Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 72
Date: 1980
Time: 0:38:00
Tracks: 13
CD premiere of exciting Maurice Jarre score for legendary TV
mini-series! Special Collection release limited to 3000 copies!

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  • World CD premiere of original soundtrack from legendary Paramount TV mini-series with Richard Chamberlain, based on James Clavell novel, directed by Jerry London. Powerhouse score by Maurice Jarre offers rich symphonic score by turns stirring, melodic, flavorful, exciting. First track launches epic musical journey with rich array of material: dynamic brass fanfare opens, leads to rousing Blackthorne theme, then collides with low-brass dominated Toranaga theme, finally melts into tender melody for Mariko before coming to close. Jarre melds evocative sounds of Japan (shakuhachi, koto, biwa, shamisen) with full orchestra to create world of Japan at dawn of 17th Century. Moving romantic ideas, exciting action sequences, more! Dramatic highlight: when score is finished, Jarre comes full circle with stirring brass fortissimo quote of opening fanfare. Powerful coda! In 1980, Jarre assembles terrific representation of his score for LP on RSO label, fashions one of his most compelling albums of a sensational award-laden career. CD presents this program, newly re-mastered by Universal Music Group engineers, packaged with original LP art plus liner notes from John Takis. Maurice Jarre conducts. Intrada Special Collection release limited to 3000 copies!
  • 01. Shogun (2:37)
    02. The Japans (2:20)
    03. Tea and Jealousy (5:25)
    04. Nocturne (2:05)
    05. Toranaga (2:10)
    06. To the Galley! (3:05)
    07. Mariko (3:00)

    08. Ceremonial (2:05)
    09. Despair and Madness (3:03)
    10. Anjiro (2:16)
    11. Blackthorne (2:56)
    12. Escape From Osaka (3:28)
    13. Finale (2:37)