Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 19
Date: 1954
Time: 1:13:42
Tracks: 25
Action thriller by Alfred Newman gets world premiere release. Limited edition of 1200 copies.

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  • World premiere release of original soundtrack from Samuel Fuller submarine espionage thriller. A mysterious A-bomb blast sends an international submarine team off in search of the origin. Richard Widmark commands, Bella Darvi adds scientific love interest in 20th Century Fox's 1954 CinemaScope actioner. Alfred Newman begins scoring sessions in December of 1953, year of THE ROBE, provides one of his most exciting and dramatic soundtracks. Opening sequence with initial detonation and main title remains one of Newman's most dynamic efforts. Lengthy cues for submarine battle are additional highlights. Intrada presents the complete score, including alternate main title sequence, unused A-bomb effects scored by Newman, source cues. Virtually everything survives intact, in stereo from 35mm magnetic master elements, including all "sweetener" tracks, overlays. A few cues exhibit minor "wobliness" due to age but everything remains suitable for listening. Most of the selections appear with dynamic quality. Newman authority Jon Burlingame provides detailed notes about the production. Alfred Newman conducts. This Intrada Special Collection is limited to 1200 copies.
  • 01. The Atom Bomb (2:16)
    02. Paris (1:21)
    03. Denise Enters;
    World Broadcast (2:41)
    04. Rendezvous (1:26)
    05. His Own Price for Dying (1:05)
    06. There's No Tomorrow (2:32)
    07. Submerged Submarine;
    Choppy Seas (4:56)
    08. Denise (2:27)
    09. Captain Jones;
    Sub Through Choppy Seas (1:01)
    10. 61 J Capsule;
    The Red Sub; Up at Sub (8:56)
    11. The Ocean Floor (7:27)
    12. The Sub's Rising;
    The Victorious Sub (5:21)
    13. We've Sighted Land (1:57)
    14. Oil Tank Explosion (2:04)
    15. Stormy Sea (1:04)

    16. Kevlock Island;
    "Your Record, Captain";
    The Enemy; The Killing (7:48)
    17. Escape (1:32)
    18. Chin Lee's Burial (0:51)
    19. The Bomber is Destroyed - Parts 1 & 2;
    Homeward Bound (4:29)

    Total Score Time = 62:14

    Bonus Tracks
    20. "Mam'selle" (2:42)
    21. "To Romance" (0:40)
    22. "Don't Fence Me In" (1:24)
    23. Wild Bomb Mushroom Effect
    (Vibraphone Version) (1:56)
    24. Wild Bomb Mushroom Effect
    (Cymbals/Gong Version) (2:06)
    25. The Atom Bomb (Revised) (2:16)

    Total Bonus Track Time = 11:20