Horner score for Disney fantasy available at last! Limited release of 3000 copies!

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  • At last! World premiere of highly-requested James Horner soundtrack for Walt Disney fantasy from Ray Bradbury classic, directed by Jack Clayton, starring Jason Robards, Jonathan Pryce, Pam Grier. James Horner writes incredibly effective horror score with meld of spooky menace, sheer terror! Music for Mr. Dark & approaching carnival in small town at turn of the century is unusually evocative. In rich contrast is memorable, nostalgic Americana theme for boyhood elements of fantastic tale. Soaring major-key waltz melody remains one of composer's finest inspirations; final moment when wistful idea plays in harmonica is simply divine! Intrada proudly presents score in dynamic stereo, mixed from mint condition original digital master elements for first time ever! James Horner & his customary engineer Simon Rhodes personally produce spectacular album for Intrada with maximum listening pleasure in mind, just as they would for major label. Results are one of composer's richest albums! James Horner conducts. Intrada Special Collection Volume 95 limited to 3000 copies!
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    01. Main Title (6:46)
    02. Dark's Pandemonium Carnival (4:27)
    03. The Carousel (4:34)
    04. Miss Foley in the Mirror (4:51)
    05. The Boys Buy a Lightening Rod (3:25)
    06. The Library (6:51)

    07. Side Show (1:58)
    08. Discovered (3:45)
    09. The Spiders (3:24)
    10. Magic Window (2:15)
    11. End Titles (2:45)

  • Tech Talk From The Producer…

    While a release of this score is long overdue (this album nearly coinciding with the 26th anniversary of the film’s opening), it posed a technical challenge for the production. During the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, when digital formats were new, some of Disney’s digital recordings were done on the 3M Digital Audio Mastering System, which consisted of a 32-track deck (16-bit, 50 kHz audio) running 1” tape and a 4-track, ½” mastering recorder. a format that quickly became obsolete as other digital technologies gained popularity. At first, the search to find a 3M machine proved discouraging. While James Horner had maintained a 31-minute presentation of the score assembled back at the film’s release, it was missing several key sequences that the 3M tapes would provide. Not about to give up easily, Intrada continued its search and soon discovered that Disney Imagineering, which supports the Disney theme parks, had used the format extensively and maintained a working machine. It may well be the last machine of its kind. With that discovery, Intrada (with the help of Horner and Simon Rhodes) was able to get the score transferred in stunning quality for this release.

    —Roger Feigelson

  • Composed and Conducted by James Horner.
    Calliope recorded on January 2, 1983, at MCA-Whitney Studio, Glendale, California. Orchestra recorded on February 22, 23, 24, and 25, 1983, at Walt Disney Scoring Stage, Burbank, California.

    This soundtrack was produced in cooperation with the
    American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada.

    Fred Bock

    Paul Shure
    Judith Aller
    Israel Baker
    Dixie Blackstone
    Harry Bluestone
    Norman Carr
    Oscar Chausow
    Herman Clebanoff
    Bonnie Douglas
    David Frisina
    Gwenn R. Heller
    Nathan Kaproff
    Brian Leonard
    Gordon Marron
    Constance Meyer
    Betty Moor
    Gregory Moore
    Claudia Parducci
    Josef Schoenbrun
    Haim Shtrum
    Ilkka Talvi
    Dorothy Wade
    Harold Wolf
    Arthur Zadinsky

    Pam Goldsmith
    Myer Bello
    Roland Kato
    Janet Lakatos
    Linda Lipsett
    Carole Mukogawa
    Mike Nowak
    Barbara Simons
    Barbara Thomason
    Ray Tischer

    Doug Davis
    Delores Bing
    Michelle Byrne
    Ernest F. Ehrhardt
    Igor Horoshevsky
    Jan R. Kelley
    Mary C. Lane
    Kathleen Lustgarten
    Earle Madison

    Buell Neidlinger
    Tim Barr
    Drew Dembowski
    Arni Egilsson
    Bruce Morgenthaler
    Robert K. Stone

    Louise DiTullio
    Sheridon Stokes

    Dominick Fera
    Gary Gray

    Barbara Northcutt
    Kathleen Robinson

    Vincent De Rosa
    Richard Perissi

    Judd Miller
    Malcolm McNab

    Richard Nash

    Robert F. Sanders

    John Thomas Johnson

    Ian Underwood

    Ralph Grierson

    Catherine Gotthoffer
    Dorothy Remsen

    Tommy Morgan

    Larry Bunker
    Peter Limonick
    Joe Porcaro
    Emil Radocchia

    Greig McRitchie

    Regnal Hall