Label: Film Score Monthly Vol.6 No.18
Date: 1952
Time: 48:24
Tracks: 21
Original soundtrack from 1952 grim detective thriller with Ida Lupino, Robert Ryan, and Ward Bond. Limited edition of 3000 copies.

Almost mint condition used CD.

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  • Bernard Herrmann creates intense music for orchestra with emphasis on strings, woodwinds, French horns. The latter become stars in celebrated "Death Hunt" sequence. Orchestra plays a bar, tacets, plays a bar, tacets, so forth. In the gaps, eight horns yelp, struggle like wild dogs after prey. Genuinely exciting cue climaxes with horns making incredible leap into the stratosphere! Herrmann anticipates wild ride with exciting "Prelude", ingeniously ties variety of ideas with triplet figure. It plays alone as thematic motif, sometimes leads cues to close, finally transforms into yelping highlight of climactic chase. Herrmann works gentle element as well, combining music for snow-covered locale, blind girl (Ida Lupino) into lyrical, uncluttered pieces for strings. Score makes use of somewhat rare Viola d'Amore, characterized by unusual resonance of metallic strings. FSM provides alert to acetate sound sources, then proceeds to give sterling presentation from same. Surface noise aside, producers Christopher Husted, Lukas Kendall balance original acoustic with cautious noise reduction. FSM works from variety of acetate masters in varying condition, yields best representation of Herrmann masterwork possible. Typical for label, solid liner notes chronicle background of film production, scoring, individual cues, more. Score has reputation of being composer's personal favorite. Bernard Herrmann conducts. Brooding, powerful score merits a bullseye!
  • 1. Prelude 01:23)
    2. Solitude* (1:11)
    3. Violence* (0:32)
    4. Nocturne* (2:01)
    5. Pastorale (2:22)
    6. Hunt Scherzo (2:44)
    7. Snowstorm/The Silence (3:36)
    8. The House* (0:40)
    9. Blindness (3:38)
    10. Fright (2:15)
    11. Faith (2:11)
    12. The Searching Heart (1:39)
    13. The Whispering (01:09)
    14. Dawn/The Idiot/Fear/The Cabin (5:41)
    15. The Death Hunt (2:22)
    16. The Hunt's End (2:12)
    17. Grief (0:55)
    18. The Winter Walk* (1:34)
    19. The Parting*/The Return*/The City/Finale (6:04)

    20. Prelude (Alternate Take) (1:22)
    21. Outtakes (2:13)

    *Surface noise is inherent with this transfer, and is especially noticeable on this cue