Label: Intrada MAF 7102
Date: 1979
Time: 2:06:20
Tracks: 47
Legendary Jerry Goldsmith score gets world premiere 2-CD set with complete original score, re-writes, alternates, more!

Price: $29.99

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  • Intrada 2-CD set offers world premiere complete release of Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack to legendary Ridley Scott sci-fi horror movie. Every note of composer's intense, terrifying masterwork appears in dynamic stereo sound from newly-discovered actual 1" multi-track session masters! Generous set has complete score as originally intended, all re-scored sequences & alternates, demo mixes showcasing unusual sounds of serpent, didjeridu, giant conch plus original 1979 LP assembly, also fully remixed, remastered! Deluxe booklet offers definitive behind-the-scenes look at score controversy plus track-by-track analysis with slates, scoring changes, recording dates, more. The final word on ALIEN comes courtesy of Universal Music Group, 20th Century Fox, ace album producers Michael Matessino & Nick Redman plus enthusiastic crew of Intrada. Remember: in space no one can hear you scream! Lionel Newman conducts National Philharmonic Orchestra.
  • DISC 1
    The Complete Original Score
    01. Main Title (4:12)
    02. Hyper Sleep (2:46)
    03. The Landing (4:31)
    04. The Terrain (2:21)
    05. The Craft (1:00)
    06. The Passage (1:49)
    07. The Skeleton (2:31)
    08. A New Face (2:34)
    09. Hanging On (3:39)
    10. The Lab (1:05)
    11. Drop Out (0:57)
    12. Nothing To Say (1:51)
    13. Cat Nip (1:01)
    14. Here Kitty (2:08)
    15. The Shaft (4:30)
    16. It's A Droid (3:28)
    17. Parker's Death (1:52)
    18. The Eggs (2:23)
    19. Sleepy Alien (1:04)
    20. To Sleep (1:56)
    21. The Cupboard (3:05)
    22. Out The Door (3:13)
    23. End Title (3:09)
    Total Time 57:06

    The Rescored Alternate Cues
    24. Main Title (4:11)
    25. Hyper Sleep (2:46)
    26. The Terrain (0:58)
    27. The Skeleton (2:30)
    28. Hanging On (3:08)
    29. The Cupboard (3:13)
    30. Out The Door (3:02)
    Total Time 19:48
    Total Disc Time 76:54

    DISC 2
    The Original 1979 Soundtrack Album
    01. Main Title (3:37)
    02. The Face Hugger (2:36)
    03. Breakaway (3:03)
    04. Acid Test (4:40)
    05. The Landing (4:31)
    06. The Droid (4:44)
    07. The Recovery (2:50)
    08. The Alien Planet (2:31)
    09. The Shaft (4:01)
    10. End Title (3:08)
    Total Time 35:44

    Bonus Tracks
    11. Main Title (film version) (3:44)
    12. The Skeleton (alternate take) (2:35)
    13. The Passage (demonstration excerpt) (1:54)
    14. Hanging On (demonstration excerpt) (1:08)
    15. Parker's Death (demonstration excerpt) (1:08)
    16. It's A Droid (unused inserts) (1:27)
    17. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (source) (1:49)
    Total Time 13:45

  • Tech Talk From The Producer...

    The efforts to restore the complete music for Jerry Goldsmith's Alien reach back to 1989 in London. We were taking a break between recording sessions for Rio Conchos (1964) when Jerry invited me to lunch, one on one. How could I resist?

    Jerry's reputation for having little interest in his earlier work was already being challenged. In 1986 I had commissioned his first detailed look backwards with Islands in the Stream (1977) while he was working in Hungary. Now we were in London, spending four days together re-recording another score he'd written many years ago. The myth was further dispelled when he actually began the conversation by asking, 'What should we go back and do next?' Before I could answer he added firmly, '-as long as it isn't Alien.'

    Without missing a beat, I asked, 'Why?' After all, so much music had been left out of the picture and the soundtrack album. He simply answered, 'I could never get it down on tape again.' He went on to elaborate how it was probably his most complex score and had taken vast resources in 1979 to record it, including a large orchestra, plus players on serpents, didgeridoos and conch shells. He also used unorthodox recording techniques with an echoplex right on the stage to get unique reverberating sounds from the strings. Add how frustrated he was at having all of that hard work truncated in the final picture and it wasn't hard to see why he didn't want to revisit his score. We went on to other projects and the years passed.

    I think now of that lunch eighteen years ago. I ponder sadly at the thought of Jerry Goldsmith passing away before he could see his labors bear fruit. And then I smile, realizing that as long as his incredible music survives and plays forth, Jerry will live forever.

    , Douglass Fake, October 2007