Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 94
Date: 1989
Time: 0:51:10
Tracks: 15
At last! James Horner score for Walt Disney fantasy gets a release! Special Collection CD limited to 3000 copies! SOLD OUT!

600x600 Cover

Price: - (Sold Out)

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  • At last! World premiere of exciting James Horner original soundtrack for mega-hit Walt Disney Pictures fantasy about group of miniaturized kids, starring Rick Moranis, directed by Joe Johnston. James Horner produces CD for Intrada with longtime engineer (and friend) Simon Rhodes, presenting nearly complete score with maximum listening experience in mind. Rhodes mixes, edits from actual multi-channel digital masters for dynamic audio experience. What a treat for James Horner fans & collectors of Disney soundtracks! James Horner conducts London Symphony Orchestra. Intrada Special Collection CD limited to 3000 copies!
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    01. Main Title 1:59 Play This Track
    02. Strange Neighbors 1:49
    03. Shrunk 5:37
    04. A New World 3:31 Play This Track
    05. Scorpion Attack 3:34 Play This Track
    06. Test Run 2:08
    07. Flying Szalinsky 1:59
    08. Night Time 5:04 Play This Track

    09. Watering The Grass 4:13
    10. Ant Rodeo 3:45 Play This Track
    11. The Machine Works 2:05
    12. Lawn Mower 5:45 Play This Track
    13. Eaten Alive 2:44
    14. Big Russ Volunteers 1:24
    15. Thanksgiving Dinner 5:27