Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 68
Date: 1973/1967
Time: 1:10:22
Tracks: 26
World premiere release of Frank DeVol score for muscular Robert Aldrich railroad action movie! Special Collection release limited to 1200 copies! SOLD OUT!

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  • World premiere of original 20th Century Fox soundtrack from Robert Aldrich depression-era action movie, set on train, starring Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine. Frank DeVol captures period with requisite thirties flavor, then surrounds with muscular action music. Dynamic rhythms for steaming locomotive are highlights. Movie underwent numerous title changes, scoring changes (original Bill Medley vocal was tossed in favor of Marty Robbins) with several cues ultimately shortened or dropped. Ironically, while masters for re-scoring and vocal changes are sadly missing, complete original scoring sessions (including Medley vocal) all survive, including complete "Box Fights" climax that was truncated in finished film! Intrada CD presents full score as DeVol originally intended, recorded in mono as per finished film. Also on CD as bonus are surviving DeVol stereo cues for lively 1967 Frank Tashlin comic spy movie CAPRICE with Doris Day, Richard Harris. Though master elements here were damaged, 26 minutes survived in useable condition. Authoritative notes by Nick Redman on film productions, various scoring changes completes handsome package. Frank DeVol conducts. Intrada Special Collection release limited to 1200 copies!
    01. Prologue "A Man and a Train" (2:40)
    02. Main Title (3:11)
    03. Burning Freight (4:16)
    04. Medley (6:16)
    A) Kansas City Kitty
    B) The Waltz You Saved For Me
    C) I'm In the Market For You
    05. Montage (0:57)
    06. Fog Time (3:04)
    07. High Balling and Main Train (6:13)
    08. On the Trestle (3:07)
    09. Interlude "A Man and a Train" (4:08)
    10. The Awakening (0:47)
    11. Terror Chase (2:26)
    12. Box Fights (5:27)
    13. End Title (1:02)

    Total Score Time = 43:50

    14. Snow Covered Mountains (1:19)
    15. Pat (2:26)
    16. Parked Car (1:22)
    17. May Fortune (1:59)
    18. Flowers (1:58)
    19. The Fountain (2:36)
    20. Hanging Hair (2:03)
    21. Medicine Cabinet (1:00)
    22. Helicopter (1:59)
    23. Chris in Copter (2:45)
    24. Pat Leaves Jason (1:53)
    25. Pat Reacts (2:33)
    26. Kopinsky Raises Eyebrows (2:17)

    Total Score Time = 26:25