Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 60
Date: 1979
Time: 0:35:51
Tracks: 15
Space swashbuckler music by Stu Phillips! SOLD OUT!

600x600 Cover

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  • World premier of original soundtrack from Glen A. Larson sci-fi production, directed by Daniel Haller, starring Gil Gerard, Pamela Hensley, Erin Gray. Stu Phillips follows footsteps of his exciting BATTLESTAR GALACTICA effort with similar "space swashbuckler" music, adds seventies mod-flavor, concocts dynamic new score with spunk. Treasure-trove of brass, heroic themes, space age razzle dazzle play throughout. Larson & Phillips bookend with groovy waltz for singer Kipp Lennon. In cooperation with Universal Music Group, Intrada CD presents all tracks from original MCA LP (itself offering nearly complete score) from original stereo masters. Stu Phillips conducts. SOLD OUT!
  • 01. Cosmic Forces (0:37)
    02. Song from Buck Rogers (Suspension)* (2:58) Hear This Track
    03. The Draconia/Buck Awakens (2:05) Hear This Track
    04. Princess Ardala/Seduction (2:44)
    05. Buck's Heroics (1:43)
    06. Introducing: Twiki & Dr.Theo (1:04)
    07. Pirate Attack (2:22) Hear This Track
    08. Buck Returns To Earth (2:38)

    09. Dead City/Attack of the Mutants (3:52) Hear This Track
    10. Something Kinda Funky (3:06)
    11. Buck vs Tigerman (2:44)
    12. Fanfare & Appearance of Draco (2:09)
    13. Tailpipe Torpedo (2:09)
    14. Wilma Saves Buck / What An Ending (2:42)
    15. Song from Buck Rogers (Suspension) - Reprise* (2:22)