Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 93
Date: 1988
Time: 0:52:24
Tracks: 18
Jay Chattaway score for third MIA film offers strongest CD of the group! Special Collection Release limited to 1000 copies! SOLD OUT!

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  • Final installment of hit Vietnam action trilogy with Chuck Norris offers strongest soundtrack album of the bunch. Film producers used music from initial movie plus other Cannon titles, then commissioned Jay Chattaway to compose all-new music for numerous moving scenes with Braddock, his wife and Amerasian son plus exciting new action material. Expressive theme for Lin plus dramatic finale to score just two of several highlights. While songs by Ron Bloom are not available, Intrada presents complete Jay Chattaway score in stereo from 1/2" 30 i.p.s. four-track masters vaulted at MGM plus all stereo cues preserved from first film for use in this third movie as well. Jay Chattaway conducts. Intrada Special Collection CD limited to 1000 copies! SOLD OUT!
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    01. Main Title ("Missing In Action") (1:45)
    02. Lin's Theme (3:55)
    03. The Search; The Drive (3:03)
    04. Flashback; Lin's Struggle (1:36)
    05. Nasty Trucks; Braddock Shot (1:46)
    06. Priest's Tale (2:02)
    07. Up The River (1:42)
    08. Reunion (6:39)
    09. Narrow Escape (2:43)

    10. Quoc; How Do You Do?; Search The Mission (4:47)
    11. Scare Kids; Rape (1:42)
    12. Kill Rapist (1:00)
    13. Kids Walk (2:46)
    14. Car Chase - Jeep Chase ("Missing In Action") (3:48)
    15. After Crash ("Missing In Action") (2:10)
    16. Father/Son; Braddock Crawls To Border (1:48)
    17. Mothership (3:06)
    18. March To Freedom; End Credits ("Missing In Action") (5:26)